Immortal’s Spellemental Pack

Another Summer Update arrives in Wizard101 bringing with it lots of exciting content including a new Aquila-themed pack! The Immortal’s Spellemental Pack (previously Immortal’s Lore Pack) gives a chance at brand new items including lore spells, gear sets and weapons and a much more! Let’s take a look together at the main items listed below.

Immortal Lore Spells

In addition to interesting new gear and treasure cards, this pack includes a chance to drop spellements for one of the Hephaestus, Queen Calypso and Athena Battle Sight lore spells. These spells are now available in the live game as a drop from Lady Stonegaze in Aquila or can be crafted from recipes found at the Spell Vendor in Dun Dara, Avalon.


Athena Battle Sight

Queen Calypso

aquilan-gearAquilan Gear Sets

We have three sets to explore in this pack – the Charioteer, Secutor and Velite sets. Check out the stats below including some very interesting items cards. You will find a different version of Sabertooth tailored for each school. You absolutely need to see those spells in action!

Charioteer SetSecutor SetVelite Set

Charioteer Set

(Fire and Death Schools)

Aquilan Charioteer Kalkris

Aquilan Charioteer Hamata

Aquilan Charioteer Greaves

Secutor Set

(Ice and Myth Schools)

Aquilan Secutor Kalkris

Aquilan Secutor Hamata

Aquilan Secutor Greaves

Velite Set

(Balance, Life and Storm Schools)

Aquilan Velite Kalkris

Aquilan Velite Hamata

Aquilan Velite Greaves

Aquilan Lance Weapons

At the time of release, these weapons were near perfection. Balanced with nearly every stat you would want. However, nowadays gear stats have started to shift more to include a more balanced stat mix that also includes shadow pip chance and pip conversion… something these weapons are severely lacking! On the other hand, the chance to have a lore spell may-cast from these weapons is exciting!

Aquilan Charioteer Lance

Aquilan Secutor Lance

Aquilan Velite Lance

Mechanical Owl Pet

Talent Slots

  • Pip O’Plenty
  • Stun Resistant
  • Gold Miner
  • Fire-Sniper
  • Fire Assailant
  • Ice-Proof
  • Unbalancer
  • Firespear
  • Fire-Dealer
  • Armor Breaker

House Guests and Housing Items

There are also new animated statues for your castles. These house guests are sure to create a powerful Aquilan feel to your castles, so keep that in mind when you are decorating!

Housing Items
  • Aquila Epic Combat Theme
  • Atlantea Grand Monument
  • Craggy Apple Tree
  • Egg Basket
  • Enigmatic Floor Glyph
  • Golden Blossom Rug
  • Grand Statue of Zeus
  • Large Clay Jar
  • Marble Diner Floor Tile
  • Marble Wallpaper
  • Mysterious Floor Glyph
  • Nine Fathomes Pedestal
  • Obsure Floor Glyph
  • Red Brick Floor Tile
  • Ruined Stone Column
  • Shielded Rose Rug
  • Short Woven Basket
  • Small Purple Rug
  • Square Column
  • Stiched Rug
  • Stone Base
  • Stone Column
  • Stuffed Owl
  • Tall Woven Basket
  • Widemouth Clay Jar
  • Yellow Flowers Wallpaper

Wall Treasure Cards

Take a look at some of the new treasure cards available in this pack, and let us know in the comments if you think any of these will see use in PvP! I would certainly love to at least have the option to train them.

Miscellaneous Items

Lots of other miscellaneous items to be found within this pack including reagents, pet snacks and even other pets. Check out a more detailed list of the items you can get. The pack drops the following old pets, as well as one new pet: the Mechanical Owl.

ReagentsPet SnacksPets


  • Ancient Scroll
  • Black Pearl
  • Blood Moss
  • Brass
  • Bronze gear
  • Copper
  • Diamond
  • Fire Blossom
  • Fossil
  • Iron
  • Nickel
  • Ore
  • Pyrite
  • Spider Silk
  • Spring
  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Turquoise
  • Water Lily

Pet Snacks

  • Bread Fruit
  • Cauliflowers
  • Fancy Pudding
  • Golden Grapes
  • Hero Sandwich
  • Hespermint
  • Krakamari
  • Manticoreos
  • Papaya
  • Rye Bread Fruit
  • Star Cookie
  • Treant Bark
  • Yucca


  • Bronze Golem
  • Firestorm Quetzal
  • Fog Unicorn
  • Grove Unicorn
  • Harpy
  • Night Hawk
  • Pegasus Pony
  • Pesky Beetle
  • Royal Ibis

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