Zafaria Crafting Quest Guide

In Zafaria, the Legendary Crafter badge is probably the most sought after of all the crafting badges. To be able to craft Avalon gear, you need the Legendary Crafter badge, which you will receive once you finish the crafting quest for Zafaria. To get the crafting quest, you need to have quested all the way to Zafaria. This is needed to unlock the Recipe Vendor, Koyate Ghostmane.

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Let’s do the Legendary Crafter quest!

How do we begin?

When you start questing in Zafaria Koyate Ghostmane is situated in Baobab Crossroads (the “Commons” area of Zafaria). However, he doesn’t give you the crafting quest until he is situated in Baobab Market. You can unlock him by doing the following sequence of quests:


  1. Jambo Means Hello: talk to Lethu Blunthoof (first quest in Zafaria)
  2. Lion Around: talk to Koyate Ghostmane in Baobab Crossroads
  3. Going to Market: defeat and collect quest
  4. No Bother: talk to Lethu Blunthoof
  5. To Market, To Market: talk to Koyate Ghostmane in Baobab Market


Search your Quest Book for any of these quests, or take a look in Baobab Market to see if Koyate happens to already be there. Then, talk to him to pick up your crafting quest!

zafaria crafting koyate

Quests required to get your crafting badge:

  1. Drum a Little Drum: Craft Spirit Caller Drums
  2. That’s it! No second quest required, luckily.

Starting one or multiples gardens will make this quest a whole lot easier

One thing that Evil-Magma-Peaswould make this whole crafting quest a lot less difficult would be to start gardening in advance. A few Evil Magma Peas would be a great help for the reagents needed in this recipe. In addition to Mega pet snacks, they also drop Golden Pearls (which you need 16 of for this recipe) and Sunstones (which you need 18 of).

Fickle-PickleIf you don’t have the Crowns, Fickle Pickles are another nice choice (available at Farley in Wizard City, Golem Court). These plants drop a lot less stuff at harvests, but you can get Sunstone, Fossil, Golden Pearl, Shell and Aether — all needed for this particular crafting quest. Start a big garden a while before you start doing this crafting quest and you will have a much easier time crafting.

Drum a Little Drum

  • Mission: Craft Spirit Caller Drums

Step 1: See if you have the recipe

Koyate GhostMane should automatically give you the recipe. To search for the recipe, press “J” on your keyboard. If you can’t find the recipe, you can buy it from Koyate GhostMane.

To craft TWO Spirit Caller Drums, you will need:

  • 8 Legion Shield Treasure Cards
  • 4 Perfect Onyx
  • 4 Pristine Vial
  • 18 Sunstone
  • 28 Black Pearl
  • 16 Golden Pearl
  • 2 Conga Drums
  • 8 Aether



To make 2 Spirit Caller Drums, you will need 2 Conga Drums.
The crafting recipe for these is sold by Gearwise in Celestia Base Camp.

To make TWO Conga Drums, you will need:

  • 4 Giant Treasure Cards
  • 2 Amethysts
  • 2 Crystal Vials
  • 4 Aethers
  • 16 Shells
  • 24 Fossils
  • 8 Scales


Step 2: Gather the reagents

What makes this recipe so difficult?

  1. The two Conga Drums require a whole own set of reagents, on top of the ones you already need for the base recipe. This means you need 24 Aether in total (16 for the base recipe and 8 for the 2 Conga Drums). You can transmute Aether from Kelp, but Kelp isn’t really that common.
  2. Sunstones are very hard to come by, which is why most people end up having to transmute them. The catch here is that Sunstones are transmuted from Sandstone, which is another not incredibly common reagent. Therefore many people end up transmuting Stone Blocks to Sandstone — and Sandstone to Sunstone. This is not an easy feat, because the 18 Sunstones required for the base recipe equal 4050 Stone Blocks!
  3. You will also need 32 Fossils for the Conga Drums. These are also transmuted from Stone Block, which means you can add 480 more Stone Blocks to the recipe’s ingredients.

I have combined the ingredients from both recipes, so you can focus on getting all the reagents at once, instead of constantly having to head back to the Bazaar or a Reagent Vendor. This way, I hope to reduce the amount of running required to get everything. I am listing certain items in certain categories, even though you can acquire them elsewhere as well.

