Morganthe’s Memories

Chambers of the Mind

Radiance Reborn, Khrysalis


amelia-stardust-soloIn Radiance Reborn, we have an opportunity to be Morganthe. We walk like her, talk like her, look like her too! We witness her memories and duel in three battles as her.

Amelia Stardust tells us the Chambers of the Mind let us see in Morganthe’s dreams. They are fragments of her past, but shaped by her recollection of the events.


The Tricky Part

We are forced to use her deck.  You may not think much of it until you realize you are missing cards that you would normally use on your Death wizard. I guess she skipped the class in Ravenwood “The Art of Deck Building 101.” Also of note, you have her stats, such as health at the level she was at the time.  You will need to recall your class “The Art of Discarding” to make it through these battles.

Another important note, Morganthe’s health will become a fraction of your own if you do not go in fully healed. Red Wisps are outside the Chambers where we enter entered Radiance Reborn. Refuel before every battle.

Below is my current strategy.  You may find that something completely different works for you, but the information here should serve as a starting point.  Many of us struggled when upon our first encounter, particularly in the last battle.  Know that you can beat this and continue through the game. (If you get really frustrated, buy a Henchman on the last battle)

A Dream of Avalon (First battle)

This is Morganthe’s earliest memory shown to us.  Guided by Sir Malory, Morganthe is asked to dethrone King Artorius in Avalon. She wishes to find another way where noone will be hurt.  The Spriggan Gisela brings Morganthe the Horned Crown full of Shadow Magic. Sir Malory sends Morganthe to battle Gisela instead of offering her the expected reward.

In this deck of 34 you will find low level spells maxing at Skeletal Warrior trained at Level 22 and Feint at level 26.  There are no Treasure Cards in deck.  Remember, your spells do not show.  You are forced to use Morganthe’s deck.sir-malory

Morganthe’s health is 1650 and the Spriggan Gisela is a rank 7 Life boss at 2,400 health. You will get +20% to damage from Sir Malory as pictured to the right.

Spells I used:

  • Deathblade
  • Feint
  • Curse
  • Death Trap
  • Skeletal Warrior

Damage to Gisela 2,554.  The Spriggan does use Weakness that could slow you down. Collect the Horned Crown.

Click to see what the dream battle and hit look like.

  A Dream of Avalon Images Initial-deck-battle-1 1st-battle-pic

A Dream of Wizard City (Second battle)

Morganthe is Adept according to Malistaire Drake.  He is quite angry with her.  This time she is looking for rules that can be bent or broken.

Morganthe’s health is 2,050 and Malistaire Drake is a rank 8 Death boss with 6,000 health.

Spells I used:

  • Deathblade
  • Death Prism (make sure this is before the Death Trap)
  • Feint
  • Death Trap
  • Wraith (I did 2,020 Damage), or
  • Skeletal Pirate ( I did 1,989 Damage)


If you find yourself low in health, go ahead and use your Wraith before entirely set up. Mali will damage you and it is not worth starting over.  Be sure to add the prism before the Death Trap.

I did not do the entire 6,000 damage before the battle abruptly ended. Merle Ambrose enters to remove Morganthe’s wand and spell deck and expel Morganthe from Ravenwood. She is not happy about this at all. We all know, Morganthe finds another way.


A Dream of Khrysalis (Third Battle)

Greeted by Taylor Coleridge, Morganthe is led to a ‘world of wonder and untapped riches.’  She is trying to firmly grasp Astral Magic and is attacked.

This is by far the most difficult of the three battles.  Morganthe’s health is 3,450.  Her enemies are a Spider Adept rank 14 elite myth at 3,020 health and two Skinner Conscript rank 10 Fire at 1,450 health. taylor-coleridge

This deck of 43 is definitely more advanced.  She has Fortify and Amplify.  Her Death spells go to 10 pip Avenging Fossil, she has Deer Knight & Lord of Night too. As you can see in the picture to the right, Taylor gives you a bit of a boost to Critical and Critical Block, a small bit.

Spells I used:

  • Fortify, while you are building your hit
  • Deathblade
  • Feint
  • Death Trap
  • Amplify
  • Scarecrow


  • 1v3, this time without your normal tool set
  • Ability to properly set up is hindered by the rapid loss of health
  • No shields or Stun Blocks
  • The only way to heal is from your pet or drain spells
  • Complete inability to replace the Myth Global field
  • Myth Boss with Medusa, Earthquake, Orthrus, OUCH!
  • Two Fire minions chipping away at your health


This strategy is a bit different than the multiple blade and Feint approach you are accustomed to using.

Utilize Fortify at the beginning of battle and watch the enemy’s pips. Take more of a risk when their pips are low, less of a risk when they could defeat you in the coming round.  Use the drains. It is an effective way of healing.  Remember Scarecrow may not damage as much, but will drain from all three.  If you are having difficulty, control going first by restarting this avoiding the second position. Watch for Medusa!!  You have no defense against being stunned two rounds.

If you’re health gets below a comfortable level, go ahead and defeat the minions if you can. I found it is better for me to hit with two Scarecrows and build my health rather than defeating one enemy at a time. (Ideally, get Deathblade, Amplify and the two traps on each of the enemy if you can.)  I have found success in taking out the boss with an Avenging Fossil; however, you are still left with the two minions.

A Scarecrow seems to be more effective, even if you have to use two.  It will eliminate the minions/refresh your health and reduce the health of the boss within Wraith range. Once the minions are gone, it is 1v1. Much better odds even though the Spider Adept out ranks you and has more health.


The rewards I found were not significantly notable and this is not a repeatable dungeon.  Farming is not an option.


See the quest.

Next stop Sardonyx!


What is your favorite part of this quest?  How did you manage the deck and defeat the final 3?  Let us know in the comments below


Happy Questing!

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