Wizard101 Wallpapers from Vendors

Have you ever stood in your dorm room wondering where you could find that one wallpaper you can’t quite remember the name of? Hopefully this wizard101 wallpapers guide will help you in your creative decorating projects!

You can check out a more recent guide on the Wizard101 wallpapers here, if you’d rather see them organized by color. Big thanks to Iridian Willowglen for helping us keep this guide up-to-date!

Table of Contents

  1. Wizard City – Aubert Quickhammer
  2. Wizard City – Roland Silverheart
  3. Krokotopia – Ea’rik
  4. Marleybone – Neville Cobblestone
  5. Mooshu – Zhi Lan
  6. Dragonspyre – Nessa Lightblade
  7. Grizzleheim – Thorlief Woodcrafter
  8. Celestia – Otto
  9. Wysteria – Petunia Floribund
  10. Zafaria – Jihane Abletusk
  11. Azteca – Old Man HueHue
  12. Wallpapers from Packs
  13. Wallpapers from Furniture Sets
  14. Christmas Wallpapers
  15. Wallpapers from Fishing
  16. Wallpapers from Bosses
  17. Dromel Merchant Wallpapers
  18. Wishing Well Wallpapers



Wizard City – Shopping District – Aubert Quickhammer

brickwork wallpaperBrickwork Wallpaper

cornflower wallpaperCornflower Wallpaper

doodle wallpaperDoodle Wallpaper

lavender wallpaperLavender Wallpaper

pink heart wallpaperPink Heart Wallpaper

purple wallpaperPurple Wallpaper

puzzler wallpaperPuzzler Wallpaper

stormwracked wallpaperStormwracked Wallpaper

winterblue wallpaperWinterblue Wallpaper

wizardly wallpaperWizardly Wallpaper

wizdoodle wallpaperWizzdoodle Wallpaper

wizard city wallpaper and flooring

Wizard City Unicorn Way – Roland Silverheart

coil-drake wallstonesCoil-Drake Wallstones

heliotrope wallpaperHeliotrope Wallpaper

lunar wallpaperLunar Wallpaper

umber drake wallpaperUmber Drake Wallpaper


Krokotopia – Krokosphinx – Ea’rik

black stripes wallpaperBlack Stripes Wallpaper

blue stripes wallpaperBlue Stripes Wallpaper

brown stripes wallpaperBrown Stripes Wallpaper

Calpwboard wallpaperClapboard Wallpaper

clouded wall screenClouded Wall Screen

cyan stripes wallpaperCyan Stripes Wallpaper

green stripes wallpaperGreen Stripes Wallpaper

grey stripes wallpaperGrey Stripes Wallpaper

hieroglyph wall decorHieroglyph Wall Decor

lilac stripes wallpaperLilac Stripes Wallpaper

lime stripes wallpaperLime Stripes Wallpaper

maize stripes wallpaperMaize Stripes Wallpaper

orange stripes wallpaperOrange Stripes Wallpaper

pink stripes wallpaperPink Stripes Wallpaper

plaster wallpaperPlaster Wallpaper

purple stripes wallpaperPurple Stripes Wallpaper

red stripes wallpaperRed Stripes Wallpaper

salmon stripes wallpaperSalmon Stripes Wallpaper

solar pattern wallpaperSolar Pattern Wallpaper

violet stripes wallpaperViolet Stripes Wallpaper

yellow stripes wallpaperYellow Stripes Wallpaper

Picture 2015-11-01 09-00-46

Marleybone – Regent’s Square – Neville Cobblestone

arboreal wallpaperArboreal Wallpaper

black argyle wallpaperBlack Argyle Wallpaper

black chainlink wallpaperBlack Chainlink Wallpaper

blue argyle wallpaperBlue Argyle Wallpaper

blue chainlink wallpaperBlue Chainlink Wallpaper

brown argyle wallpaperBrown Argyle Wallpaper

brown chainlink wallpaperBrown Chainlink Wallpaper

coral brick wallpaperCoral Brick Wallpaper

cyan argyle wallpaperCyan Argyle Wallpaper

cyan chainlink wallpaperCyan Chainlink Wallpaper

green argyle wallpaperGreen Argyle Wallpaper

green chainlink wallpaperGreen Chainlink Wallpaper

grey argyle wallpaperGrey Argyle Wallpaper

