Celestian Spellemental Pack

This Summer, a brand new update made its way to Wizard101 including spell changes, updated character models, and much more! However, along with this update, a new pack was snuck into the Crown Shop. The Celestian Spellemental Pack can almost be considered a new type of pack for the game as its function slightly varies from previous packs. Let’s explore what awaits inside this shimmering pack!

Celestian Lore Spells

We already covered these spells during test realm in a separate article. However, let us take another quick look at each of them here. There are a total of four spells in this pack – one for Fire, Ice, Death and Balance. Life, Storm and Myth were probably left out because they got spells from the Grizzleheim Lore Pack.

Each of these spells can be upgraded through different paths, which lead to the spell functioning slightly differently while obtaining more power. To upgrade them, you will need more and more spellements each time. So far, the only ways to obtain these four spellements is from the pack itself, and as drops from Drowned Dan & Sunken Sam in Celestia. However, you might encounter instances where you obtain multiple spellements per pack. On rarer instances, you can also obtain between 30 to 35 spellements in one pack. The below image is the result from two back to back packs I opened.

There are some really positive factors to consider when comparing a pack like this one to previous lore packs. For starters, spellements can be transferred via shared bank to other wizards. So, you will no longer have off school spells from packs. Also, you will obtain spellements fairly frequently, rather than as rare drops like previous lore packs. This practically guarantees you get the spellements to unlock a given spell spell if you persist long enough on. Compare this to previous packs, where the drop rate of an individual spell was very low.

Click on the above images to view spell animations.

Celestian Gear Sets

The gear seems very balanced, but this may be a disadvantage – it is lacking that wow factor. We don’t see particularly high damage, critical, or resist on any piece, making it less desirable. There also seems to be many “X” pip spells like Judgement and Tempest used as gear cards. There are some other item card spells that stuck out more than others, like Double Cleanse Charm and Raging Otomo, an “X” pip spell but with limited damage.

Apart from all that, it has some unique designs that you can see below. The artwork that went into creating these sets is quite exceptional and worth considering for stitch combinations.

Celestian Neon Mask

Celestian Neon Cape

Celestian Neon Stirders

Celestian Photon Mask

Celestian Photon Cape

Celestian Photon Stirders

Celestian Xenon Mask

Celestian Xenon Cape

Celestian Xenon Stirders

Celestian Gear Design

Neon Set

Photon Set

Xenon Set

Celestian Axe Weapons

These weapons are very competitive in terms of stats. They have high amounts of pierce and damage that may make them even morte desirable than the wands from the Sinbad Hoard Pack. On the other hand, they completely lack critical rating. This makes them a far less favorable choice in PvE, but for PvP it’s another story since criticals are weaker there. Instead, we get additional shadow pip rating, a stat we don’t often see on wands. They also feature may cast variants of the pack’s spells.

Celestian Neon Axe

Celestian Photon Axe

Celestian Xenon Axe

Zorphie Pets

I honestly don’t know what type of creatures these are, but they are beyond precious! Each pet has the same look, but in different colours. Unfortunately, none of them can be placed in the Hatchmaking Kiosk, so if you didn’t get one from a pack you need to find someone in the Pet Pavilion’s Hatchery to try and obtain them.

On top of all this, they seem to have new adventure and combat talents in their talent pool, but they remain undiscovered so far. Make sure to check back in this article as well as our Adventure and Combat Talents master article for more information as it is discovered.

  • Balance-Giver
  • Unbalancer
  • Crafty (Selfish)
  • Balance of Power Trained (Combat)
  • Steadfast (Selfish)
  • Tenacious (Selfish)
  • Health Bounty
  • Calculating (Selfish)
  • Hexster
  • Balance-It

  • Solar Aegis Trained (Combat)
  • Fire-Shot
  • Fire-Giver
  • Fire-Proof
  • Canny (Selfish)
  • Astute (Selfish)
  • Health Boost
  • Cheeky (Selfish)
  • Elf on Fire
  • Intrepid (Selfish)

Thank you @BryanHtut on Twitter

  • Effective (Selfish)
  • Life-Giver
  • Life-Proof
  • Spirited (Selfish)
  • Life-Eye
  • Health Gift
  • Dogged (Selfish)
  • Sprite Time
  • Tireless (Selfish)
  • Namaste Trained (Combat)

Combat Talents

Furniture Items

To say I was impressed with the housing items inside this pack would be an understatement. Some items are truly something I wasn’t expecting to be able to get my hands on for decorating. Nowadays, with the tools we have including castle magic and advanced move, it truly will be a wonder what we could create with some of these items!

Celestian Cube Sculpture

Galactic Water Spout

Galvanic Tower


Island Gazebo


Placeholder (Temp Name)


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  • I have done extensive testing of the Raging Otomo item card, both the X-pip 80-400 version and the smaller version from lower level masks. They always deal the lower damage (eg. 80) and are not limited to 400 dmg (ie. 5 pips). They are effectively 80 dmg/pip spells. Being a single-target spell it seems unbalanced at 75%.

    While testing I also discovered an interesting mechanic: If the spell fizzles and you play it any number of pips later, it will deal dmg based on the pips when it fizzled. Fizzle at 1 pip and play it again at 10 pips, it will only deal the 1-pip damage. Also tested extensively. I wonder if all X-pip spells work this way?

  • I’m quite disappointed in the ice spell, Celestial Intervention. Other than the entertainment of seeing the graphics, the spell is hardly useful. The accuracy is atrocious. You have to set yourself up with shields over two rounds, then sacrifice shields for a heal that is lower then if you just cast Pixie (with 100% accuracy and a spell you already have). Even without mastery, Pixie would be the prefered choice with 25% more health and no set-up rounds. If you’re seeing a need to heal, the last thing you want is to have to set yourself up first. During test realm, the spell would take out traps too but the spell was so glitched we couldn’t see how bad this spell really is.

  • But where do you get the initial spell at?

    • You also unlock it with spellements. The initial cost to unlock the spell is 35 spellements.

  • the missing talent for vicious zorphie is Namaste Trained 🙂

  • I am disappointed that spellements are basically pay to win with just few exceptions like the holiday ones, it is starting to get annoying for me to be honest. Would be great if you could get celestia spellements from the celestia world in normal fights or bosses.

  • Celestia is definitely a very beautiful world and I really like how they are making pretty gear more than pay to win gear. The pack system is also becoming a bit fairer with the spellements. The spell changes are of course mostly positive. I like how the game is getting more attractive in both a cosmetic and mechanic sense, great update.

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