Empyrea Champion Crafted Gear

With the release of Empyrea Part 1, new crafted gear sets for wizards that reached Champion crafting level made an appearance in the Spiral. More specifically, you can find this gear from Loligo in Aeriel Shores.

Champion Crafted Gear - Loligo

This gear could be considered an upgrade from the dropped gear obtained from Mirage’s finale, the Sands of Time. It’s also a valid alternative to the gear obtained from last April’s Professor’s Hoard Pack. The hat is designed to be offensive which might limit it’s use for PvP, while on the other hand, the robe is highly defensive which might find some use for support PvE players. Meanwhile, the boots offer great potential and can therefore be of major use for PvE and maybe some PvP builds. The universal gear is as follows, which is exactly like the new trend in gear that Kingsisle has been creating ever since Polaris – no resist on hat, block on robe, and critical on boots.

Alphoi Sovereign Mantle

Champion Crafted Gear Universal

Alphoi Sovereign Surcoat

Champion Crafted Gear Universal

Alphoi Sovereign Boots

Champion Crafted Gear Universal

This time round, there is a huge benefit to this gear – not having to farm for it, but can instead simply craft the pieces you want. The recipes are quite simple. The most challenging crafting requirements you may get are Aethyr Dust, which can be found all over Empyrea, and ‘Interstellar‘ gear pieces you can get from fighting creatures in Empyrea. Do note that ‘Interstellar’ gear is no auction but can be traded.

Fierce Alphoi Mantle

Fierce Alphoi Surcoat

Fierce Alphoi Boots

Proud Alphoi Mantle

Proud Alphoi Surcoat

Proud Alphoi Boots

Aristocratic Alphoi Mantle

Aristocratic Alphoi Surcoat

Aristocratic Alphoi Boots

Stubborn Alphoi Mantle

Stubborn Alphoi Surcoat

Stubborn Alphoi Boots

Lofty Alphoi Mantle

Lofty Alphoi Surcoat

Lofty Alphoi Boots

Haughty Alphoi Mantle

Haughty Alphoi Surcoat

Haughty Alphoi Boots

Imperious Alphoi Mantle

Imperious Alphoi Surcoat

Imperious Alphoi Boots


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