1. Recipe ingredients acquired from the Bazaar

1.1 Treasure cards

a. Giant Treasure Cards — amount needed: 4
You can find these in the Bazaar. They’re not extremely common, but I wouldn’t call them rare either. They’re located amongst the Astral Treasure Cards. You can also farm for them at many bosses in Krokotopia, Grizzleheim and Marleybone — or craft them, by buying the recipe from Avery Templeton in Celestia Base Camp. I’d suggest just camping in the Bazaar for a little while or asking your friends if they have any spare ones.

b. Legion Shields Treasure Cards — amount needed: 8
These are fairly easy to get in the Bazaar, at least they were when I checked: 37 available for 675 gold. They are also a drop at bosses in Grizzleheim, Zafaria and Avalon.

1.2 Reagents

a. Shell — amount needed: 16
When I checked, the Bazaar had 391 Shell at 88 gold a piece. Buying them is by far the easiest way to get them, although they do appear as a fairly frequent spawn all over Celestia and in Crab Alley.

b. Scales — amount needed: 16
These are fairly hard to come by. They can be bought in the Bazaar (when I checked, the Bazaar had 92 at 1120 gold a piece). You can also transmute Scales from Fish Fins, but unfortunately Fish Fins are equally hard to find as Scales. I would suggest you just spend some time in the Bazaar refreshing the Reagent page until you find enough Scales. Sixteen isn’t THAT much after all.


2. Recipe ingredients acquired from Reagent Vendors

I would suggest going to the Reagent Vendor in Celestia Base Camp (Archytas), because you need to go to Celestia for the Conga Drum recipe regardless. You could buy Amethyst from any of the Reagent Vendors — even the one in Olde Town — but Pristine Vial, for example, is only available at the Vendors in worlds from Celestia upward.

2.1 Rare reagents

a. Amethyst — amount needed: 2
From every Reagent Vendor in the Spiral for 15 gold (for example Elmer Meadowgrass in Olde Town, or Archytas in Celestia Base Camp). These can also be bought in the Bazaar (57 available at 26 gold a piece when I checked)

b. Crystal Vial — amount needed: 2
Can be bought from Reagent Vendors in Mooshu or any higher world for 330 gold. Also available in the Bazaar (200 available at 314 gold a piece when I checked)

c. Perfect Onyx — amount needed: 4
These cost 100 gold at the Reagent Vendors in Celestia (Base Camp), Zafaria (Baobab Market), Avalon (High Road) and Azteca (Three Points). Rarely available in the Bazaar.

d. Pristine Vial — amount needed: 4
Costs 500 gold at the Reagent Vendors in Celestia (Base Camp), Zafaria (Baobab Market), Avalon (High Road) and Azteca (Three Points)


3. Hard to get

In this section, I will give advice on how to get the reagents that are rare. You will be able to see your different options and pick the ones that suit you the best. Please realize that these ingredients are hard to get and will take you some time to get, unless you’ve started gardening the right plants early.

3.1 Rare reagents

a. Aether — amount needed: 12 (8 for base recipe + 4 for the Conga Drums)

  • Bazaar: it’s possible to find one or two Aether in the Bazaar from time to time. They are fairly expensive to get this way and it will require time and patience. If you see Kelp in the Bazaar, you can also buy Kelp to transmute Aether.
  • Transmuting: you can also transmute Aether from 15 Kelp. The recipe is sold by Avery Templeton in Celestia Base Camp. To transmute 12 Aehter, you will need 180 Kelp.
  • Farming: There is no way to collect Aether directly. Kelp can be found growing in Crustacean Empire in Celestia (turn right when entering the area). In addition to farming Kelp to transmute, you will also get the occasional Aether as a rare harvest. Prepare to be farming for quite a while…

b. Fossil — amount needed: 24

  • Bazaar: Fossils are rare in the Bazaar, but you do run across them occasionally. Be prepared to waste a lot of time and gold in the Bazaar!
  • Transmuting: Fossils can be transmuted from Stone Blocks. Don’t expect this to be a fast way either! To transmute 24 Fossils you will need 360 Stone Blocks. The transmute recipe can be bought from the Recipe Vendors in Dragonspyre (Atheneum) and Celestia (Celestia Base Camp and The Floating Land).
  • Farming: There is no way to collect Fossils directly. Getting 360 Stone Blocks through running around in eg. Avalon seems crazy, but it’s probably the cheapest way to get them. Read our Stone Block guide here.
  • Gardening: Fickle Pickle and Burning Snap Dragon drop Fossils.
  • Diego the Duelmaster: if you’re a PvPer with an bundance of Arena Tickets, 175 Arena Tickets will buy you one Fossil. Not really worth it, if you ask me!
  • Crown Shop: new in the Crown Shop is a Bundle of 100 Stone Block for 499 Crowns. Ten of those Bundles would give you enough Stone Blocks to transmute all your Fossils.
  • Note: I am aware that none of the options I mention are quick, cheap and painless. There just isn’t any way to make this easier. The Zafaria crafting quest is by far the hardest of all the quests. Take your time, you will get there.

