Khrysalis Teleporters Guide

Khrysalis is a very long world, so there is lots of running. To make that easier, there are the teleporters of course. Only, where are they? Which one leads where? I know I always get confused when trying to reach a specific location, so maybe you do too!

First off, there are two places with teleporters in Khrysalis: one in the Bastion and one in the Silent Market.

Teleporters in the Bastion

To reach the first group of teleporters, take a right turn from the Spiral Door and go towards the little pond. There is space for 6 teleporters there but – strangely enough –  only 5 of them seem to be functioning.

Khrysalis Teleporters Guide

1. Fort Rachias Teleporter

Both teleporters 1 and 2 lead to Fort Rachias. The first one (see map) is located near Crescent Beach (aka the beginning of Khrysalis part 2). This is the best teleporter if your destination is Crescent Beach, as there is no teleporter straight to this location. The Great Beast (the instance that leads to Ruined Alcazar) is located in Crescent Beach.

2. Fort Rachias Teleporter

This teleporter also leads to Fort Rachias, this time closer to the tower where you face Ghost Dog (see map).

3. Tyrian Gorge Teleporter

You will find that the Tyrian Gorge teleporter transports you to a spot between the Sky Screamer and the Hundred Legger mobs (see map).

4. Moon Cliffs Teleporter

The Moon Cliffs teleporter is located underneath the Apiary (see map), which is where you fight the Broodmother. This boss is interesting if you’re a pet collector, because she drops the Tarantula Hawk pet. This is also the area where you will find the Eclipse Tower, in case you want to train the shift shadow spells or shrike.

5. Last Wood Teleporter

The Last Wood teleporter puts you in the middle of the small village (see map), where you can find the Khrysalis gear vendors. It’s also a temporary location for Barley, the gardening vendor of Khrysalis. His Gardening Spells and Seed Shop in Silent Market are available only after completing the “Putting Down” quest. To be given this quest you will have had to complete the Eclipse Tower (where you learn shadow magic), and be at least a rank 15 gardener.


Teleporters in the Silent Market

The teleporters in Silent Market are located all the way to the back of the area, behind Eloise and Prospector Zeke (see map).

Khrysalis Teleporters Guide

1. Radiance Reborn Teleporter

The teleporter to Radiance Reborn (see map) will put you right in front of Amelia Stardust, who will let you train your Khrysalis bubble. Radiance Reborn, as you might remember, is the place where you do three fights from the perspective of young Morganthe with her spells (our guide to that is here). Sadly these fights are non-repeatable.

2. Ruined Alcazar Teleporter

You will find yourself to the right side of the area when using this teleporter (see map).

3. Sardonyx Teleporter

In Sardonyx, you will find yourself close to Ezekiel (see map). The teleporter is handy if you’re looking for the crafting vendors of Khrysalis part 2. You can pick up the recipe for the awesome looking shadow-forged wands here, as well as recipes for housing items! Prospector Zeke will give you the Iron Butterflies training point quest in this area as well.

4. Khonda Desert Teleporter

Khonda Desert is a good area if you’re bored and want to collect Comet Tails, Stone Blocks and Agave Leaves. The teleporter (see map) will put you close to many reagents.

5. The Hive Teleporter

The teleporter to the Hive is probably the one you will use most, as it’s the closest to the Shadow Palace. To get to Morganthe, turn right when facing the teleporter, go past the Aracnhna Gladiators, twice up the ladder and through the red door. Inside this area, circle the statue in the middle to go straight ahead, and you will find yourself at the doom tree. This area has lots of delicious reagents, ranging from Ore and Stone Blocks to Comet Tails and the occasional Deep Mushroom.


Good luck reaching the locations you want!

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