Where to Get Flying Squid Ink

So you’re in need of flying Squid Ink? Doing your crafting quest, aye? No worries, here’s some sources where you can find what you need!

flying squid ink

Flying Squid Ink from Quests

First and foremost, there are several side quests that will have Squid Ink as a reward.

Quest 1: Presporo’s Books

  • From: Prospero the Elder in Nowhere Village (Aeriel Shore)
  • Task: Defeat and collect 3 books in Aeriel Jungle
  • Creatures: Beastman, rank
  • Reward: 2 Flying Squid Ink


Quest 2: Word Search

  • From: Sebastia in Aerial Shores
  • Task: Defeat Mother Monkey Spider
  • Reward: 1 Flying Squid Ink


Quest 3: Underground Package Service

  • From: Dusk in Zanadu
  • Task: Talk to Dawn (from Dusk till Dawn, get it?)
  • Reward: 2 Flying Squid Ink


Quest 4: Postal Stamping

  • From: Dusk in Zanadu
  • Task: Deliver Catalogs to Twylight + Defeat 2 Common House Spiders
  • Reward: 2 Flying Squid Ink


Quest 5: A Reasonable Reaction

  • From: Dusk in Zanadu
  • Task: Defeat Nuhne (boss)
  • Reward: 2 Flying Squid Ink


Quest 6: Fahrenheit 4500

  • From: Algar Silvereyes in Outer Athanor
  • Prequest: interact with 4 sconces
  • Task: Go to Hidden Archive + Defeat Mob
  • Reward: 2 Flying Squid Ink


Quest 7: That New Black Magic

  • From: Giles in Nimbus Citadel
  • Prequest: Raven is the Word
  • Task: Defeat Exemplar Commander
  • Reward: 2 Flying Squid Ink


Quest 8: Music on the Aero Plains

  • From: Orlan in Nimbus Citadel
  • Prequest: That New Black Magic
  • Task: Defeat Fangles, Collect Lightning Bottles, Defeat Ear Worms, Defeat the Hook Worm
  • Reward: 1 Flying Squid Ink


Quest 9: Ancient Kalamar Secrets

  • From: Vashtal in Samsara Village
  • Prequest: The Shattered Wheel
  • Task: Read Prayer Column
  • Reward: 1 Flying Squid Ink

flying squid ink

Flying Squid Ink from Battles

1. Bosses that Drop Flying Squid Ink

The following bosses drop Squid Ink according to the wiki:

  • Bug Collector in Aeriel Jungle
  • Caleban in Aeriel Jungle
  • Crusher in Aeriel Jungle
  • Khan in Aeriel Jungle
  • Nightwyng in Zanadu

Other bosses that drop Flying Squid Ink are listed here.


2. Instance that Drops Flying Squid Ink

In addition, there’s an instance called “Secret Tunnel” in Aeriel Jungle. The first two battles are against Elite creatures, the third against a boss. All three drop Flying Squid Ink.

  1. Gannon (Ice, 4,160 hp)
  2. Madd’n (Fire, 3,720 hp)
  3. D’viss (Balance, 12,320 hp)

All in all, you’re probably best off first doing the quests that give Squid Ink and then farming Madden, Gannon and D’viss for a while. Getting the 45 Squid Ink will take you a while, but the crafting quest that requires them is meant to be challenging. All in all, I’d even say this is one of the easier parts of the recipe, now that you know where to find your ink.


Flying Squid Ink from Fishing Chests

Flying Squid Ink is also a possible drop from Fishing Chests in the Heavenly Palace and Massive Fantasy Palace. Although, this is not a recommended farming technique.


Good luck on your journey towards Revered Crafter!

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  • So I have been through the Secret Tunnel 7 times and not one flying squid ink. Have also tried Caleban and no ink. Do they only drop as you go through the actual quest! I still need 20 and at this rate I will never finish this crafting quest!

    • Sorry that you haven’t had much luck getting the ink you need. It definitely drops there because that’s where I got mine! Unfortunately it’s just luck of the draw. I’d recommend farming during double reagents to speed things up.

  • On a related note, it sure would be great if KI would let us repeat quests. They could make them so consecutive attempts offer no XP, but the drops could remain the same. Just a pipe dream though, I know.

  • Not sure how up-to-date this post is. D’Viss did not have as much health to start as the original post above shows. As far as squid ink goes, I’ve done the Secret Cave 12 times without a single drop of ink, so perhaps they no longer drop it or the drop rate has been reduced to next to nothing.

  • I ran it once and got all 45 lol

  • You would think you could get some in Sepidous – the giant flying squid in whose ink gland you visit.

  • As i’m doing the reagents gathering myself and as i read the comments, this once again, shows everything that’s wrong with finding and gathering reagents in Wizard101 once again..

    Wish they would make it easier to gather reagents. Make it a skill like fishing with spots with specific reagents, add mobs that only drops specific reagents, etc…

  • yep 7 times through secrete tunnel not one ink 🙁

    • The Secret Tunnel is where I have been farming, and with success. Sorry to hear you’re not getting the Flying Squid Ink.

  • I fought one of the bosses and did not get any flying squid ink I will keep trying and fight the other bosses and see what happens wish me luck!

  • You can also just farm Gannon in Calebans’ fort – a quick battle if you only do the first battle, go back out and restart.

  • I have been farming these three for days now and none of them have even sneezed at the existence of the ink. I understand making it challenging but making it darn near impossible is ridiculous.

  • You would think they’d drop from a plant to garden as they did with the shocking key

  • I just did the tunnel 5 times – not a single drop – any other ideas?

  • Just ran the secret tunnel for the 1st time. Not a one dropped an ink….

    • That is some serious luck mate…

    • I had to do it so many times (close to 100) to get the amount needed to craft arcanum weapon🤦🏽‍♀️ Sometimes they drop sometimes they don’t

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