Wizard City Crafting Quest

Crafting, uh! What is it good for? Absolutely NOTHI–… Hold on, that’s not quite right. Crafting is extremely useful and some would even go as far as to call it a necessity. Crafted boots from Avalon seem to be all the rage for higher level wizards for example. But to get to those boots, you need to do a whole lot of crafting quests first!

How do we begin?

apprentice wizard city crafting quest
Like Molly Misthead, Apprentice Diviner, you should begin by saying hello to Eudora Tangletree in Olde Town (you know, where the Bazaar is). Chances are you picked up her quest and did it without thinking twice about it.


Quests required to get your first crafting badge:




  1. Wizards in the Mist: Get Mist Wood
  2. The Razor’s Edge: Make 2 Daggers of Absolution

1. Wizards in the Mist:

  • Mission: Get Mist Wood
  • How: Pick up the reagent Mist Wood
  • Where: Anywhere in the Spiral – you could buy it in the Bazaar, pick it up under the trees in Unicorn Way near the Arena or get it as a drop in a fight somewhere. Can’t find it? Switch to a less crowded realm! How to switch realms? Press ctrl+M on your keyboard, pick a realm and click “go to realm”. Or press “Esc” and it will bring up your book, click on the “Realm” and change from there.


Reagents? What are those?

cattail wizard city crafting questReagents are things like Mist Wood, Cat Tail and Lava Lily. They are used as ingredients in crafting recipes. You can find different reagents throughout the Spiral, either by harvesting them, defeating monsters, or purchasing them. Certain reagents will be found in certain places: they all have their favorite environment.

Mist Wood will generally be found in grassy areas next to some trees and Cat Tail will always be near water. Because Lava Lily is generally found in lava, it is most common in Dragonspyre. You can purchase reagents in the Bazaar, but not all reagents are readily available. Finding Fossils in the Bazaar, for example, can be really difficult.

Reagents go in your reagent bag, which you can access by selecting the Crafting tab in your spell book, or by pressing “J” on your keyboard.


2. The Razor’s Edge:

  • Mission: Craft 2 Daggers of Absolution

Step 1: Buy the recipe

Buy the recipe from Eudora Tangletree by pressing “X” on your keyboard when you’re close to her. There will be the option “Recipe shop“. Search for the item called “Dagger of Absolution” and press “Buy“. Press “J” on your keyboard. You should now be able to see the recipe.

Step 2: Get the reagents

Get the reagents mentioned in the recipe. To make 2 Daggers of Absolution, we need:

  • 4 Sapphire
  • 8 Black Coal
  • 4 Mist Wood
  • 4 Cat Tail

Did you notice I doubled the ingredients needed in the recipe? I did this because — for every crafting quest — you need to make TWO of the item. The recipe only accounts for ONE Dagger of Absolution.

Where to get the reagents:

  • Sapphire and Black Coal can be bought from Elmer Meadowgrass, who is conveniently located next to Eudora Tangletree. You can also buy these in the Bazaar, but generally Reagent Vendors offer them at a lower price.
  • Mist Wood and Cat Tail can be bought in the Bazaar or harvested in the Spiral. Mist Wood is generally found in grass, near trees, while Cat Tail is always located in water. Cat Tail spawns in the water next to Eudora Tangletree: wait for it to appear, or switch to a less crowded realm.

Step 3: Craft the daggers

Go to your home and use the Basic Crafting table. If you haven’t sold it, your crafting table should be in your backpack. Press “H” on your keyboard to put it down in your home.

Where to get the crafting tables:

  • tableEudora gives you a free Basic Crafting Table when you bring her the Mist Wood. It will be in your backpack with other Furniture items.
  • If you’ve sold or lost yours, you can buy a new Basic Crafting Table from the Furniture Shop Keepers in Krokotopia, Mooshu, Marleybone and Dragonspyre.
  • The Bazaar is another option. They’re not always available there, so I’d check a Furniture Shop Keeper instead.

After putting down your crafting table, activate it and go to the correct recipe. We’re trying to craft two Daggers of Absolution, don’t be like me and use your reagents on another recipe accidentally!

crafted wizard city crafting quest

After you’ve crafted two daggers, go back to Eudora in Olde Town to get your Novice Crafter badge. If you’ve quested to Krokotopia already, she will give you a new quest right away called “Krok Watcher“, which will direct you to Krokotopia for the next Crafting quest.


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