Khrysalis Crafting Quest Guide

Welcome to the latest installment in the Wizard101 crafting quest series. Today, we’re going to go over how to gain the Promethean Crafter Badge in Wizard101 by completing the Khrysalis crafting quest. If you’re not yet familiar with crafting, I suggest you take a look at our introduction guide first.

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Promethean Crafter Quest Requirements

To complete the Khrysalis crafting quest, you will need to do two sub-quests. Oztomeca the Weaver in Azteca’s Three Points will send you to Khrysalis to the Silent Market to talk to Stendill HammerTail. This will only happen once you finish Azteca’s crafting quest. He will have you craft the Ornate Burrower Chair, which is to satisfy the quest “Stop! HammerTail”.

Quest 1
Way Of The Crafter

This is an easy quest given by Oztomeca in Three Points, Azteca. Simply go talk to Stendill in the Silent Market to complete it.

Quest 2
Stop! Hammertail

This involves crafting the Ornate Burrower Chair, and talking to Stendill one last time after you’ve crafted it.

What do I need to craft the Ornate Burrower Chair?

The recipe to craft the Ornate Burrower Chair won’t be given to you for free this time. It is sold from Stendill for the hefty price of 45,000 gold. Additionally, to craft the chair, you will need the following reagents:

  • 10 Deep Mushroom
  • 6 Perfect Jade
  • 8 Comet Tail
  • 4 Sunstone
  • 7 Turquoise
  • 6 Golden Pearl
  • 5 Ore

Where do I get the reagents?

Finding reagents isn’t an impossible task, but finding the right ones when you need them… that is where it gets difficult. Take a look at some of the below suggestions that will make this task slightly easier for you.

  • Deep Mushrooms – can be found throughout the spiral very easily including various areas of Wizard City.
  • Perfect Jade – I would buy this reagent from Archytas in Celestia Base Camp
  • Comet Tails – these are a little annoying. One can buy them from the bazaar, but the best place to get them is the exterior of the Shadow Palace. Many other locations in Khrysalis have spawn points for this reagent too.
  • Sunstone – can be found in the Bazaar, bought with tickets, or transmuted from Sandstone. You can also garden them from Evil Magma Peas.

  • Turquoise – dropped by the Aquilan Bosses, and is prevalent in Xibalba from bosses as well. I recommend farming Skurgis Screaming Moon in the Pyramid of White Fire in Cenote, Azteca. This pops up in the Bazaar fairly often though.
  • Golden Pearls – are common in the Bazaar, and can also be transmuted from regular pearls.
  • Ore – very easily found in the Shadow Palace Courtyard and many many more maps in the Spiral.

How do I go about crafting the chair?

Find your Housing Crafting Station and craft one Ornate Burrowing Chair. If you can’t find your crafting station anymore, buy a new one from a furniture vendor in the Spiral. I buy mine from the Mooshu housing vendor in the Jade Palace.

Once you’re finished crafting, go back and talk to Stendill for the Promethean Crafter badge, as well as an additional crafting timer. With this badge, you can craft the shadow forged weapons, as well as the critical hats!

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