greyGrey Chainlink Wallpaper

Ironclad Wall Plating

Lilac Argyle Wallpaper

lilac chainlink wallpaperLilac Chainlink Wallpaper

lime argyle wallpaperLime Argyle Wallpaper

lime chainlink wallpaperLime Chainlink Wallpaper

Maize argyle wallpaperMaize Argyle Wallpaper

maize chainlink wallpaperMaize Chainlink Wallpaper

opal wall tilesOpal Wall Tiles

orange argyle wallpaperOrange Argyle Wallpaper

orange chainlink wallpaperOrange Chainlink Wallpaper

ornate wallpaperOrnate Wallpaper

pink argyle wallpaperPink Argyle Wallpaper

pink chainlink wallpaperPink Chainlink Wallpaper

purple argyle wallpaperPurple Argyle Wallpaper

purple chainlink wallpaperPurple Chainlink Wallpaper

red and gold wallpaperRed and Gold Wallpaper

red argyle wallpaperRed Argyle Wallpaper

red chainlink wallpaperRed Chainlink Wallpaper

salmon chainlink wallpaperSalmon Chainlink Wallpaper

rough stone wallpaperRough Stone Wallpaper

salmon argyle wallpaperSalmon Argyle Wallpaper

slate blue wallpaperSlate Blue Wallpaper

slate brick wallpaperSlate Brick Wallpaper

starfield wallpaperStarfield Wallpaper

violet argyle wallpaperViolet Argyle Wallpaper

violet chainlink wallpaperViolet Chainlink Wallpaper

yellow argyle wallpaperYellow Argyle Wallpaper

yellow chainlink wallpaperYellow Chainlink Wallpaper

wallpaper mooshu

Mooshu – Jade Palace – Zhi Lan

black bamboo wallpaperBlack Bamboo Wallpaper

blue bamboo wallpaperBlue Bamboo Wallpaper

brown bamboo wallpaperBrown Bamboo Wallpaper

crashing wave wallpaperCrashing Wave Wallpaper

cyan bamboo wallpaperCyan Bamboo Wallpaper

forester's wallpaperForester’s Wallpaper

green bamboo wallpaperGreen Bamboo Wallpaper

grey bamboo wallpaperGrey Bamboo Wallpaper

imperial wallpaperImperial Wallpaper

khaki wallpaperKhaki Wallpaper

lilac bamboo wallpaperLilac Bamboo Wallpaper

lime bamboo wallpaperLime Bamboo Wallpaper

maize bamboo wallpaperMaize Bamboo Wallpaper

orange bamboo wallpaperOrange Bamboo Wallpaper

pink bamboo wallpaperPink Bamboo Wallpaper

purple bamboo wallpaperPurple Bamboo Wallpaper

red bamboo wallpaperRed Bamboo Wallpaper

red board wallpaperRed Board Wallpaper

salmon bamboo wallpaperSalmon Bamboo Wallpaper

violet bamboo wallpaperViolet Bamboo Wallpaper

yellow bamboo wallpaperYellow Bamboo Wallpaper

zen geometry wallpaperZen Geometry Wallpaper

zen pattern wallpaperZen Pattern Wallpaper

Picture 2015-11-01 10-01-38

Dragonspyre – The Atheneum – Nessa Lightblade

black concrete wall finishBlack Concrete Wall Finish

blue concrete wall finishBlue Concrete Wall Finish

brown concrete wall finishBrown Concrete Wall Finish

cyan concrete wall finishCyan Concrete Wall Finish

green concrete wall finishGreen Concrete Wall Finish

grey concrete wall finishGrey Concrete Wall Finish

lilac concrete wall finishLilac Concrete Wall Finish

lime concrete wall finishLime Concrete Wall Finish

maize concrete wall finishMaize Concrete Wall Finish

orange concrete wall finishOrange Concrete Wall Finish

pink concrete wall finishPink Concrete Wall Finish

purple concrete wall finishPurple Concrete Wall Finish

red concrete wall finishRed Concrete Wall Finish

salmon concrete wall finishSalmon Concrete Wall Finish

violet concrete wall finishViolet Concrete Wall Finish

yellow concrete wall finishYellow Concrete Wall Finish

coral brick wallpaperCoral Brick Wallpaper

slate brick wallpaperSlate Brick Wallpaper

underwater wallpaperUnderwater Wallpaper

