Life AOE Spells

There are many spell types in Wizard101. A common type of spell is an AOE. This refers to spells that target multiple or all the enemies. These spells hits all enemies instead of one. Below is the complete list of all the Life AOE spells, divided into two categories: Spells, and Item Cards & Treasure Cards (TC).

While spells can be trainable (or obtainable from quests, craft-able or drop-able), spells in the form of Item Cards come from a piece of gear. Treasure Cards, on the other hand are valuable and stronger version of spells or item cards and they can be used only once. The only exception in this list is the Lamassu, which allows you to choose from 1 to 4 targets at the same time.

Life Learnable Spells

Ratatoskr’s Spin

  • Pip Cost: 4
  • Level: Any
  • Acquirement: Grizzleheim Lore Pack, Grady (Crafting), Loremaster (Drop)
  • Spell Effect: 305-345 damage to all 
  • Usage: In low HP mob fights, for quick farming.

Forest Lord

  • Pip Cost: 7
  • Level: 48 (100)
  • Trainer: Moolinda Wu (Zander)
  • Spell Effect: 620-680 damage to all
  • UsageAlmost in every battle.

Wings of Fate*

  • Pip Cost: 6 (+1 Shadow)
  • Level: 108
  • Trainer: Zander
  • Spell Effect: 75+375 damage over 3 rounds to all and 75+780 heal over 3 rounds to allies
  • Usage: As a shield-breaker and in fights where DOT is needed.


  • Pip Cost: 4 (+1 Shadow)
  • Level: 118
  • Trainer: Zander
  • Spell Effect: 732 damage divided to one or multiple targets
  • Usage: When hitting on 1 or 2 enemies.

* Life School Only

Life Item & Treasure Card Spells

Lively Volley

  • Pip Cost: 0 (may-cast)
  • Level: 130+
  • Source: Haunted Captain’s Steel (Wand)
  • Spell Effect: May-Cast 3 x 250 damage to random enemies
  • Usage: As a shield-breaker. Since this spell hits randomly it doesn’t have much use.


  • Pip Cost: 4
  • Level: Any
  • Source: The Great Clock Enemies, Ultra Trumpet Vine
  • Spell Effect: 285 damage to all and adds 1 death shield to self
  • Usage: In any mob fights.


  • Pip Cost: 4
  • Level: Any (Pet), 10 (Robe), 20 (Hat),
  • Source: Kookaburra (Pet), Dwarven Aerohelm (Hat), Tundra Hunter Flannel (Robe)
  • TC Source: Life Moon Seed, Deckathalon Death Tower Pack
  • Spell Effect: 345-405 damage to all
  • Usage: In any mob fights.

Morganthe’s Ardor

  • Pip Cost: 4
  • Level: 15
  • Source: Morganthe’s Ardor Jade (Triangle Jewel)
  • Spell Effect: 445 damage to all
  • Usage: In any mob fights.


  • Pip Cost: 4
  • Level: 130
  • Source: Dragoon’s Vibrant Charm (Amulet)
  • Spell Effect: 600-640 damage to all
  • Usage: In any mob fights.

Forest Lord Cub

  • Pip Cost: 6
  • Level: Any
  • Source: Shaman’s Lore Pack
  • Spell Effect: 445-525 damage to all
  • Usage: In any mob fights.

Enraged Forest Lord

  • Pip Cost: 8
  • Level: Any
  • Source: Forest Lord (Pet) + Hybrids
  • Spell Effect: 620-700 damage and applies +25% life trap to all
  • Usage: In any mob fights.

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  • Edit: Forest Lord Cub is 6 pips not 8. Spinysaur item card doesn’t say to all, is that an error by KI?

    • Fixed. I don’t think it’s considered an error. It has the AOE icon as a spell type, and all of the Dragoon amulet spells are like that.

  • This may or may not be the place, but will we ever see another Badge Busters article in the foreseeable future? I actually miss the series and would love another entry. I just love all the articles that go on here! Keep up the great work!

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