Summer Spellwrighting Contest 2024: The Winners

Another Spellwrighting Contest has come to an end and after carefully reviewing each one, the winners have been decided. We’ve selected the seven best spells as the winners and runners up! Congratulations to the winners, and we look forward to seeing more awesome spellwrighting ideas in future contests!

First Place

Submitted By: Christopher

Winning Characteristics: Interesting idea for additional Celestia Lore Pack spell! This spell can be upgraded to get additional Activate effect on Path B. This can be combined well with multiple HoTs. 

Christopher's Explanation

Lagoonatic is my idea for Life’s Celestia Lore Spell, the top path is essentially the damage version of Healing Current and the bottom path activates 2 Heal Over Time effects similar to how the new Fire spell “A-Baahh-Calypse” detonates two Damage Over Time effects.

Second Place

Submitted By: Anton

Winning Characteristics: The swap card mechanics sounds like a great concept and it could make PvP matches really interesting!

Anton 's Explanation

185 Moon Damage and Swap Cards in Hand with your target. That means you get all the cards they had in their hand and they get all the cards you had in yours. (or would get, if you discarded something. This ability could be interesting to be used against Bosses/Monsters who have unique spells that our wizards can’t normally see or use.

Third Place

Submitted By: Josh

Winning Characteristics: Great addition to Keeper’s Lore Pack. This spell offers 3 different upgrade paths, so every wizard can choose which one they’ll find most useful.

Josh 's Explanation

Hisser of Malintention is a Dragonspyre-themed lore spell, and would be seen as an extension of the Keeper’s Lore Pack. Virtually every lore spell functions in a simple manner, hitting and then adding an effect, so I wanted to keep that same feeling for this spell. The spell revolves around Ice’s trap identity and makes use of the underutilized “infection trap”.

  • The base spell hits the opponent, then adds a +25% ice trap & a -25% infection trap on the opponent.
  • The top path increases damage, while also increasing the value of the traps on the 5th tier.
  • The middle path replaces the ice trap with another infection trap and greatly increases the value of those traps.
  • The bottom path dips further into Ice’s roshambo identity, gambiting up to two positive wards on self to put ice traps and infection traps on the opponent (two wards will put two of both types of traps).


Runner-up #1

Submitted By: WeeeGeee

WeeGee's Explanation

The idea behind having two paths that use off-school pips despite being a myth lore spell is because Azteca was the first world where Kingsisle began designing bosses with real secondary schools in mind when they had mostly stopped in arcs 1 and the first half of arc 2. Arc 1 bosses usually just had a bunch of random school spells in their decks, nothing too coherent between them. If I recall correctly, the first boss you fight in Azteca is Storm with Ice mastery, and elemental buffs to support both. Yaxche is a Myth boss that has Death mastery, but I took the liberty of giving his card a third path that uses an Ice pip since the two schools are still complimentary.

The Shadow minion is the “Shadow Of The Land” while the Moon minion is “The Tower’s Eclipse”

Minion Spells:

Runner-up #2

Submitted By: Kreezy

Kreezy's Explanation

It is based on Greek mythology and would fit well in the Aquila world. It is inspired by the Lotus Eaters from the Odyssey. The top path is no pvp, and the bottom is geared for pvp. Bottom path spell deals 750 base damage and then removes an enemies blade for a blade of your own. Your blade is the % of the enemies (35% for example), plus 10%. The self symbol was missing on the last one.

Runner-up #3

Submitted By: Mouna

Mouna's Explanation

This lore spell is inspired by the 3 wishes of the genie of the lamp using Istar from Mirage. We could use more astral school spells in the game, so I wanted to make a sun lore spell. The spell begins with a cost of 1 life pip, then splits into 3 variations representing the sun school, which are life, myth, and fire. In tier 4 the spell combines all 3 schools and their effects of healing, damage, and dot. The cost of 3 different school pips is something new to the game and makes it more complicated but also rewarding. The total healing and damage pts in tier 4 is 1001 which is based on Arabian nights (or 1001 nights).

Runner-up #4

Submitted By: Jedi Dodge

Jedi Dodge's Explanation

A Path: With stuns being taken out of the game I thought of an alternative way where it locks up the opponent’s hand with Spells they can’t cast unless they play it and free up their hand space.

B Path: Being a spam spell, limiting the deck to only one copy unless if the opponent really likes to cast a weakness spell can easily get out of hand if not kept in check..


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