wyrmscale wall tilesWyrmscale Wall Tiles


grizzleheim furniture wallpaper

Grizzleheim – Northguard – Thorlief Woodcrafter

crystalline brick wallpaperCrystalline Brick Wallpaper

grizzleheim doodle wallpaperGrizzleheim Doodle Wallpaper

pitch-sealed log wallpaperPitch-Sealed Log Wallpaper

runecarved bark wallpaperRunecarved Bark Wallpaper

stars and stripes wallpaperStars and Stripes Wallpaper

stitched hide wallpaperStitched Hide Wallpaper

wickerweave wallpaperWickerweave Wallpaper

wood plank wallpaperWood Plank Wallpaper

celestia furniture wallpaper

Celestia – Celestia Base Camp – Otto

black shell wallpaperBlack Shell Wallpaper

blue shell wallpaperBlue Shell Wallpaper

brown shell wallpaperBrown Shell Wallpaper

cyan shell wallpaperCyan Shell Wallpaper

green shell wallpaperGreen Shell Wallpaper

grey shell wallpaperGrey Shell Wallpaper

lilac shell wallpaperLilac Shell Wallpaper

lime shell wallpaperLime Shell Wallpaper

maize shell wallpaperMaize Shell Wallpaper

orange shell wallpaperOrange Shell Wallpaper

pink shell wallpaperPink Shell Wallpaper

purple shell wallpaperPurple Shell Wallpaper

red shell wallpaperRed Shell Wallpaper

salmon shell wallpaperSalmon Shell Wallpaper

violet shell wallpaperViolet Shell Wallpaper

yellow shell wallpaperYellow Shell Wallpaper

wysteria furniture wallpaper

Wysteria – Pigswick Academy – Petunia Floribund

bejeweled wallpaperBejeweled Wallpaper

block illusion wallpaperBlock Illusion Wallpaper

boxes wallpaperBoxes Wallpaper

hexagon tile wallpaperHexagon Tile Wallpaper

steel reinforced wallpaperSteel Reinforced Wallpaper

theatre curtain wallpaperTheatre Curtain Wallpaper

whitewash wallpaperWhitewash Wallpaper

zafaria furniture wallpaper

Zafaria – Boabab Market – Jihane Abletusk

black vines wallpaperBlack Vines Wallpaper

black palace stoneBlack Palace Stone

blue vines wallpaperBlue Vines Wallpaper

brown vines wallpaperBrown Vines Wallpaper

cyan vines wallpaperCyan Vines Wallpaper

green vines wallpaperGreen Vines Wallpaper

grey vines wallpaperGrey Vines Wallpaper

lilac vines wallpaperLilac Vines Wallpaper

lime vines wallpaperLime Vines Wallpaper

lion plank wall coveringLion Plank Wall Covering

maize vines wallpaperMaize Vines Wallpaper

orange vines wallpaperOrange Vines Wallpaper

pink vines wallpaperPink Vines Wallpaper

purple vines wallpaperPurple Vines Wallpaper

red vines wallpaperRed Vines Wallpaper

salmon vines wallpaperSalmon Vines Wallpaper

violet vines wallpaperViolet Vines Wallpaper

yellow vines wallpaperYellow Vines Wallpaper

rhino wall coveringRhino Wall Covering

sandstone brickSandstone Brick

smile of zafaria wall coverSmile of Zafaria Wall Cover

tribal wall markingsTribal Wall Markings

zafarian stripes wallpaperZafarian Stripes Wallpaper

zebu pictograph wall paintZebu Pictograph Wall Paint

zebu wall carvingZebu Wall Carving

zebu wall markingsZebu Wall Markings

zebu warriors wall paintZebu Warriors Wall Paint

Picture 2015-11-01 15-15-20 Azteca – Three Points – Old Man Huehue

black leaf wallpaperBlack Leaf Wallpaper

blue leaf wallpaperBlue Leaf Wallpaper

brown leaf wallpaperBrown Leaf Wallpaper

cyan leaf wallpaperCyan Leaf Wallpaper

green leaf wallpaperGreen Leaf Wallpaper

grey leaf wallpaperGrey Leaf Wallpaper

lilac leaf wallpaperLilac Leaf Wallpaper

lime leaf wallpaperLime Leaf Wallpaper

maze leaf wallpaperMaize Leaf Wallpaper

orange leaf wallpaperOrange Leaf Wallpaper

