Wizard101 Wyvern’s Hoard Pack

Cruise around Wizard City on your Wyvern mount as he shoots fireworks out his mouth! This Wyvern’s Hoard pack is full of items to outfit your Wizard and Castle – including awesome gear, cool plants, teleporters and of course a rare chance at the Wyvern itself!

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Some of the Great Wyvern’s Hoard Items

  • Festive Wyvern Mount in 5 Different Colors
  • One set of gear that specializes in Healing
  • One set of gear that specializes in PvP
  • One set of gear that specializes in Gardening & Pet Training
  • Housing Teleporters
  • Plants for your Garden
  • Housing Items

Wyvern’s Hoard Gear

The Wyvern’s Hoard Pack currently comes with gear up to level 100 (as of November 2018).

Healing Set


wyvern's hoard pack

PvP Set

wyvern's hoard pack

Energy Set

wyvern's hoard pack



Wizard101 Islander's Hoard Pack
Frosty Fish Pet. Comes with Frostbite card at Baby
Wizard101 Tiki Pet wyvern's hoard pack
Tiki Kahuna Pet. Comes with Rain of Fire card at Baby.


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