Beastmoon Forms
Spring 2022 Update

Have you taken a peak at the newest Beastmoon forms released in the Spring 2022 update? Today we will look at the newest forms to waltz into the arena. The Fire Drake and the Death Krok. Both of these forms will be available in Beastmoon Hunt and Beastmoon Monster Mayhem.


Fire Draconian

Welcome Xythrax, the first elemental Drake for the Drake family! As is the case with the fire class, it has the lowest HP in the Drake family at 425. It is at the same HP as the Fire Minotaur and Fire Pig. It can hold up to one pip, the same as its other Drake brethren, except for life which gets two.

From my perspective, Xythrax appears to be based on the Fire School spells Link and Power Link. Link/Power Link are spells that place a DOT on the enemy while placing a HOT on yourself. Some of its spells, clear shields (much like other Fire Class members) and add on a DOT on the enemy or a DOT on you. This is the first time that a fire shield break adds a HOT on yourself. Much like other Fire Class members, Xythrax also has access to a zero pip DOT.

What’s unique about this spell is that as it adds a DOT to the enemy, it adds an additional round to a HOT on you. Another interesting mechanic is that some of the DOT spells cause a detonation of HOTs if the caster’s health is higher than 50%. This means that the caster receives the full amount of the remaining HOT to a large amount of health! And of course, you have your traditional fizzle debuffs with the added perk of adding an additional round to any HOTs present!

This form definitely has some interesting dynamics. The ability to add rounds to HOTs and detonate them adds some great synergy with Life forms. These unique features could make Xythrax useful in long battles against bosses or at the spiral with four players. Despite this, I would still lean towards the other Drakes, particularly Myth or Life. Myth does more damage and the Life Drake is a potent healer.

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Death Krokomummy

The second Beastmoon form to join the fight is Nekroksis Hekai, the Death Krok. At 450 HP, Nekroksis has the second-lowest health after the Storm Krok. It ties with the Death Drake and Death Pig for HP. Nekroksis is able to hold one pip, like its Balance and Storm brethren.

Probably the most exciting feature of Nekroksis is that it is the first Death form to have an AOE drain! The only caveat is that you need to get to level 5 during Beastmoon Hunts and Beastmoon Mayhem. This Death form appears to be focused around the Sacrifice spell in the Death School. It is able to damage itself while healing others.

It is also able to damage itself while damaging enemies. Another unique ability that Nekroksis has is that when it debuffs enemies, it adds a stun ward on itself. That is a completely new feature that could be very useful against Storm forms and creatures. It also has a post-death effect, where when the target dies, all remaining opponents get traps placed on them.  Finally, much like many members of the Death family, it is able to affect HOTs on enemies. Instead of destroying them, it is able to steal them for itself.

Wizard101 has finally given us the Death spell we have been wanting for Beastmoon, an AOE drain. If you choose to level up the Death Krok, it could be a very potent spell in battle because drains are able to circumvent shields. Tie it in with a few blades and you are able to do massive damage. The ability to damage itself for healing friends or damaging foes is interesting. I could definitely see this as being a last resort if an enemy is low on health. While Nkroksis definitely has some interesting mechanics to toy with, at the end of the day I’m sill probably going to go for my trusty Storm Krok or Balance Krok.


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  • Thank you, do you happen to know why we no longer can craft any gold idols?

  • Just checked, the Life drake does still start with 2 bonus pips. I thought they had nerfed him!

  • A couple of mistakes in this article:

    1) The Fire Drake’s detonate condition requires that he be ABOVE half health, not below. Hence the heal-over-time niche.
    2) The Life Drake form received a nerf in that it can no longer gain an additional 2 pips prior to combat. It has been reduced to 1 to put it in line with the other drake forms.

    • Thanks, fixed.

  • Here’s to hoping the Storm Ninja Pig, Myth Fairy, and Life Cyclops will be anything to write home about.

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