Witch Hunter’s Bundle

Yet another bundle is introduced to Wizard101, but what makes the Witch Hunter’s Bundle so special? Let’s explore that together bit by bit in this article as we go through each individual unique item obtained within this bundle. Additionally, the Darkmoor-themed Witch Hunter’s Bundle was introduced in May 2016 for $39 from stores including Gamestop. Inside you can find the:

  • Witch Hunter’s Attire
  • Witch Hunter’s Arbalest
  • Midnight Rider mount
  • Vampire Squirrel pet
  • Darkmoor Manor
  • Additional Castle Elixir
  • 5000 Crowns or one month membership

Witch Hunter’s Attire

Personally I tend to favor resistance or a well-balanced gear build, which is perhaps why I don’t consider this gear as something I would go for. The stats might seem all over the place which indeed some of them actually are, but it does have its more offensive uses. Not to forget mentioning the killer aesthetics of this gear. Above you can find the full Witch Hunter’s Attire accompanied by the Arbalest weapon.


Witch Hunter’s Arbalest

The Witch Hunter’s Arbalest is quite the poisonous weapon! Available all the way up to level 120, you will find the Arbalest gives a bountiful amount of damage from the lowest version. Furthermore, it is worth noting the may cast Poison spell accessible all the way from level 20. We don’t see that many may cast weapons at that low level.


Midnight Rider

The second mount ever to break the Spiral’s speed limit after the Road Warrior’s Chopper! The spooky spectacular Midnight Rider goes at +50% speed and can also be dyed to a wide variety of colors.


Vampire Squirrel

Don’t let the adorable looks fool you as the Vampire Squirrel is quite the fierce companion indeed. An extra indication of how fierce the pet is can be evidenced by the talents and stats below. The talents pool is bursting with useful talents, and the stats for a first generation pet are good to say the least.

Vampire Squirrel Talents & Stats

  • Sharp-Eye
  • Stun Resistant
  • Blocker
  • Spirit Blade
  • Pain-Bringer
  • Element Blade
  • Spell-Defying
  • Critical Hitter
  • Armor Piercer
  • Balance-Sniper


Darkmoor Manor

A new concept has been introduced along with the eerie Darkmoor Manor. Lurking in the grounds you will find several different NPCs that appear on rotation every different day. Each will guide you to the same Sarcophagus found within the grounds. The only difference lies in the items you may get including housing items, pet snacks, and more! Additionally, you will find many other wonders including fishing grounds where you will find two unique fish, a battle arena, secret pages, and a creepy statue head that teleports you around.


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