Beastmoon Hunt Forms
Summer 2020

Have you had the chance to check out the Beastmoon Hunt Forms introduced with the Summer 2020 test realm? In this piece, we’ll be giving you a quick introduction to the Death Cyclops, the Fire Ninja Pig, as well as the Myth Draconian forms. You can use these forms in the traditional Beastmoon Hunt, as well as the freshly introduced Beastmoon Monster Mayhem.

Beastmoon Hunt Forms Summer 2020 - Fire Ninja Pigs

Fire Ninja Pig

The first of these Beastforms is the Fire Ninja Pig. This form combines the raw damage that other fire forms have with the versatility of a myth form. It has 425 Health, can pick up 1 extra pip, and is also gifted with a 10% movement speed. The Fire Ninja pig has the ability to remove Charms and Wards, and dish out some serious pain when it has minions active. It also synergizes extremely well with myth forms as a result.

Notably, this form has some high pip spells. As such, it would work well with the Balance Sprite, Balance Wolf, or Myth Draconian. Being able to unleash these spells quickly would be devastating. This form has two unique spells, one of which is an AOE DOT. The other spell sacrifices a minion for an AOE 250 damage and a detonate. Pretty impressive, right?

Death Cyclops

The Death Cyclops is a more tanky form that has 550 health and can pick up one extra combat pip. He is a mixture of a Life Colossus and a Rat Thief, having the ability to steal overtime heals and place heal debuffs. Along with that, he can send a lot of DOTs, and drain health from his opponent. Finally, he can place damage debuffs and traps, making him a perfect teammate for your hunts.

This form has two expensive cards he can play, one being an AOE DOT as well as an AOE Heal debuff and the other being a 125 damage AOE which replaces blades with -100 Debuffs.  Combined with a Life Colossus and heavy hitters, grabbing the Spiral Battle Ring will be like defeating Lost Souls.

Beastmoon Hunt Forms Summer 2020 - Death Cyclops

Myth Draconian

The last of these forms is the Myth Draconian. Like the Fire Ninja Pig, this form likes using minions. He can generate pips and hit hard. His specialty is working with traps though. He has the unique ability to clear traps to gain pips, or create them when his targets have shields. His minion can also generate a lot of pips, although it is frail.

The form can also sacrifice its minion to deal 300 damage to all opponents and place a +125 aoe trap in exchange for any shields he encounters. This form hits hard, and his team will never suffer for a lack of pips. Definitely worth a try, don’t you think?

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  • The picture you provided for the Myth Draconian is for the Life Draconian instead. The Myth Draconian has 475 health and can hold only one pip.

  • Death Cyclops isn’t new. It’s been in the game since January.

    • While you are correct, it was also removed because of a bug, and wasn’t available in the rotation. Now, it will be available.

      • I didn’t know that.

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