Master Artisan Badge!

If you’re reading this guide, I’m assuming you’ve finished the crafting quests in Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu AND Dragonspyre. You now have the badge Master Artisan. Time to go to Celestia and get the Grandmaster Artisan badge! You don’t have to be a specific level to get this quest or badge. The only prerequisite is that you’ve finished the Dragonspyre crafting quest.

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How do we begin?

celestia crafting quest

After you finish your Master Crafter quest in Dragonspyre, Balthazar will direct you to talk to Pierce Stanson in The Floating Land, Celestia.


Quests required to get your crafting badge:

Celestia Crafting Quest
Celestia Carfting Quest
  1. To The Seas: Talk to Pierce Stanson
  2. That Seven Seas Show: Craft 1 Seal of the Seven Seas

1. To The Seas

  • Mission: Talk to Pierce Stanson
  • How: Type “X” on your keyboard when you’re near him :p
  • Where: In The Floating Land in Celestia


2. That Seven Seas Show

  • Mission: Craft 1 Seal of the Seven Seas

Step 1: Buy the recipe

Buy the recipe from Pierce Stanson by pressing “X” on your keyboard when you’re close to him. There will be the option “Recipe shop“. Search for the item called “Seal of the Seven Seas” and click “Buy“. Press “J” on your keyboard. You should now be able to see the recipe.

Step 2: Get the reagents

Get the reagents mentioned in the recipe. To make one Seal (yes, only one to make, yay!), we need:

  • 5 Polymorph Treant Treasure Cards
  • 7 Perfect Jade
  • 5 Pristine Vial
  • 6 Sunstone
  • 11 Golden Pearl
  • 8 Fish Fin
  • 10 Sandstone

Where to get the reagents:

  • Polymorph Treant Treasure Cards: there are multiple ways to get these, ranging from fighting bosses or gardening for them to buying them from librarians or crafting them yourself. The easiest option is probably to buy them from the Archivist in District of the Stars, Celestia. Look at the map below for the location.
  • Perfect Jade and Pristine Vial can be bought from Reagent Vendors. The closest one is in Celestia Base Camp: his name is Archytas. You can also buy these in the Bazaar, but generally Reagent Vendors offer them at a lower price. Look at the map below to see his location.
  • Sandstone and Sunstone are rare reagents. Sandstone can be transmuted from 15 Stone Blocks, and Sunstone can be transmuted from 15 Sandstones. So that’s lots of stones required. If you’re a gardener, you might have an easy way out: Deadly Helephant Ears, Evil Magma Peas, Fickle Pickle and Maelstrom Snap Dragon drop both Sandstones and Sunstones during their harvests. For non-gardeners, farm in one of the areas mentioned below. All three of the them have about the same amount of Stone Blocks, so you can choose freely between them. Be prepared for this to take a while! Get a garden started at the same time!
  • Golden Pearl: yay for Evil Magma Pear and Deadly Helephant ears once again! They both drop Golden Pearls. Non-gardeners need to farm for Pearls and transmute them to Golden Pearls. I haven’t found an amazing place to farm for Pearls yet, suggestions are certainly welcome! Check below for the Pearl spawning spots in the Portico, Celestia. It’s not the best place ever, but better than the other places I visited.
  • Fish Fin is another rare reagent. You can acquire it by killing things (mostly in Celestia) or transmuting from Scales. Scales, however, are equally hard to come by as Fish Fins. I stopped by in the Bazaar and found 22 Scales and 5 Fish Fins. Just enough to get my 8 Fish Fins! I hope you get equally lucky.

Stone Block farming (for Sandstone and Sunstone)

stone town stone blockStone Town, Zafaria is pretty nice for Stone Block farming. You can reach it by going to Baobob Market and taking the Ferry behind Rose Houghton. In addition to having multiple spots for Stone Blocks, it also has spawning spots of Sandstone.

Where to find stone blocks




Caliburn is the “Commons” area of Avalon. It has about the same amount of spawning spots as the previous area. In addition to running around here, you could also include Abbey Road.




silent market stone blockSilent Market in Khrysalis is probably my favorite of these three. It’s just so new and exciting still that I love going there to farm. You can reach Silent Market by going to Bastion (the “Commons” area of Khrysalis) and taking a right up the hill. You should be able to reach this place from the Bastion even without having quested to Khrysalis.

Pearl and Golden Pearl farming

portico farm for golden pearlsThe Portico is a dungeon, so you need to enter it via the sigil. In other words: this place is not good for farming if you haven’t quested all the way there yet. The way to farm in the Portico is to use the sigil, go to the 4 spawning spots, pick up whatever you find there and then leave. Enter again and repeat. It’s slow going for sure.


Step 3: Craft the items

The Seal of the Seven Seas needs to be crafted at the Equipment Crafting Station. If you need to buy the new Crafting Station, you can buy it from the Furniture Vendors in Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu and Dragonspyre. After that comes the big moment: craft the amulet, yay!

seal of the seven seas

Find your way back to Pierce Stanson in The Floating Land, Celestia to turn in your quest. He will give you the Master Artisan badge and 7278 gold. He’s actually paying you for the item you crafted! Awesome!

He will, however, not give you a new quest. If you haven’t quested to Zafaria yet, you do not have access to the next crafting quest. If you have done the first few areas in Zafaria, do a side quest called To Market, To Market, given to you by Koyate Ghostmane in Baobab Crossroads. If Koyate is not standing in Baobab Crossroads anymore, you have probably already done the side quest, and can go straight to Baobab Market to get your next crafting quest.

Don't worry, he won't talk to me either :/
Don’t worry, he won’t talk to me either :/


To Zafaria!

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While misthead has written all kinds of guides, the most popular by far are her "main quest line" guides. She does have all kinds of articles under her belt, from a grandmaster Myth PvP guide to research about which wand stitches are the most popular.


  • i went to the crossroads, talked to lion. he said to get some spirit drums. he offered 9 different recipes and none of them were for the drums. what gives? I have all quests from wizard city, krokatovia, dragonspere, mooshu, marleybone and celestia. this was supposed to be last and now im stalled and cant do anything. Can you help me out?

    • After receiving the quest from Koyate, you should automatically learn the recipe for the Spirit Caller Drums. Check in the decoration tab of your recipes. If it’s not there, you may need to contact KI.

  • i’ve started to craft and im level 140. when i went to the baoabab market, he wasn’t there. what should i do?

    • I assume you’ve just completed the Celestia crafting quest then. The lion that gives the next quest is first found in Baobab Crossroads. You will be given a quest by him that leads to Baobab Market.

  • this was one of the most detailed and guide. thank you very much

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