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wizard101 main quest line spiral

This guide is meant as a tool to follow your progress while questing in the Wizard City Underground as well as a warning for when a cheating boss is coming soon.

I list the quests you have to do in a certain area. The areas are listed in the order you should do them in (unless otherwise specified). The area is not always one hundred percent correct, as certain quests can require you to run back and forth between areas to talk to people. To simplify matters, I have not listed this kind of running; the quest will say “talk” but not where the NPC is located. Also, if there is only one quest in an area, I will not mention the area separately. Located Between brackets are the different parts of each quest, as many quests require you to do multiple things.

I have divided the quests in the Spiral into the following groups:

  • Talk: Quests that require an interaction with an NPC.
  • Mob: Quests that require the defeat of regular monsters.
  • Elite: Quests that require the defeat of an elite creature.
  • D&C: Quests that require the collection of something from certain monsters (Defeat and Collect).
  • Boss: Quests that require the defeat of a boss. Elite monsters are not counted as bosses.
  • Minor Cheat: Quests that require defeating a boss that cheats a little (these cheats can generally be ignored).
  • Cheat: Quests that require the defeat of a cheating boss (these cheats will hinder normal gameplay somewhat).
  • Major Cheat: Quests the require the defeat of a cheating boss (these cheats will hinder normal gameplay significantly).
  • Instance: Quests that require the completion of a place behind a sigil with at least 2 battles.
  • Interact: Quests that require interaction with a certain object.
  • Explore: Quests that just require you to run towards a certain area, NPC or item.


Golem Court / The Drains

1. Subterranean Sanitation (talk + talk + mob + talk)
2. These Monsters are Trash (explore)
3. (instance) Take Out the Trash (mob + mob + talk + cheat)
2. These Monsters are Trash (explore + talk + talk)
4. Incan’t Take No More (interact + interact + explore + talk)

The Catacombs

5. No Place Like Catacomb (explore + mob + explore)
6. (instance) Ancient War, What is it Good For? (explore + elite + interact + interact + explore + elite + interact + explore + major cheat)
5. No Place Like Catacomb (interact + explore + talk)
7. Bear With Me (explore)
8. (instance) Blather, Prince, Repeat (mob + explore + mob + explore + elite)
7. Bear With Me (explore + talk)
9. Veni Vidi Viggor (explore)
10. (instance) The More He Knows  (explore + mob + explore + cheat)
9. Veni Vidi Viggor (explore + interact + talk + interact + talk)

Dragonspyre Academy

11. Ashback (talk)

The Catacombs – Lower Level

12. Deeper Mysteries (explore + mob + talk)
13. Druid Legacies (talk + talk)
14. A Prison Out of Time (explore + talk)
15. Be Kind, Re-Bind (interact + interact + talk)
16. Tempus Fugitives (interact)
17. (instance) Return to Avalon (mob + explore + elite + explore + major cheat)
18. (instance) The Mind Thief (mob + explore + elite + explore + major cheat)
19. (instance) To Face the Devourer (major cheat)
16. Tempus Fugitives (explore + talk)

Finished the Wizard City Underground main quest line? Take a look below at what comes next!

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Happy Questing!

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With his main focus in Wizard101 PvE, you will find Cody knee deep fighting one of the Spiral's major bosses with an army of wizards at his disposal. Proficient in quite a few other areas of the game such as gardening, fishing, and most of all monstrology. Why monstrology? He chases after every single creature out there and catalogs them for all to see!


  • If I may add, the main story (not quests specifically) is this:


    -To begin, Renee Wooften calls in our wizard to come and check out what the Boss (a giant bug wearing pinstripe attire, similar to a mafioso) needs us for. The Boss says he will only chat with us about the issues taking place down below. Renee says that there could have been some problems involved with the renovations so we must see what is going down.

    We enter the drains through a manhole in Golem Court where our wizard meets and talks with the Boss. The Boss tells us there is an issue with the trash he and his workers have been trying to get rid of. The trash is “Revolting” as he puts it, it has gained sentience and is attacking the workers.He then enlists us to try and get rid of the dangerous trash.

    As we press on, a dump foreman tells us to distract the trash while he/she (not sure) checks out the source of the trash’s newfound life. We fight a bit of trash and find the source is an abandoned house in Unicorn Way where after defeating King Detritus (final boss of the first sigil) we then find out a secret, illegal, Alchemy club has dumped all their experiments down the drain, causing the trash to gain magical powers. The next thing that takes place is we take a stolen book of banned alchemy back to the library.

    Here is where we meet Professor Hargrove who was looking for the book and is an integral character for the remaining story. Professor Hargrove is a professor we haven’t seen before and I don’t quite remember if he is the professor of alchemy or of history, maybe both! He also looks like a very large bear-man hybrid, sporting a green vest with messy unorganized notes and a large journal where he keeps his most important feelings.

