Morganthe, May-Cast Aura
& Immortal Jewels

The School Jewel packs give you a chance to get all the hard to get jewels out there. Such jewels include the 6% pierce, 10%+ accuracy, critical, outgoing healing and many more! Each jewel pack costs 599 crowns. Additionally, there are all sorts of unique jewels including the ones from the Zeus Exalted Dungeon (9 pip spells for each school based off of one of the Immortals), and an interesting mount for each school.

On the other hand, there are two types of jewels that have been making headlines. Those are the 4 pip AoE Morganthe Jewels and the aura may cast jewels. The casting of the Morganthe spell animations is closely to that of the cheat in the fight with Morganthe in Shadow Palace. Each one is 4 pips, and varies in damage.

Morganthe Jewels

Besides being able to obtain these jewels from the School Jewel packs, you can also get these as a rare drop from Baba Yaga in Forlorn Tayg, Polaris. Make sure to farm them on the wizard you want them on as they are classified as ‘No Trade’. Another noteworthy feature of these jewels is the ‘No Shatter’ label which creates the ability to remove these jewels after already socketing them to a piece of gear.

Morganthe’s Will Citrine

Morganthe Jewels - Balance

Morganthe’s Requiem Onyx

Morganthe Jewels - Death

Morganthe’s Venom Ruby

Morganthe Jewels - Fire

Morganthe’s Gaze Sapphire

Morganthe Jewels - Ice

Morganthe’s Ardor Jade

Morganthe Jewels - Life

Morganthe’s Deceit Peridot

Morganthe Jewels - Myth

Angst Amethyst

Morganthe Jewels - Storm


May Cast Aura Jewels

The first type of may cast aura  jewel, each school gets 10% damage and 3% block. On top of that, it is noteworthy to mention that this was Life’s first specific damage aura. As an alternative to the school jewel packs, you can get these jewels as a rare drop from The Rat in Sky Anchor, Polaris.

Erratic Recompense Opal

Erratic Acrimony Opal

Erratic Eruption Opal

Erratic Icewind Opal

Erratic Intensify Opal

Erratic Apologue Opal

Erratic Outpouring Opal


Immortal Jewels

Each jewel listed below presents a unique spell. One for each school and each have different mechanics. These jewels drop from the school jewel packs at higher levels, but they also are a rare drop from the Zeus Exalted Challenge.

Wrath of Aquila Citrine

Wrath of Hades Onyx

Wrath of Ares Ruby

Wrath of Poseidon Sapphire

Wrath of Apollo Jade

Wrath of Cronus Peridot

Wrath of Zeus Amethyst

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