Azteca Crafting Quest Guide

After doing the Zafaria crafting quest, you can have a little break, because there is no crafting quest in Avalon. So we go straight to the Azteca Crafting Quest! Koyate GhostMane will give you a quest called “From Zafaria to Azteca“, which will require you to go talk to Oztomeca in Three Points, Azteca. Oztomeca will give you a new quest called “Making the grade“. For this quest, you will have to make one Eagle War Shield.

azteca crafting quest

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Time to become Transcendent Crafters!

Quests required to get your crafting badge:

making the grade2
making the grade
  1. Making the Grade: Go to Chinampa Gardens
  2. Making the Grade: Craft Eagle War Shield

Making the Grade

  • Mission 1: Go to Chinampa Gardens

This mission’s only function is to show you where to find Agave Leaves. It requires you to go to Mangrove Marsh and go to a specific spot where Agave Leaves spawn. You will need to teleport to a friend if you haven’t quested up to Mangrove Marsh yet.


  • Mission 2: Craft Eagle War Shield

Step 1: Buy the recipe

You will need to buy the recipe from the bird that gave you the quest, Oztomeca. He’s situated in Three Points, Azteca.

To craft a Eagle War Shield you will need:

  • 1 Potent Trap Treasure Card
  • 2 Ra Treasure Cards
  • 2 Agave Leaves
  • 5 Agave Nectar
  • 10 Scrap Iron
  • 4 Golden Pearl
  • 10 Leather Straps
  • 5 Turquoise


Step 2: Collect the reagents needed

Where to get the reagents:

    • Potent Trap TC: These are unfortunately no-trade, so you’ll have to get them in a battle. They’re dropped by most bosses in Azteca, but they’re not a very common drop. I’d suggest picking one boss you “like” to fight and just keep going at it until you get the TC. Some suggestions: in Saltmeadow Swamp near the snake bridge: Fuego Spirit (Fire), Tempestad Spirit (Storm) or Ekra Bleeding Rose (Life) in River Cave in Saltmeadow Swamp. If you’re past level 90: the Gladiator, Cronus and Hades in Aquila also drop this Treasure Card.
    • Ra TC: can be bought in the Bazaar (94 available at 1200 gold a piece when I checked)
    • Agave Leaves: Mangrove Marsh, the area the initial quest will lead you to, is actually the best place in Azteca to collect Agave Leaves. See below for a picture of the area. If you have access to Khrysalis, the Khonda Desert is quite a nice area as well.
    • Agave Nectar: fairly often picked up as a rare harvest while farming for Agave Leaves. In fact, that’s the only way I’ve ever collected them: I just spend an hour or two farming Mangrove Marsh and get the amount required fairly quickly. If you want to, you have the option of buying them for 2500 arena tickets a piece from Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn Way. You can also transmute them with the recipe bought from Popol Vuh Whitepaper. However, Popol only becomes visible once you quest through Alto Alto, so you might not have access to the recipe yet.
    • Scrap Iron: can be bought in the Bazaar or harvested in the Spiral. It is most common in city-like stoney areas, and thus regularly found in Marleybone. Our Marleybone crafting quest guide has the good areas to farm mapped out, so check that out.
    • Golden Pearl: can be found in the Bazaar (492 available for 420 gold a piece when I checked). These are a rare reagent, which can be transmuted from 15 Pearl. Buy the Transmutation Recipe from the recipe vendors in Celestia, Avery Templeton and Kimba Kalla. Pearls can be found in most underwater places (eg. Deep Water in Avalon, Pitch Black Lake in Azteca and Crab Alley  in Wizard City).
    • Leather Straps: can be found in the Bazaar (481 available for 30 gold a piece when I checked).
    • Turquoise: most bosses in Xibalba drop Turquoise, but an easier farming spot would be Skurkis Screaming Moon in Pyramid of White Fire in Cenote, Azteca. If you’re level 90+, the Aquila bosses also drop Turquoise.
Agave Leaves crafting
Agave Leaves Spawning Spots

Step 3: Craft the items

Find your Housing Crafting Station and craft one Eagle War Shield. If you can’t find your Crafting Station anymore, buy a new one from a Furniture Vendor in the Spiral. The Furniture Shop in Jade Palace in Mooshu sells it, for example.

Afterwards, head back to Three Points in Azteca to talk with Oztomeca. He will give you the Transcendent Crafter badge. You can get the next crafting quest right away from Oztomeca, to continue your crafting adventures in Khrysalis.

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  • Tula village is a good place to farm agave and the nectar. The silver chests will give you turquoise to if you got the patience.

  • One of the very first quests in Azteca rewards 2 potent TCs. The quest is Broken Idols, in the Cenote

  • Yacate’s house is probably the best way to farm the Potent TCs but only because of its accessibility – maybe put in the guide that it’ll take a long while for the TC – been farming all day yesterday and today and didn’t get one 🫠

  • I tried the current recommendations repeating each boss about 10 times, with no luck. Then did boss quests each multiple times via the kiosk by Bazaar. then googled treasure card potent trap and found Yacate’s House in the Three Points, Azetca quest listed. On the 4th try got a potent trap treasure card.

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