Wizard City Reagent Map

We’ve all been there, searching endlessly for a specific reagent but not knowing where it will spawn. Trying to find that last Sandstone, but not knowing where to look, or if it even spawns in the world you’re in. In this article, I’ll be going over every area in Wizard City and mapping out what reagents spawn in what places. Hopefully after reading this article your days of aimlessly walking around and switching realms for no rhyme or reason will be over. This guide will not include Aquila or Darkmoor. That will be in its own article.


When a reagent is marked on a map, it means that it has the possibility to spawn there. That does not mean that it will spawn there on the realm you are on.

Keep hopping realms until you see it appear!

The Basics of Reagents

When searching for reagents, you might start to notice that not all reagents have spawn locations, and some are “rare harvests” and enemy drops. I’ll go over what a rare harvest is, and which rare harvests you’ll find in Wizard City.

“Rare harvests” are reagents that rarely drop from a normal reagent. For example, if you harvest Mist Wood, you might have the chance of obtaining an Acorn. Below is a small table identifying what reagents in Wizard City drop rare harvests, and what those rare harvests are.

Wizard City Reagent Maps

Those are all the reagents found in Wizard City (excluding Darkmoor and Aquila) and their rare harvests. Now that you can identify what each reagent looks like and their rare harvests, you can look at the maps below and easily see whats going on. Every reagent is circled in red for better visual clarity.

The Commons Reagent Map

Ravenwood Reagent Map

A Ravenwood reagent map

Nightside Reagent Map

Unicorn Way Reagent Map

Shopping District Reagent Map

Firecat Alley Reagent Map

Colossus Boulevard Reagent Map

Sunken City Reagent Map

Cyclops Lane Reagent Map

Triton Avenue Reagent Map

Dark Cave Reagent Map

Haunted Cave Reagent Map

Crab Alley Reagent Map

Deep Warrens Reagent Map

That’s every area in Wizard City! So, with all this new information, where are the best places to obtain specific reagents?

  • Mist Wood – Unicorn Way or Firecat Alley
  • Cattail – Cyclops Lane
  • Deep Mushroom – Ravenwood
  • Ore – Haunted Cave
  • Red Mandrake – Sunken City or Colossus Boulevard
  • Frost Flower – Colossus Boulevard
  • Stone Block – Crab Alley
  • Shell – Crab Alley
  • Kelp – Crab Alley

And that’s all! When more articles in this series are released, you will see links to them added to the section below this text. I wish you luck in hunting for these reagents!

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  • This is a beautiful guide. I would love to see more for other worlds.
    Very well done.

  • Will you be adding other Maps of the Worlds on specific Reagent Locations? Or do the pages already exist? Please let me know

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  • my apologies for the last comment as i did not see it was on a moderated queue, let me suggest a best place to farm reagent for, a most common reagents guide, and what would you need the reagents for… its ian7k guide.

    • Hello,
      This guide was not made with the “influence” of anyone besides Tor. This piece has been in our pending folder since August 2019. Only those authors who appear on our staff page do work for us writing guides, in any way, shape, or form. Furthermore, any work we do in collaboration with others will always very clearly state that.

  • if you made an article based on someone else work is not a bad thing, you shouldn’t delete posts like that it just downgrades your community, let people talk don’t delete people comments, are you trying to manipulate anything?

  • it’s nice to see new guides coming with ian7k / daev’s influence, although it could be a little bit more detailed it’s a great job!

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