Shocked Keys Where to Find Silver Chests

The revered crafting recipe requires you to find 10 Shocked Keys. You can get those as a reward for doing a Silver Chest game. In this small guide, we’ll look at some spots where you can farm for Silver Chests, so you can get your Shocked Keys as fast as possible. These places are in no particular order. You can pick the one you personally like most.

Shocked Keys in Eerem Palace

This area is almost guaranteed to have one chest per realm. Use the “Eerem Palace” teleporting carpet in the Commons of Mirage to get there. Once you find the chest, use the teleporting carpet to get back, and change realms. This is necessary because, inside the area, you can’t change realms. Other collectables in this area include Deep Mushroom, Black Lotus, Wooden Chests and Antiquities.
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Shocked Keys in Aeriel Jungle

The silver chests in this area are spread out, which means you will have to do more walking to get to your chests. In addition, this is a more active area right now, so other people might steal your chests. However, it’s a good area if you also need Aethyr Ore for the same recipe! This area also contains woorden chests, Agave Leaves and Red Mandrake.
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Shocked Keys in Thieves’ Den

This is probably currently the most popular area to find silver chests! You might have a little bit of competition, if you start farming at times when there are many people online. The Thieves’ Den is a little bit hard to find. You will have to go to Caterwaul Canyons, then find the area with the cart, where you will find a lantern next to an empty wall. You can’t see it, but this is the entrance to the Thieves’ Den. Other reagents to get in this area are Agave Leaves, Stone Blocks, Parchment and Antiquities. Combine farming for silver chests with your life-long dream of having 999 antique unicorn statues! What do you mean, you don’t care about unicorns? Unicorns are awesome!
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Shocked Keys at the Chronoverge

This is apparently @CameronRedGem’s place! As long as nobody else is farming for keys there, it works very well! Both spawn points are very close together, so the running is minimized. You can get to this location by using the teleportation carpet to Rubal Wastes. When you’re looking straight at the Tower of Babble, the Chronoverge is on your left. Use the teleporter there.

Shocked Keys in Urville Station

Use the teleporter from Walruskberg to Urville Station. This is definitely not a popular area, so you can safely assume all the silver chest will be YOURS! There’s a lot of fencing obstructing your way here, so you should learn the best way to navigate from one chest spawning point to the next.

Shocked Keys in Cloudburst Forest

To get to Cloudburst Forest, use the teleporter next to Zeke and the flying raft. This area has 5 spawning spots and does require some running. It’s definitely not crowded though!The drop rate seemed especially low in this area for me, but that might just be my imagination, or bad luck.

Shocked Keys from Gardening Key Limes

Did you know you can also get Shocked Keys from gardening Key Limes? Pretty cool alternative if you’re not in the mood to realm hop for an hour!

What’s YOUR favorite place? Let us know in the comments!

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