pink leaf wallpaperPink Leaf Wallpaper

purple leaf wallpaperPurple Leaf Wallpaper

red leaf wallpaperRed Leaf Wallpaper

salmon leaf wallpaperSalmon Leaf Wallpaper

violet leaf wallpaperViolet Leaf Wallpaper

yellow leaf wallpaperYellow Leaf Wallpaper

dragonscale wallpaperDragonscale Wallpaper

Wallpapers From Packs

Black Waves Wallpaper
Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack

spirit sky wallpaper brown wizard101 wallpaper

Spirit Sky Wallpaper
Emperor’s Attic Pack

dragon stone wallpaper

Dragon Stone Wallpaper
Emperor’s Attic Pack

bamboo wallpaper

Bamboo Wallpaper
Emperor’s Attic Pack

dojo screen wallpaper

castle darkmoor wallpaper

Castle Darkmoor Wallpaper
Terror’s Hoard Pack

stone block wallpaper brown wizard101 wallpaper

Stone Block Wallpaper
Wyvern’s Hoard Pack & Wysteria Hoard Pack & Spiral Cup Gauntlet & B.O.X.E.S

wavy stalk green wizard101 wallpaper

1 stuccowallpaper

marble wallpaper white wizard101 wallpaper

yellow flowers wallpaper

spider web wallpaper grey wizard101 wallpaper

Spider Web Wallpaper
Harrowing, Gloomthorn and Elven Nightmare Packs

Black Branches Wallpaper
Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack


Wallpapers from Furniture Sets

Ravenwood Wallstones
Wizard City Furniture Set 3

krokotopian brick wallpaper

Krokotopian Brick Wallpaper
Krokotopia Furniture Set 3

Marleybone Wood Panels
Marleybone Furniture Set 3

jade palace wallpaper red wizard101 wallpaper

Jade Palace Wallpaper
Mooshu Furniture Set 3

dragonspyre wallpaper

Dragonspyre Tan Wall Tile
Dragonspyre Furniture Set 3

Celestian Ornate Wallpaper
Celestia Furniture Set 3

Zafarian Canvas Wallpaper
Zafaria Furniture Set 3

avalonian stone wall

Avalonian Stone Wall
Avalon Furniture Set 3

azteca wallpaper

Aztecan Brick Wall
Azteca Furniture Set 3

violet wizard101 wallpaper

Tyrian Gorge Rockwall
Khrysalis Furniture Set 3

Grizzleheim Carved Wallpaper
Grizzleheim Furniture Set 3

pigswick wall stucco

Pigswick Wall Stucko
Wysteria Furniture Set 3

Moolinda’s Forest Wallpaper
Life Furniture Set 3

Dworgyn’s Ominous Wallstones
Death Furniture Set 3

Halston’s Steel Wall
Storm Furniture Set 3

white grey wizard101 wallpaper

Alhazred’s Wall Arches
Balance Furniture Set 3

Cyrus’s Wall Arches
Myth Furniture Set 3

grey wizard101 wallpaper

Dalia’s Volcanic Wallpaper
Fire Furniture Set 3


Christmas Wallpapers

yuletide paneling wallpaper

Yuletide Wood Paneling
Winterland Pack & Krampus & Crown Shop

wall icing wallpaper brown wizard101 wallpaper

Yule Lights

blue wizard101 wallpaper

Snowflake Wallpaper
Crowns Shop & Fishing from the Ice House & Polarian Shipwreck & Krampus

Icicle Wallpaper
Crowns Shop

Lydia’s Wintry Wallcovering
Ice Furniture Set 3 & Omen Stribog

Blue Candy Canes
Krampus & Winter Wonder Pack

blue wizard101 wallpaper

night snow wallpaper

Night Snow Wallpaper
All the Christmas packs & Krampus & Fishing in Polarian Shipwreck

Holiday Striped Wallpaper
All the Christmas packs & Krampus 

Snowbound Yuletide Decor

Snowbound Yuletide Decor
Gingerbread Pack & Winter Wonder Pack & Winterland Pack

Wallpapers from Fishing

Cyan Paint
Fishing in Amber Estate & the Life House & Nomad’s Camp & Winter Wind Tower & Serpentine Escape

Cyan Paneling
Fishing in ?

brown wizard101 wallpaper

Brown Paint
Fishing in the Myth House

Brown Paneling
Fishing in the Balance House & the Ice House & Polarian Shipwreck & Sultan’s Palace

Green Paint
Fishing in ?

