Everything you need to know about W101 Crafting

Are you a new crafter? Do you seek information about the crafting quests? Or are you on the Zafaria crafting quest already and require information about where to get Stone Blocks? Never fear, Dueslist101 is here! Check out our crafting articles and get enlightened.

Crafting 101Crafting 101

A guide full of basic information about crafting. What do you need to craft? What kind of things can you craft? Where can you buy recipes and see the ones you bought?  This guide answers to all those questions and much more! 

Crafting and reagents

Reagents: worth picking up

There’s a lot more to be said about reagents than you would think! We’ve put all the information about the different kinds of reagents, about transmutes and reagent farming on one page for you to read! Click to read more. 


Crafting Quests

We’ve written guides about all the W101 Crafting quests available to you in the Spiral.
Go check them out and get crafting!

Coming soon!

Reagent farming

  • Where to find Stone Blocks? A guide
  • This video will guide you right through what it means to farm for reagents
  • A guide on where to find Aethyr Dust and Ore
  • A guide on where to get Flying Squid Ink
  • A guide on where to find Shocked Keys

Houses you can craft

Worth crafting

spirit caller drum

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