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Shadows of History Quest


When you first start Khrysalis Part 2, Zaltanna will have a quest entitled “Shadows of History” for you. This is a MAJOR plot development quest, despite being a side quest. You will most definitely want to pick this one up, as at the end it does give you a training point. Zaltanna will ask you to collect 6 different Obelisk Orbs, scattered all across the different parts of Khrysalis.

Crescent Beach Obelisk Orb


The Crescent Beach Obelisk Orb is located within Desert Hopper Cave, Steig Quicksand’s boss chamber. You can NOT get around him, so you will have to fight him in order to get the Obelisk Orb. You may want to get this one as you are questing throughout the main quest, as he is a main quest boss.


Ruined Alcazar Obelisk Orb


No fighting for this one! The Ruined Alcazar Obelisk Orb is located is located toward the back of the Alcazar. (Back meaning past the Radiance Reborn teleporter).


Radiance Reborn Obelisk Orb


The Radiance Reborn Obelisk Orb is located directly halfway between the Crab and Hart rooms.


Troika Palace Obelisk Orb



The Troika Palace Obelisk Orb is in Sardonyx within Troika Palace, on the right most sigil entitled Patron Gate. When you enter, you will see the Obelisk Orb on your right. Carefully avoid the mobs by hugging the wall down and to your right, then up the stairs ahead.


The Chamber of Solar Justice Obelisk Orb

(Solar Arc, Kondha Desert)


The Chamber of Solar Justice Obelisk Orb is located in the Solar Arc in the Kondha Desert.  Find the Solar Arc near the center of the map at Emperor of Mooshu. When you enter, the sigil is at the opposite side of the Arc. The orb is in the Chamber of Solar Justice to the left of Karma’s Sting.


Shadow Palace Obelisk Orb


The Shadow Palace Obelisk Orb is located in the Spirit Plane instance to the left of Moros, for the Tree Root fight. This orb will be located behind the roots, in the back left of the room.


Shades of Shadow

Once you get all orbs, you will turn it in to Zaltanna. She hands you a new quest entitled Shades of Shadow to go to Ezekiel the Lucent  in Sardonyx.

Ezekiel will tell you to go into the Sardis Chamber to restore all the Obelisks with the Orbs. The Obelisks will tell you a story of Old Cob’s background, his relationship to Grandmother Raven and Bartelby (they refer to him as Grandfather Spider), and how he plans to do disastrous things to the spiral. Old Cob is quite the spooker. Below we have the Grand Prophecy!

raven-and-siderGrand Prophecy

Sky and Land are danced as one, round the tree of magic’s shade, a thousand years, a thousand more, memories of love and fury fade.  Raven and Spider played across Sky, and battled throughout the Land. Spider fell into the deepest hole, locked away by Raven’s hand. Spider roared and thrashed against the heavens, and finally fell into a sleep. His dreams made twisting Shadow things, sowing chaos to one day reap. The Candle flickers across the Night. A Child sailing the Shadow Sea. The Spiral bends, and twists, and whirls, bringing the Chosen back to me. The Mirror will break…the Horn will call. From the Shadows I strike, and the skies…will fall! The Shadow Web hums and stretches beyond the stars, touching all the Spiral with Spider’s welcoming arms.

-Prophecy read by Old Cob

You turn the quest back into Ezekiel, and get a training point, and much knowledge!!


See the entire Shadows of History quest and each of the locations.


What are your opinions on Old Cob? What do you think his story will be like? Let us know in the comment section below.


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