Green Paneling
Fishing in Botanical Gardens & Winter Wind Tower

Black Paint
Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack & Fishing in the Balance House

Black Paneling
Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack & Fishing in Polarian Shipwreck

Orange Paint
Fishing in Winter Wind Tower

Orange Paneling
Fishing in Winter Wind Tower

Lilac Paint
Fishing in Winter Wind Tower

Lilac Paneling
Fishing in the Death House

Maize Paint
Fishing in Winter Wind Tower, Amber Estate

Maize Paneling
Fishing in Nomad’s Camp

Lime Paint
Fishing in Polarian Shipwreck

Lime Paneling
Fishing in the Life House & the Myth House & Serpentine Escape

Blue Paint
Fishing in ?

Blue Paneling
Fishing in ?

Burnt Orange Paint
Fishing in ?

Burnt Orange Paneling
Fishing in Amber Estate House

Grey Paint
Fishing in Balance House & Ice House & The Sun Palace & Winter Wind Tower & Amber Estate

Grey Paneling
Fishing in ?

Red Paint
Fishing in Winter Wind Tower

Red Paneling
Fishing in ?

Pink Paint
Fishing in Polarian Shipwreck

Pink Paneling
Fishing in ?

Purple Paint
Fishing in ?

Purple Paneling
Fishing in the Death House

Violet Paint
Fishing in the Winter Wind Tower

Violet Paneling
Fishing in the Candied Isles Village

White Paint
Fishing in the Winter Wind Tower

White Paneling
Fishing in the Winter Wind Tower

Yellow Paint
Fishing in the Polarian Shipwreck

Yellow Paneling
Fishing in the Balance House

Stacked Stone
Fishing from the Myth House

Nameless Stone
Fishing in the Myth House

Dreadkeep Stone
Fishing in the Myth House


Wallpapers from Bosses

orange wizard101 wallpaper

Savannah Wallpaint
Captain Hockins

brown waves wallpaper

Brown Waves Wallpaper
In’Zhizor, Lower Zigazag

pink waves wallpaper

Pink Waves Wallpaper
Bellosh, Upper Zigazag

Lilac Waves Wallpaper
Castle Darkmoor

Purple Waves Wallpaper
Chest in Pagoda of Harmony

Yellow Waves Wallpaper

Maize Waves Wallpaper

orange waves wallpaper

Orange Waves Wallpaper
Bellosh, Upper Zigazag

green waves wallpaper

Green Waves Wallpaper
In’Zhizor, Lower Zigazag

Cyan Waves Wallpaper
Wooden Key Room, Kembaalung Village

red waves wallpaper

Red Waves Wallpaper
Bunferatu, Castle Darkmoor

Salmon Waves Wallpaper
Bunferatu, Castle Darkmoor

grey waves wallpaper

Grey Waves Wallpaper
In’Zhizor, Lower Zigazag

Violet Waves Wallpaper
Chest in Castle Darkmoor

blue waves wallpaper

Blue Waves Wallpaper
Temple Phantom, Kembaalung Village


Dromel Mechant Wallpapers

Sir Robin Bravely Tent
Dromel Merchant

blue wizard101 wallpaper

Sir Drustan Silverharp Tent
Dromel Merchant & Fishing in Nomad’s Camp

Sir Jean Paul Jouster Tent
Dromel Merchant & Fishing in Outlaw’s Refuge

Black Night Tent
Dromel Merchant

Sir Perry Gilliam Tent
Dromel Merchant & Fishing from Nomad’s Camp

Sir Guy Gascoigne Tent
Dromel Merchant & Fishing in Nomad’s Camp & Outlaw’s Refuge

Sir Brennan Onehand Tent
Dromel Merchant & Fishing in Nomad’s Camp

Wishing Well Wallpapers

Ante Chamber
Wishing Well in Everafter Village (Castle)

Wishing Well in Everafter Village (Castle)

Imp Bark
Wishing Well in Everafter Village (Castle)

Light Stacked Stone
Wishing Well in Everafter Village (Castle)

Entrance Hall
Wishing Well in Everafter Village (Castle)

Grand Hall
Wishing Well in Everafter Village (Castle)

Blue Rock
Wishing Well in Everafter Village (Castle)

Those are the Wizard101 Wallpapers
currently available all over the Spiral!
Which ones are you favorites?

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