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Captain Hockins

It’s time to take a look at yet another one of the latest arrivals in Wizard101. The RavenTamers aka my wizards have had a busy week cheat testing the new bosses, and this time round I visited Captain Hockins. Trust me, he’s one tough fella! He can be found in Waterfront, Zafaria, right next to the Greyhorn Mercenaries.

Captain Hockins - Opening 3

Captain Hockins - Opening 2

Additionally, you will require a Stone Skeleton Key to be able to engage him in a duel. If you want quick and easy ways to obtain stone keys, I recommend visiting some of these spots:

  • Lower Zigazag – 1st fire boss (Kus’Bhid) + wood key room
  • House of Scales
  • Ra
  • Avalon bosses – Pendragon, Bane Wyrm, etc.

What to Expect!

Captain Hockins Preview

Captain Hockins – Rank 12 Death Boss – 5,600 hp

Witch Doctor Enkeezee – Rank 11 Myth Elite – 2,900 hp

Bring your best pierce gear and spells because you will need them, if you wish to win that is. Captain Hockins is immune to all schools but Life. His Life resistance is somewhere in the waters of 85% which is still extremely high. Consider bringing infallible and Extraordinary to this fight if you don’t have access to Shadow Magic (Shadow Shrike) or high pierce gear.

Captain Hockins’ Cheats

Captain Hockins Cheat Line

At the beginning of round 1, the minion will interrupt and cheat cast a global spell that looks like Saga of Heroes. However, the effect it has is different. It basically stops any wizard from being able to critical.

Captain Hockins Cheat Line

If you join the battle late, the minion will interrupt and cast a different version of Mana Burn. This version will steal one of the target’s pips without dealing damage and give that pip to the minion. Additionally, you should know that this spell is a Moon school spell so it cannot be dispelled.

Captain Hockins Cheat Line

Captain Hockins Cheat Line

Captain Hockins Cheat Line

Captain Hockins Cheat Line

Captain Hockins will say any of these lines whenever damage is dealt on him. This will trigger him to cast a universal pierce blade on the attacker. The thing you need to know here is that the pierce blade increaseswhenever someone attacks Captain Hockins. First hit, he will give a 10% pierce blade. Every hit after that will keep increasing the pierce blade by 10% until it reaches the maximum of 100%. Once (and if) you reach the maximum the pierce blade will stay at 100% and not reset or keep increasing.

Captain Hockins Cheat Line

Finally, if you try to change the bubble the minion puts up, it will trigger the minion to cast another one. However, this can be countered by using Vaporize (myth dispel) on the minion or simply defeating the minion.

The Strategy

I see 2 possible strategies to defeat this boss. First you can blade up a hitter and the hitter attacks while using spells such as Shadow Shrike, Infallible, and Extraordinary.

On the other hand, you can simply spam. I know that spamming doesn’t sound very appealing, but considering that Captain Hockins provides you with a pierce blade that will keep increasing in value the more he’s hit, it’s a plausible strategy. Just don’t try spamming him with spells that cost a lot of pips at the start of the battle. Save any of those till the end.

The Drops

The main unique drop that I was able to record from Captain Hockins is the Pirate Rowboat. This new 2-person mount is remotely similar to the Mystic Skiff found inside the Mystic Fishing Bundle. On top of that, there is the Burlap Boy pet that is seen accompanying the boss.

Captain Hockins Boat

Captain Hockins Boat

Moreover, you can find the level 66 rings that are already dropped from other bosses in Zafaria. It is worth noting that this boss drops Leprechaun spellements. Other drops include but are not limited to:

  • Novice’s Socket Wrench
  • Adept Socket Wrench
  • Expert’s Socket Wrench
  • DragonBlade Treasure Card
  • Gold Skeleton Key
  • Stone Skeleton Key
  • Wood Skeleton Key

Captain Hockins - Closing

After defeating Captain Hockins for the first time you’ll get the badge Hockins’ Hex.

Captain Hockins will be a great addition to the game and will certainly increase the number of interesting bosses you can farm.
So, are you planning to confront Captain Hocking in a duel?

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