Pagoda of Harmony and Hollow Mountain

Wizard101 Level 25 Dungeons

The Kembaalung Village dungeon requires that you are at least a level 25 wizard, and takes you to Kembaalung Village. Note: there is a separate guide for gear drops from this dungeon here.

Sergeant Major Talbot in the Oasis is the place to start, and he should already have sent any wizard that qualifies an urgent message:


After some initial leg work (to satisfy a demanding trader) that includes a visit to an old friend, you are allowed to board the Haggling Dragon and travel to Kembaalung Village.

Kembaalung Village
and the Pagoda of Harmony

Pagoda of Harmony Story Summary - Warning: Spoilers

HagglingDragon Pagoda of Harmony and Hollow MountainA high ranking diplomat, Lord George Beagle, and his entire Expeditionary Force have failed to arrive in Krokotopia on schedule. Their last stop was Kembaalung Village in Mooshu, so you go there to figure out what happened. Upon arriving you visit their base camp, and find only a single member of the expedition. Lieutenant Shepard tells you that calamity has befallen the rest of the team. While searching for the fabled paradise of Shangri-Baa, Lord Beagle was talking to the venerable Dalai Lamba, but was taken hostage by a ruthless boar. Naturally, it is your job to get them back.

DalhiLamba Pagoda of Harmony and Hollow MountainYou enter the Pagoda of Harmony and meet the Dalai Lamba. He says that the normal harmonious song of the temple has been soured by an evil force, and the Monks are off their normal rhythms.  You need to help re-tune the song. Along the way, you can meditate at three shrines inside the temple: Shrine of the Spirit, Shrine of the Mind, and Shrine of the Body.

Fortunately, the Dalai Lambda assists you in this first dungeon. His vow doesn’t allow him to fight, but he does give you a 20% Power Pip Chance boost!

Super Spoiler: Pay close attention to the symbols on the shrines, and on the floor. You will need to know them to solve the puzzle in the second dungeon.

Click here to see the entire Oasis Quest Dialog!

Click here to see the entire Pagoda of Harmony Quest Dialog!

Fight 1: Enthralled Spirit Monk mob – Rank 3 Elite Ice, 830 Health.

Fight 2: Enthralled Mind Monk mob – Rank 3 Elite Fire, 755 Health.

Fight 3: Tsutsui – Rank 4 Storm Boss, 900 Health + Enthralled Body Monk mob – Rank 3 Elite Storm, 685 Health.

At the top of the Pagoda is a locked door that is opened with a special key. Behind the door is a Treasure Chest filled with goodies. Wooden Skeleton Keys are randomly dropped by several bosses in the Pagoda Of Harmony and Hollow Mountain.

Hollow Mountain

The second dungeon in Kembaala Village is Hollow Mountain.  You cannot enter Hollow Mountain until you have completed the Pagoda of Harmony at least once. However, after you have done the Pagoda of Harmony once, you can do the two dungeons separately as many times as you like.

Hollow Mountain Story Summary - Warning: Spoilers

HoofNinjaAt the end of the Pagoda of Harmony, you rescue two members of the expedition. They tell you that Lord Beagle is being held by Tonkatsu, a dastardly boar who intends to use him as a vessel for an evil spirit named Hamakala (sounds unpleasant). Hamakala’s spirit is currently trapped inside a statue, and it is probably best if it stays there. Unfortunately the Dalai Lamba cannot enter Hollow Mountain, so you are forced to press on alone.

After fighting your way through two mobs, you reach the Temple Guardian. He gives you a puzzle, well really more of a test, to see if you have remembered what you learned in the Pagoda.  You must set four prayer wheels to the proper symbols. The first three in the correct order from the Path of Harmony, and the last to a symbol that should be “obvious” (at least according to him). If you set the symbols correctly, the Guardian allows you to pass unmolested. If not, then you must use, er, more aggressive methods to get past him.

HollowMountainAfter another mob fight, and a warm up boss, you finally reach Tonkatsu. He is in the process of summoning Hamakala into the body of Lord Beagle, and does not appreciate being disturbed. Neither does Hamakala. You disturb them anyway. Somehow Tonkatsu manages to get help from a bunch of spinning bowls as minions (Really?  Bowls?), and Hamakala also lends a hand.

Lord Beagle is appreciative of being rescued, and not being made into a vessel for a malevolent spirit, but he really is rather in a hurry to get to Krokotopia, so the Expedition departs without much fanfare.

Click Here to see the entire Hollow Mountain Quest Dialog!

Super Spoiler - The Solution To The Puzzle

The order of the symbols on the first three prayer wheels should match the order of the symbols on the three shrines in the pagoda.  The last prayer wheel should be set to the interlocking circles symbol that is on the floor of the pagoda:

  prayerwheel1prayerwheel2prayerwheel3 Pagoda of Harmony and Hollow Mountainprayerwheel4

Fight 1: Wooly Bully mob – Rank 3 Elite Ice, 970 Health.

Fight 2: Hoof Ninja mob – Rank 3 Elite Death, 810 Health.


(Fight 3 if you fail the puzzle test: Temple Guardian – Rank 4 Balance boss, 2,710 Health.)


Fight 4:

Boss: Zhu Wuneng – Rank 4 Death boss, 925 Health.

Mob: Hoof Ninja – Rank 3 Elite Death, 810 Health.


Fight 5:

Boss: Master Tonkatsu – Rank 5 Storm boss, 2,320 Health.

Mob: Spirit Bowl – Rank 4 Elite Ice, 1,000 Health.

Mob: Mind Bowl – Rank 4 Elite Fire, 1,000 Health.

Mob: Body Bowl – Rank 4 Elite Storm, 1,000 Health.


Be warned – the minions can use some spells you don’t normally encounter at this level (for example, Empower and Cleanse Ward). Also, they get help from Hamakala – every turn, he throws a special attack spell that does 100 balance damage to all wizards.  The attack is channelled through Tonkatsu, and will use any balance blades he currently has.

Skeleton Key Boss

There is a locked door on the left in the Temple of Discord, just after the Temple Guardian. Behind the door is a Temple Phantom who is in Tonkatsu’s thrall.

Optional Skeleton Key Boss Fight:

Boss: Temple Phantom – Rank 4 Balance Boss, 2,280 Health.

Mob: Enthralled Mind Monk – Rank 4 Elite Fire, 915 Health.

Mob: Enthralled Spirit Monk – Rank 4 Elite Ice, 990 Health.

Mob: Enthralled Body Monk – Rank 4 Elite Storm, 845 Health.


Badge Earned: Lambda of Harmony


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