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wizard101 main quest line spiral

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In order to start with Wintertusk and get heaps of XP, you first need to complete Grizzleheim. Click here for our guide on the main quest like of Grizzleheim. Once you’ve done your quests there, you will get invited to Merle Ambrose’s office and get the quest “Cold News”.

I’m only listing the main quest line quests, aka storyline quests, which means the ones you have to do in order to get to the next area. Side quests are not mentioned. For each world, I list the quests you have to do in a certain area. The areas are listed in the order you should do them in (unless otherwise specified). The area is not always one hundred percent correct, as certain quests can require you to run back and forward between areas to talk to people. To simplify matters, I have not listed this kind of running; the quest will say “talk” but not where the NPC is located. Also, if there is only one quest in an area, I will not mention the area seperately. Between brackets are the different parts of the quest, as sometimes a quest will require you to do multiple things.

I have divided the quests in the Spiral into the following groups:

  • Talk: Quests that require an interaction with an NPC.
  • Mob: Quests that require the defeat of regular monsters.
  • D&C: Quests that require the collection of something from certain monsters (Defeat and Collect).
  • Boss: Quests that require the defeat of a boss. Elite monsters are not counted as bosses.
  • Cheat: Quests the require the defeat of a cheating boss.
  • Instance: Quests that require the completion of a place behind a sigil with at least 2 battles.
  • Interact: Quests that require interaction with a certain object.
  • Collect: Quests that require interaction with multiple items of a kind.
  • Explore: Quests that just require you to run towards a certain area, NPC or item.

Wintertusk is a fun world. It’s very rewarding because it gives you so much xp. However, if you’re only level 40, you’re going to have a hard time, as the enemies are pretty tough here! The experience points are worth the effort though.

Wintertusk has 51 quests in total. There is only one instance in this world: the final dungeon Nastrond. This instance is also the only main quest where you will meet cheating bosses in Wintertusk: the 4 brothers in the final battle. You will be doing 20 boss battles on your way through Wintertusk, as well as 5 mob quests and 6 D&C quests. Sounds easy, right?



1. Cold News (talk)
2. Times are Tough (talk)
3. News of the North (talk + talk)
4. A Bigger Boat (talk)


Hrundle Fjord

5. Cold Day in Hrundle (explore + explore + talk)
6. The Cold Gates (explore + talk)
7. And on Drums… (D&C + talk)
8. Hready to Hrundle (explore + explore + talk)
9. Springtime for Hrundle (explore + boss + interact + interact + talk)
10. Big Grandma’s House (talk)
11. That’s So Raven (talk)
12. Norn Time (explore + interact + interact + explore + talk + mob + talk + talk)
13. Turn a New Leif (talk + interact + talk + talk)
14. Tooth and Leaf (talk + collect + collect + D&C + talk + talk)
15. Root of the Loom (interact + talk + interact + talk)


wintertusk main quest line guide


16. Austrilund Weekend (talk)
17. Four Challenges (talk)
18. Board to Death (explore + boss + talk + talk + interact 3x + talk + talk)
19. Pieces of You (D&C + talk + interact + talk + talk)
20. Riddle Me This (talk + talk)
21. Spear Carrier (talk + mob + talk + talk)
22. Out Clubbing (explore + boss + talk)
23. Enemy at the Gate (explore + interact + talk + explore + boss + explore + boss + talk + boss + talk)


wintertusk main quest line guide


24. Into the Vestrilund (talk)
25. Fishes  & Loaves (collect + collect + talk)
26. Monster Mash (mob + mob + talk)
27. Golden Axe (explore + boss + talk)
28. Trees for the Forest (collect + talk)
29. The Walls Have Ice (collect + talk)
30. Key to the Kingdom (explore + talk)
31. That Was Easy… (talk + boss + talk)
32. Sing a Warsong (talk)
33. Warriors Three (explore + boss + explore + boss + explore + boss + talk + talk)


wintertusk main quest line guide


34. Su Su Sudrilund (talk + boss + talk)
35. Calling Ketil Black (explore + boss + explore + boss + talk + interact + talk)
36. Use Your Illusion (D&C + collect + talk)
37. The Dragon Gate (interact + interact + talk)
38. Golden Delicious (explore + boss + interact + talk)
39. Weight of the Word (interact + talk + interact + talk + talk)


wintertusk main quest line guide


40. Nordilund Exposure (talk)
41. A Bridge Too Far (collect + interact + talk)
42. The Riddle of the Road (explore + talk + explore + talk + talk)
43. …A Serpent’s Tooth (interact + talk + interact + D&C + talk + interact + talk + talk)
44. Bones of the Earth (explore)
45. Take the Low Road (instance: talk + D&C + talk)
46. Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em (instance: talk + interact + interact + explore + boss + talk)
47. Bridge to Nowhere (instance:talk + boss + explore + boss + talk)
48. A Hello to Arms (instance:talk + mob + talk)
49. The Magic Flute (instance:talk + interact + interact + explore + quadruple boss + talk)
50. Rune With a View (instance:talk + interact 4x + explore + quadruple cheating boss + interact 4x + explore + talk)
44. Bones of the Earth (talk)
51. Winter News (talk + talk)

Instance name: Nastrond (6.-11.)

Finished the Wintertusk main quest line? Take a look below at what comes next!

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Happy Questing!

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While misthead has written all kinds of guides, the most popular by far are her "main quest line" guides. She does have all kinds of articles under her belt, from a grandmaster Myth PvP guide to research about which wand stitches are the most popular.


  • In Quest 47. (Bridge to Nowhere, in between both bosses, there is a talk + D&C

  • How come I had to search this up? Please put this at the public thing where the rest of the worlds are.
    Please say something like, PART TWO: WINTERTUSK.
    Its a bit frustrating, I’m sorry.

    Danielle Hawkgem
    & Savannah Stalker

    • Hi, thanks for noticing, I’ve added a temporary button on the top of Grizzleheim article that leads to this guide. We’ll be updating the whole list of guides asap.

      • 🙂 No problemo, and thank you a ton!
        Also, dont forget the Lemuria world guide when you have time please!!! 😀
        Danielle Hawkgem & Savannah Stalker


  • Is there any good fire gear in wintertusk?

    • The crafted wintertusk gear is competitive with waterworks gear and can be used for dozens of levels. Talk to Carax Strongthread in Sudrilund for the Recipes.

  • what level do you finish both wintertusk and celestia

    • around level 60 i’d say

  • how many levels does wintertusk give

    • Hmm.. 5 or 6 maybe? 8 if you do all the side quests too. Rough estimation!

  • Recommended lvl for storm?

    • To start Wintertusk? Level 55-60 perhaps. Depends a little on your skill level and your gear.

      • or get a alt and carry lol

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