Life Elf – Cuthalion Earthmissile
A Beastform Design Concept

Welcome to a short mini-series where I discuss some Beastform Concepts that I came up with. Please note that these are solely my personal ideas and concepts, and nothing from this article should be taken as a Spoiler of any sort. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the second Beastform I came up with. Please welcome the Life Elf!

If you want a bird’s eye view of how I selected this form to design as well as additional information about Beast Form Design, check out the intro article linked here.

Initial Thoughts

Life is undoubtedly the school that needs the most attention in order to be viable in Beastmoon. Not only in terms of healing capability, but also with countering Myth and of course doing decent damage itself. These 3 things are what I kept in mind most when designing this form, and I hope these features will be put on other Life forms in the future that have a bit more health. Typically low health hitters and Life forms are the two most targeted forms in Beastmoon Hunt, and rather than going the route of Life Fairy, which isn’t a fantastic hitter or healer, I chose to make Life Elf great in both ways. Hopefully he can survive long enough to get some value in.

The Name

Looking at the other Elf forms in game, the last name, as typical with a lot of forms, is a compound word of a school related thing and something related to the form, in the Elf’s case, archery. Earth was a simple choice since no other Life forms used that one yet, and “Missile” was a good last part since the more traditional ones were taken. It also sounds cool! The first name has been a middle earth, usually Lord of the Rings inspired, name, and Cuthalion is actually the last name of an elf archer from that series, so I thought it would work perfectly for this form!

The Spells

With the 3 crucial elements of healing, Myth countering, and damage, along with the fact that this form won’t have much health, I had to make sure this form was the Life form everyone has been waiting for. It had to have good spells while also staying true to Life as its identity. For DPP, the squishy forms are supposed to have a higher DPP than the medium and large ones. Since the other forms seem to have 75 as their DPP for the most part, I think Life Elf should have 100 DPP, but that could / will be adjusted based on conditions of course.

Now let’s go through the features of a Life form that ALL current forms have and why I did or didn’t include them in my form…

  1. HOT (Heal Over Time) – As the Life school, it’s pretty obvious that multiple forms of heals would be involved, and this for is no different! Having a spell that heals a bit over time is crucial although I added a little twist to mine.
  2. Regenerate Heal – Surprisingly enough, and Life is the only school that has this, every form has the SAME animation on this spell that does the same thing! Single heal (and sometimes blade). I don’t see any reason why this has to be a thing, I feel like other animations could work too like Satyr, but nevertheless I did add the Regenerate card to Life Elf.
  3. Afterlife – A super cool staple of the Life forms has been having something happen after an ally or enemy dies! I find this super intriguing and unique of a mechanic. I was more than happy to include it.
  4. Push OT – All Life forms seem to manipulate over times, and I honestly don’t understand why. I think they were trying to make Life a secondary counter to Fire, but by doing so, they also counter Death, which is supposed to be strong AGAINST Life. One of Death’s main identities is their DOTs, so I don’t think Life should be countering them. With this oversight, I decided to leave this utility off of the Elf.
  5. Pips – As I’ve said multiple times, nearly all forms give pips in some way, and Life is one of them! Even though I don’t think it’s super necessary for Life to do this, I did end up including it.
  6. DOT – While Life isn’t super well known for DOT spells typically, every single form has a spell that puts on a DOT at least conditionally. I don’t find any problem with adding this since it’s only one spell, and the idea of poisoning with earth and plants and such does make sense.

There’s some other spells that tend to be typical of Life forms. Here’s the features that 3/4 currently have…

  1. Cast Positive Charms – It’s now common place for Life forms to be the second class apart from Storm that casts some sort of blade. I like this idea since I think more than one school should have a certain hanging effect, and Life is perfect for it since it gives teammates a little buff while healing them, which makes up a bit for the loss of pips. Otherwise, it’s just a good secondary way to support as a support class. I did include this on Life Elf.
  2. If self/teammate has charm condition – I think this one fits super well since almost all forms cast charms. It can be assumed that the one Life form that doesn’t cast them also doesn’t have this condition. I did include it on Elf since he casts blades.
  3. If enemy has DOT condition – This condition is pretty appropriate since it’s a form that uses DOTs, and I did end up adding this one to one of the spells.
  4. Afterlife (on enemy) – Quite possibly my favorite condition, I love the idea of getting something a little extra when an enemy is defeated. I kept this for sure.

Here’s the new types of spells I added to life…

  1. Extra damage if enemy team has minion
  2. Extra damage if enemy is minion
  3. Heal then HOT
Note: Curious about making your own Wizard101 Spells? Check out our spellmaker!


Cog Champ

Another one of my punny names, this spell is one of the ways that Life spells can be updated to deal with Myth’s minions. Since most Myth minions, if I’m not mistaken, have 100 health, if they have 125, then this spell should do 125. The point is, Life should have a 0-pip hit that counters Myth’s minions since it’s also 0-pips. If you’re not going against a Myth form, then this spell will at least do 50 dmg, which is on par for Life forms.

Phantom Edge

The afterlife this time give the team blades, and it is my favorite afterlife apart from the Life Draconian’s healing one since it will actually make the opponents hesitant about killing them. Surprisingly, no other forms has a blade as their afterlife, and it fits perfectly with the Life school and will help greatly with the team you leave behind. The blade being 100 is the same value as the Draconian’s afterlife blade, and I thought that fit. It takes 1 pip of value on that card, and since Life Elf should be a little better, it can do 0-pips. I can see this being used almost immediately, especially since Life Elf has such low health.

