Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack

There are several versions of the Halloween pack, added throughout the years. In this article, we look at the Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack, which was initially released in 2016 and later updated with a bunch of new items in 2017. In addition there are the original Nightmare Pack from 2011, the Harrowing Nightmare Pack from 2014 and the Elven Nightmare Pack from 2018.

Headless Horseman Spell

This pack includes a chance to drop the Headless Horseman spell! This is a must-have for all Death wizards, and especially OP in low level PvP. In addition to its usefulness, it also looks amazing! This spell can also be obtained from the Loremaster during the Halloween festivities in the Spiral.



Initially, you could only obtain the Gloomthorn Vine and Bat Swarm mounts, however with the 2017 pack update you can also get your hands on the All Souls Pegasus mount. The mounts come with the regular speed of 40% and aren’t dye-able. Check out the spectacular mounts below!

Gloomthorn Vine

Bat Swarm

All Souls Pegasus


Jack-O-Lantern & Frankenbunny Bride Pets

The Jack-O-Lantern pet was how the Headless Horseman spell was firstly introduced as a pet item card, however due to popular demand it made its way as a permanent spell. Later in 2017, the Frankenbunny pet you obtain from the Halloween quest from Dworgyn got some very good news – the Frankenbunny Bride pet! Somehow, both are spooky yet adorable.

Jack O Lantern

Item card: Headless Horseman at Baby

Jack-O-Lantern Talents

  • Pip O’Plenty
  • Death-Eye
  • Mana Boost
  • Sprite Queen
  • Health Bounty
  • Death-Boon
  • Distract
  • Death-Away
  • Deathblade
  • Charm Chopper

Frankenbunny Bride

Item card: Water Elemental at Baby

Frankenbunny Bride Talents

  • Pip O’Plenty
  • Storm Assailant
  • Mana Gift
  • Spritely
  • Durable
  • Health Gift
  • Drop It
  • Disarmament
  • Smoke Screen
  • Storm-Giver


Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack Gear

The werewolf set is a stitch to die for! Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the stats. The gear is noteworthy stats wise, but nothing too impressive that you might want to specifically hunt for. From the All Souls set, I consider the boots as an offensive stat item while offering some always useful item cards – blades.

Grey Werewolf Skullcap

Brown Werewolf Skullcap

Black Werewolf Skullcap

Grey Werewolf Fursleaves

Brown Werewolf Fursleaves

Black Werewolf Fursleaves

Grey Werewolf Leggings

Brown Werewolf Leggings

Black Werewolf Leggings

All Souls Hat

All Souls Headwrap

All Souls Skullcap



All Souls Splendor

All Souls Finery

All Souls Boots

All Souls Moccasins

All Souls Walkers



Currently missing one from both the Werewolf and All Souls weapons. Interesting maycast spells, amazing aesthetics, but the stats fail these weapons. One will definitely want to go after these weapons for stitching purposes as the Werewolf staffs have a very unique look and the All Souls weapons are unique as a weapon type.

Blue Moon Staff

Hunter’s Moon Staff

Blood Moon Staff


All Souls Calavera Wand

All Souls Cranium Wand


All Souls Skull Scepter



Two unique hairstyles were introduced with the 2017 update of this pack – The Unicorn’s Mane and The Coiffed Giraffe. These can only be obtained in this pack, so if you need that one in a million look or you just want to add them to your collection, don’t wait too long!

The Unicorn’s Mane

The Coiffed Giraffe

Get your hands on the Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack before it leaves the Spiral!

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