Polished Piercing Jewels
(and Others)
for Gold in Wizard101

Do you have some excess gold and want to upgrade or add to your school jewels (piercing, accurate, critical, damage, defense and blocking)?  Are you willing to do some crafting?

In the past, to get polished piercing jewels (or other helpful ones, like accurate and critical) you either had to do a lot of mob or boss battles, spend crowns on the jewel packs, or spend crowns on gardening packs for circle jewel blossoms and then spend time growing them.  Now you have a fourth option!

In the Bug Fixes section of the Empyrea Part One update notes, there was a comment “Check the Caravan for a new jewel and Jewel Crafting vendor in Mirage!

If you go to Caravan, climb the ladders at the far end of where you enter and you’ll find your buddy Gemeral.  He sells recipes for level 95-115 school jewels.

There’s good news and bad news about the recipes…


The Good News

For these recipes, the three ingredients can be bought with gold — easily!

Perfect Stones

We suggest buying perfect stones from Archytas in Celestia Base Camp, just to the left as you enter.  They are 100 gold each.

They are actually more expensive in the Bazaar, since the quantities are typically really low.


Turmeric can be bought for 500 gold from Guillermel in Caravan, to the left as you get there.  It’s not usually available in the Bazaar.

“Mega” Treasure Cards

The cheapest place to find “Mega” Treasure Cards (those spells you learned in Celestia but probably forgot about since you never used them again) is the Bazaar, so we’d suggest checking there first.

If they are sold out, which happens often for some schools, we suggest purchasing them from Fitzhume in the Arcanum.

Most cost 500 gold, except for Ice (Mega Distract – 700 gold) and Balance (Elemental Defuse – 2000 gold).  They are about 50% less in the bazaar.


Total cost for crafting one jewel is a reasonable 9200 gold:

  • 17 Perfect Stones: 1700 gold (17 x 100)
  • 10 Turmeric: 5000 gold (10 x 500)
  • 5 “Mega” TC: 2500 gold (5 x 500)


The Bad News

The bad news is that the jewel you get is random and the ones you most likely want (piercing, accurate, critical, damage) have a lower drop rate.

“How low” you may ask?  Well, I needed some piercing jewels for my wizards so crafted 200 of them.  Here were my results:

Type Polished (95) Lustrous (105) Shiny (115) Total
Defense 14.0% 3.0% 11.0% 28.0%
Blocking 5.0% 6.0% 11.0%
Accurate 12.5% 9.5% 22.0%
Damage 13.5% 10.0% 3.5% 27.0%
Critical 4.0% 5.5% 9.5%
Piercing 2.5% 2.5%
Total 31.5% 42.5% 26.0% 100.0%


From zero to hero square jewel From zero to hero triangle jewel From zero to hero circle jewel

Given these rates, the average costs for the most desirable jewels are:

Jewel Type Average Cost
Polished Piercing 368,000 gold
Lustrous Accurate  97,000 gold
Shiny Critical 167,000 gold
Shiny Damage 263,000 gold


The Verdict?

Well the good jewels ain’t cheap but… if you have excess gold, don’t feel like doing a lot of farming, nor feel like spending crowns on jewel packs, you can see if these jewel recipes help get you “over the hump” with the jewels you want!


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