Timberland Hurl

This spell is a simple 1-pip 100 spell, which a low damage form greatly needs and the Fairy also has. The condition on this guy is to give a 100 HOT if you cast it with a blade. With the blades that this form has, it fits right in. I know the card SHOULD have “(self)” after the 100 HOT part, but not every spell has “(self)” on there where it should be, like the Clever Imp, and there was also no room for it. I’m also excited since, surprisingly enough, the Nature’s Wrath spell animation has not been added yet.

Spiritual Flare

First of its kind, the Life Elf has a 1-pip heal that is not over time. This gives a significant advantage since no matter how many pips you have, you can always save a teammate, even if only a little bit. Also, this gives a 25 blade, which isn’t a lot, but it will help forms meet any charm conditions they have and every little bit counts! The spell is quite simply a smaller version of existing spells, so there’s nothing too wild here.

Spider Bite

Possibly the most important spell here is the Spider Bite. It does damage far above DPP when the opposing team has a minion up. Now not only can the Life Elf take the minion out if he wants to, but can also do extra damage to the enemy players. This will make Myth forms think twice about summoning their minions, which is exactly what a Myth counter SHOULD be doing. Myth doesn’t have much identity other than minions, so having this will help bring down the power that is Myth forms.

Bull Restore

Bull Restore is a bit of a play on words, and I know that the Minotaur is typically used as a damaging hit, but since the Life Mino’s version of this spell also heals, I didn’t see a problem in doing this. Plus, the double hit animation of the Minotaur would work perfectly here. This mechanic of healing then doing an over time heal is super common in the main game. Regenerate, Sprite, Wings of Fate, and a few others do this, so we know the devs at least have the tools to make this happen. I’m guessing the reason this hasn’t been always in Beastmoon is because HOT spells don’t revive players. That way, keeping them alive and bringing them back to life had to use 2 separate turns. I do understand that mindset, but here’s why I think this is okay to do… First of all, the initial heal is 25, so if the opponent want to re-kill the player getting healed, they will be able to do so with 0-pips, or 1 if one turn has past. Second, Life’s healing has not been used and abused currently, and as a Life form, it’s almost always worse to heal than to hit, even if you don’t have hits that do as much. With this type of spell, Life will have a better way to heal their defeated teammates, and even if they’re not defeated, this will still be a decent heal. Doing 300 over 4 turns is typical for a 2-pip spell right now, so I think this would be great for this form to have, although it’d be even more helpful on a higher health Life form.

Heavenly Grant

One of the coolest mechanics that Life has right now, is the Life Draconian spell, “Harvest Spirit,” that puts on an afterlife on the opponent that gives your team a buff when that enemy is defeating, AND it does a decent amount of damage itself. I think this type of thing is amazing and all Life forms should have it. This time, I made this concept into a slightly less powerful version. It does the same damage, but for one less pip, the afterlife just gives yourself 1 pip rather than giving the whole team a blade. This would be an amazing finisher to use and I really hope we can keep this utility alive and is not just conditional like the Life Colossus and Fairy versions are.

Toxic Beetle

This one is pretty simple. It’s a higher pip version of a spell that already exists. I shifted more of the damage to the initial hit as well to give the Elf a large damage hit. At the 100 DPP mark, this spell should do around 300, but with the powerful condition, I found knocking it down by 50 (half a pip) was appropriate. I like keeping this condition since it’s something that requires a teammate to help you do more damage. I enjoy cards that make players think about which forms to team up together.

Sprite Army

For all the reasons I explained in the Bull Restore, I think Life deserves a spell like this that heals a little bit to revive, then do an over time. The numbers on this are consistent with other AOE HOTs and I think it’d be a solid addition to the form. Surprisingly enough, no other Life form has a Sprite spell with this art and animation! I have no idea why, but it fits right in, especially with the new Sprite Swarm spell that just came out.

Acorn Assault

Another new animation for Beastmoon, this spell is a larger version of the Spider Bite. Currently, there’s no Life AOE that does more than 200 initial damage without the condition met. Although 250 would fit with the 100 DPP, I went with 200 since the spell would most likely not be used unless the condition is met, and I do want this form to specifically counter Myth in this way. Even if there is no Myth (or Fire) on the other side with a minion up, then the 200 is at least on par with other forms.


Life Elf Tiers

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5

Starting off, the Life Elf will have plenty of spells including the minion killer, 1-pip 100 spell, 1-pip heal, reviving HOT, high damage hit, and the AOE. Tier 1 versions will be super formidable with this setup, but he still has a lot to look forward to higher up.

Moving on up, Life Elf is able to start using Heavenly Grant, which is great for finishing, also a good 2-pip damage option.

Up at Tier 3, Life Elf gets Phantom Edge, which is an amazing upgrade to give your teammates a buff when you die. It adds another element to its value even if he dies early.

Now you really get a nice buff with the Spider Bite giving you the capability to deal a ton of damage to teams with minions. Since this spell is such high DPP, it’s not available at first, which I think is a good idea. With this, there’s also an extra copy of Acorn Assault to really stick it to those Myth forms.

Lastly, we have Sprite Army! There’s just one copy, but you can buy a Battle Card if you need another. I kept this one till last since it is a potentially super powerful spell by reviving your whole team and giving them a little extra heal afterwards too!


To fix Life, there needs to be a lot of changes, and most of the changes I presented will have more impact on forms with more health, but either way, I think this is a great start, and players would love to start using Life Elf. In Monster Mayhem, it probably won’t be used that often since Storm Elf is so helpful.

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