Monstrodome and the Jewel Vault

Both the Monstrodome and the Jewel Vault are of great specific use to wizards. In this article, you will learn more about them both, but more focus is given to the mysterious Monstrodome! To begin with, you can obtain both of these items either through the Crown Shop or by crafting them as follows.


Monstrodome and the Jewel Vault

Bought for 2500 crowns


Recipe from Felicia Worthington in Regent’s Square

  • 10 Foulgaze Summon Treasure Cards
  • 10 Lady Blackhope Summon Treasure Cards
  • 10 Lord Nightshade Summon Treasure Cards
  • 80 Sandstone
  • 100 Mist Wood
  • 25 Black Lotus
  • 50 Brass


Jewel Vault

Bought for 1995 crowns


Recipe from Toshio in the Jade Palace

  • 1 Reinforced Crate
  • 30 Pearl
  • 20 Sandstone
  • 10 Mist Wood
  • 25 Flawless Ruby
  • 25 Reshuffle Treasure Cards
  • 10 Fairy Treasure Cards

To those of you wondering, the Monstrodome is a housing item that let’s you fight specific creatures in it when it is places inside your castle. As of right now, you are able to summon monsters that are classified as ‘Undead‘, ‘Wyrm‘, ‘Parrot‘, ‘Polar Bear‘, ‘Gobbler‘, ‘Pig‘, ‘Treant‘, ‘Elephant‘, ‘Imp‘, and ‘Mander‘.


What else do I need to know?

  • Creatures won’t have the same drops as their original counterparts.
  • None of the creatures will have cheats.
  • You can’t extract Animus from inside the Monstrodome.
  • The creatures you choose to summon will keep spawning until their TC is removed. More on that below…
  • The Monstrodome is NOT limited to just 4 wizards. You can throw parties!


How can I do this?

First and foremost, you need to understand the art of Monstrology and how this will help, which is why I suggest reading our article here for a quick introduction. To begin, you will need to place your Monstrodome wherever you intend to place it. Next, you click and open it similarly to how you open other vaults and/or music boxes. Just push the big red button!

Monstrodome and the Jewel Vault

A menu will pop up once it’s open with 4 empty slots and the available treasure cards you own that can go inside it. However, if you don’t have any treasure cards you simply need to press ‘T’ to open up the Monstrology Tome. Select whichever creature you want to fight and create the Summon Monster Treasure Card with Animus. If you don’t have enough Animus, you need to go fight the creature some more until you have enough.

Monstrodome and the Jewel Vault

Monstrodome and the Jewel Vault

Keep in mind that once you add a treasure card to the Monstrodome it will remain there until you replace it. Also, the card doesn’t return to you once you put it in your Monstrodome, so choose wisely! After you’ve inserted the monsters you want to battle, close the Menu and click ‘X’ to go in the Monstrodome.


This just leaves one big question, who are you going to summon first?

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