Reagents Worth Collecting:
A Hoarder’s List

Hello, I am misthead and I’m a hoarder. I hoard lots of different things, but today’s topic is reagents! While you could go out into the Spiral to collect reagents, there’s always the Bazaar as well. During certain periods, I spend hour upon hour in the Bazaar checking out Elik’s supply.

If you want to be a hoarder too, I will list some of the rarer reagents to look out for in the Bazaar (hence me not listing amber, as you can’t get that reagent from the Bazaar). I’m obviously not listing everything that would be nice to collect. So I will focus on the reagents I personally collect. For each reagent I will mention what it is used for. This is a highly personal list, which does by no means include every rare reagent there is.

Please note! In addition, there are certain reagents that are in high demand that I will skip in this article. These are for example Sandstone, Sunstone (and debatebly Scrap Iron, Aether, Black Lotus and Golden Pearl). I get these reagents from gardening, so I’m usually the person SELLING these, not buying them.

Agave Nectar is used to craft:

  • Crafted spell: Loremaster — 50 needed.
  • Crafting quest: The Azteca crafting quest requires 5 agave nectar.

Ancient Scrolls are used to craft:

Reagents Worth Collecting

  • Crafted spells: Loremaster — This recipe calls for 100 Ancient Scrolls, which you do see fairly often in the Bazaar compared to Fossils for example. Still worth collecting!


Blood Moss is used to craft:

  • Crafted spells: Deer Knight (100 needed), Keeper of the Flame (100), Queen Calypso (120).
  • Crafting quest: To make the two Crimson Book Stand in Dragonspyre, you will need 20 Blood Moss.

Brass is used to craft:

  • Monstrodome (50 needed!).
  • Pet Jewel recipes (Balance, Ice, Death) — Especially popular with PvPers, since Balance-Ward and Ice-Ward are very popular pet jewels. For those into damage talents, these also drop Balance-Dealer, Ice-Dealer and Death-Dealer.

Diamonds are used to craft:

Reagents Worth Collecting

  • Crafted spells: Brimstone Revenant (100 needed), Handsome Fomori (100).

Fossils are used to craft:

Reagents Worth Collecting

  • Crafted Spell: Savage Paw requires 50 fossils.
  • Training point quest: You need 8 fossils to craft the Tea Set for Ogden Peake in Celestia Base Camp.
  • Crafting quest: the Zafaria crafting quest also requires fossils.

Glass Slivers are used to craft:

  • Tapestry to Arcanum Forge — This isn’t a reagent you will need very often, because it’s only used in this one recipe. However, collecting it in Mirage takes centuries because it’s such a rare drop.

Grendleweed is used to craft:

  • Crafted house: Wyrd House (only 10 needed).
  • Crafted spells: Athena Battle Sight (60 needed), Goat Monk (100), Winter Moon (50).

Nightshade is used to craft:

  • Crafted spell: Lord of Night — 50 needed.
  • Crafting quest: To make the two Crimson Book Stand in Dragonspyre, you will need 24 nightshade.

Scales are used to craft:

Reagents Worth Collecting

  • Treasure Card: Gargantuan TC — Lower level PvPers can’t buy gargantuan from TC vendors, so often they craft it. One Gargantuan TC only requires 2 Scales, but avid PvPers burn these TCs like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Transmute: Fish Fin — There’s a variety of recipes that require Fish Fin, which can be transmuted from Scales!
  • Wands: The Celestia crafted wands all require 14-18 scales.

Stardust is used to craft:

  • Crafted wands: The Khrysalis crafted wands all require 2 stardust.

Steel is used to craft:

  • Pet Jewel recipes (Fire, Life, Myth, Storm) — For those into damage talents, these packs drop Fire-Dealer, Life-Dealer, Myth-Dealer and Storm-Dealer.

Turquoise is used to craft:

  • Crafted spells: Athena Battle Sight (40 needed), Lord of Night (25), Savage Paw (25), Winter Moon (25).
  • Treasure Card: Loremaster — You will only need 7 turquoise per Lore Treasure Card. Loremaster TCs are not only used to craft Lore, but also for the statues in Mirage, which require 5 Loremaster TC each.

Water Lilies are used to craft:

Reagents Worth Collecting

  • Crafted spells: Catalan (100 needed), Luminous Weaver (100), Samoorai (100).


So there you are. Those are the first reagents that came to mind when thinking about which reagents I like to hoard. Do I plan to use them to craft all the things listed here? No, probably not. Reagents are meant to be looked at, not to be used, as I keep telling Jeremy.

The only exception are the Scales. When I PvP I do love using my scales to make enchants. As such, my scales collection will probably never hit 999 like many of the other reagents in this list have done. That won’t stop me from trying though! Also, please spare me and don’t buy all these reagents before me now lol.


Which reagents do you need and/or want?


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While misthead has written all kinds of guides, the most popular by far are her "main quest line" guides. She does have all kinds of articles under her belt, from a grandmaster Myth PvP guide to research about which wand stitches are the most popular.


  • I’m crafting the Lord of Night spell for my death, (crafted Deer Knight a long time ago, and don’t regret it even a little), so Amber is the one reagent I do not have enough of—and crafting it requires an entire beard’s worth of Merle’s Whiskers, so the transmute is not a winner. Also, King Parsley supposedly gives it even harvesting, but I sold the twelve plants I had, due to my ignorance. (That won’t happen again.) So I’m having to plant the White Tiger Lily and the Belll Peppers and waiting a week. 😩 Teach me to sell stuff out of frustration.

    • You can also try farming Gladiator Dimachaerus or Cronus (both located in Aquila) to get Amber.

  • Motes. Don’t forget the motes. Incredibly rare and essential for the Darkmoor decks. Also, many of these reagents have transmute equivalents that are easier to acquire. I stone block hoard to transmute fossil to make the maximum number of allowed mannequins for all my wizards’ gear. Great post!

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