    Then, Hargrove and you return to the drains to see there is a large crack in the wall and you attempt to fix it. Then, the crack breaks open! It reveals there is a huge door, an ancient one with many markings, you both head into the catacombs.

    Afterwards, Hargrove gets spooked by the ghosts of the catacombs (Dragonspyre Vanguard) and runs off in terror, also to get some more investigating done. Here is where you must fight a few of the DS vanguard and enter the Foetid Crypt. In the Foetid Crypt is where you’ll find a good deal of the story begin to unfold. Here you will find many memory crystals which summon the ghosts of the past before you. You must first learn of the battles which took place here. The first memory crystal contains the memories of the general and a vanguard who you must fight.

    After this, you run into the Lorekeeper (yes similar to loremaster) and fight him with a Dragonspyre crusader. After defeating him, you continue on and run into Sir and Squire Greggor, two versions of the same man (I believe they aren’t different because the war which took place takes a long while).Squire Greggor is optimistic and happy to be in the new Empire of Dragonspyre and to be saving his land of a great plague as he mentions. Here is a really integral part of the story, Rydall’s Plague. Rydall’s Plague ruled over DS for years and that’s why DS soldiers and other explorers took a voyage across dangerous sky ways to get to what is now Wizard City. In Wizard City, there was Avalonian druids who inhabited the land and kept guard of the Trees of Magic. These druids were known as Treemidners, and they guarded the secrets of magic with their lives.

    Here’s an overview. The Dragonspyrains arrived to Ravenwood a very long time ago while DS was still in tact. The reason why was because of Prince Viggor (introduced later) and his knowledge of the ancestors which were “given” trees of magic long ago. Not only that but Rydall’s plague was also a large factor driving them out. The lust for knowledge by Prince Viggor lead to a catastrophic and deadly war, which lasted very long. Also, Dragonspyre gets over Rydall’s plague after the leaving of Viggor and his men.

    Now back to the dungeon, next you visit the Whispering Sepulcher where Prince Viggor is introduced and you find Hargrove there, explaining to him that he is just a memory. Here is where you fight Viggor’s Drake and the memories of the Treeminders and Vanguard realize the past is present.

    Afterwards you head to Viggor’s tomb where he is explored more as a character. He believes knowledge is for those who are worthy, not the lower classes such as Rydall who ruined DS due to his insolence. Eventually you meet Viggor and fight him, and free his memory crystal of the alchemical extracts which caused it to go off. After defeating him you must bury his memory crystal in DS academy.

    Here is where you see Ashley once more and see Viggor’s final memories. Ashley discusses his time in DS and also who founded DS academy. I don’t remember his name, but it was an Avalonian by the name of Ambrosius or something like that. Yes, he is an ancestor of Ambrose or maybe even is Ambrose, it isn’t really explained. Next, you must head down to the second part of the catacombs, going even lower.

    Here is where there are some misassembled skeletons you fight and then afterwards you see engravings which prove druids came from Avalon to Ravenwood. Then, you go to the Amber prison where you see a collection of amber orbs shattered or still in tact. Professor Hargrove also adds that there are lay lines across the floor, used to transport from world to world before spiral doors. Anyways, you restore the prison and the orbs which weren’t shattered. This prison was kept under guard by a druid and needs your help to stop the prisoners which escaped. These prisoners recently escaped due to tremors underground and you need to stop them before their chaos and destruction spreads to the spiral.

    The first boss is in Avalon, he is known as the Renegade Druid, which is explained in a different article here on Final Bastion!

    The second boss is Samtharalith or something like that, he resides in Valencia. His power is that he can switch your thoughts with his and mind control you. He wants to take the powers of the scion for himself and rule the spiral! His fight is difficult but I’m sure he’ll be explored more in a different article.

    The final boss, the Devourer, is a beast of true power. He is explored more in another Final Bastion article if you wanna go read that.

    After defeating these prisoners, you save the spiral once more of an evil force and are thanked for your actions. That’s the dungeon!

    • I believe this may be the longest comment we’ve seen on our site. Very well done summarizing the entire story of our journey in the WC Underground. I added the spoiler remark on your comment just as a warning.

      Also, weren’t the Druids originally from WC but when both sides failed the war, they decided to retreat to Avalon?

      And you can for sure expect an overview article about Satharilith VERY soon.

      • Haha, thanks! Totally forgot to add the spoilers line, might have been a little important…

        Anyways, I’m not sure about the druids but I was sure they were from Avalon originally as Hargrove had mentioned them coming from Avalon but I’ll be sure to check when I run the dungeon again on my fire.

        And I am indeed excited for the Satharilith article! This comment also took me an entire hour so, I’d hoped it be long!

    • The hero Final Bastion needed, But not the hero they deserved.

    • wow that helped a lot

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