c. Sunstone — amount needed: 18

  • Bazaar: Sunstones are rare in the Bazaar, but you do run across them occasionally. Be prepared to waste a lot of time and gold in the Bazaar!
  • Transmuting: 15 Sandstones make 1 Sunstone. 15 Stone Blocks make 1 Sandstone. The recipes are available at the Recipe Vendors in Celestia and Dragonspyre. You will need 4050 Stone Blocks to get 18 Sunstones… Crazy amount!
  • Farming: there is no way to farm for Sunstone directly. Sandstone is sometimes found in Stone Town, Zafaria. Stone Blocks are available in multiple locations. Read our Stone Block guide here.
  • Crown Shop: as I said before, the Crown Shop now has a Bundle of 100 Stone Block for 499 Crowns. You’d need to buy a lot of them to transmute all your Sunstones though.
  • Gardening: Sunstone is most easily acquired through Evil Magma Pea gardening. Can’t afford the Crowns? Fickle Pickle and King Parsley are fairly easy to acquire and also drop Sunstones.

d. Black Pearl — amount needed: 28

  • Bazaar: none available when I checked, not exactly sure how rare they are
  • Transmuting: you can transmute Black Pearl from Black Lotus. You can get the recipe from Toshio in Jade Palace, Mooshu or Kimba Kalla in The Floating Land, Celestia
  • Farming: there is no way to farm for Black Pearl directly. I have covered the easiest ways to get Black Lotus in the Celestia Crafting Guide.
  • Gardening: Black Pearl is a harvest from King Parsley, Pink Dandelion, Honey Bee Plant and Deadly Fly Trap. I would suggest either King Parsley or Pink Dandelion for this one.

e. Golden Pearl — amount needed: 16

  • Bazaar: when I checked, the Bazaar had 500 Pearls for 63 gold a piece. You need 240 Pearls to transmute 16 Golden Pearls, so that’s a little more than 15.000 gold.
  • Transmuting: 15 Pearl makes 1 Golden Pearl. The transmute recipe can be found in Celestia (Base Camp and Floating Land):
  • Farming: You can’t farm for Golden Pearls directly. Normal Pearls are usually farmed for in the Celestia dungeon called The Portico, but I would suggest checking the Bazaar first and parting with some of your precious gold.
  • Gardening: getting a few Evil Magma Peas would be a great deal. Fickle Pickles are another alternative.
conga drum crafting zafaria Crafting Quest
Remember that you have to craft two of these.


Step 3: Craft the items

Find your Housing Crafting Station and craft two Spirit Caller Drums. If you can’t find your Crafting Station anymore, buy a new one from a Furniture Vendor in the Spiral. The Furniture Shop in Jade Palace in Mooshu sells it for example.
you made a zafaria Crafting Quest
Afterwards, head back to Baobab Market in Zafaria to talk with Koyate GhostMane. He will give you the Legendary Artisan badge, which is needed for crafting Avalon gear and spells like Deer Knight and Loremaster.
fine work zafaria Crafting Quest
Next, do a little dance (I recommend the Bee Dance) and be very proud of yourself. You did it! You survived the hardest Crafting Quest in the Spiral! Others may say it’s no big deal, but you and I know the amount of work, patience and gold it took. Well done!

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can get the next Crafting Quest right away from Koyate GhostMane. It’s called From Zafaria to Azteca and requires you to go talk to Oztomeca the Weaver in Three Points, Azteca. Here’s our guide for it.

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  • I hope someone can find out why the Lion does not give the receipe for the spirit caller drums. I have spent most of the day trying to find out.

  • You can also buy 100 sandstone for 499 crowns in shop as well

  • Sandstone can also be farmed in the upper zigazag! 🙂

  • I’m confused why it says 16 scales; one conga drum is 4, so shouldn’t just be 8?

  • You can find the Giant Treasure Cards at the Archivist in Celestia

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