Introductory Guide
to Cantrips in Wizard101

The Spring 2022 update introduced a brand new kind of magic: Cantrips! Wizards can now cast spells outside of combat, using energy instead of mana. Yes, you can finally fulfil your dream of doing a backflip in Wizard101! This guide will tell you all you need to know about Cantrips, what they do and where to find them.

How do I cast Cantrips?

To get started, talk to Abner K. Doodle in The Commons. He will provide you with Cantrips Rank 1 and the quest Cantrips101. This will take you to the Cantrips trainer, Hampshire Buttersfield in Wysteria, to learn the basics. You must be level 25 or higher to start the quest. Your Cantrips spells are accessed using the wand icon next to the Spellbook in the lower right of your screen. Like Crafting, Cantrips have a cooldown time (between 10 seconds and 2 minutes, depending on the spell).

What can I do with Cantrips?

Cantrip spells have one of five functions. Some are practical, and some are just for fun.

  • Flourish Cantrips produce fun effects, such as or school symbols or invisibility.
  • Teleport Cantrips take players to a new location quickly.
  • Radiance Cantrips create a beneficial effect in a large area for a limited time. Anyone inside the area will enjoy the benefits, such as healing, mana, or fishing luck.
  • Ritual Cantrips allow players to cast magical energy at a target, and are used to open Cantrip chests.
  • Sigil Support Cantrips allow players outside a battle circle to aid players in combat. These will be released in future updates.

Where do I get Cantrip spells?

There are currently 41 Cantrip spells. Some can be bought for gold from Hampshire, some are dropped from bosses, and some are crafted treasure cards. If you are someone like me, you will want to collect them all!

Hampshire Buttersfield, Wysteria

During the Cantrips101 and Cantrips102 quests, you learn four spells for free: To Buttersfield, Flip, School Spirit, and Magic Touch. Afterwards, Hampshire has more spells available to purchase for 3,000 gold each. Mostly, these are rank 1-3 Flourish spells.

Notable mention: Second Mark and Second Recall. At rank 6, you can place a second X marker around the Spiral. This mark is permanent, even after you teleport back to it, so can be extremely useful.


Spells from Hampshire Buttersfield

Free Quest Spells

Spells Available for Purchase

Cantrip Crafting Station

Cantrip treasure cards of ranks 1-8 are available to craft at the Cantrip Crafting Station, next to Hampshire, but will require many precious reagents. Mostly, these are Radiance or Teleport spells. For more information about Crafting, and where to find particular Reagents, visit our Crafting Guide.

Notable mention: Sneak. At rank 4, you can walk through enemies without being pulled into battle!

Crafted Treasure Cards

Radiance Spells

Flourish Spells

Teleport Spells

Boss Drops

Some of the crafted treasure cards are also available as permanent spells. The Teleport spells, both permanent and treasure card versions, are dropped from each First Arc world’s final boss. To learn the spell, you must be Cantrips Rank 1 or higher.

Teleport Spells Drop Locations

  • Lord Nightshade, Haunted Cave, Wizard City – To The Commons
  • Krokopatra, Temple of Storms, Krokotopia – To The Oasis
  • Meowiarty, Big Ben, Mooshu – To Regents Square
  • Jade Oni, Jade Palace, Mooshu – To The Jade Palace
  • Malistaire Drake, The Great Spyre, Dragonspyre – To The Basilica
  • Othin Stormfather, Ravenscar, Grizzleheim – To Northguard

Cantrip Chests

There is a new type of chest, Cantrip chests. To open them, three different wizards must cast Magic Touch (5 energy each) at the chest. As a reward, each wizard will receive around 7-8 spellements. These spellements are specific to the world you find the chest in. For example, Cantrip chests in Mooshu will drop spellements for rank 5 spells.

Similar to regular chests, Cantrip chests are located randomly throughout First Arc worlds. Some example locations are Chelsea Court, Marleybone, Ancient Burial Grounds, Mooshu, and The Tower Archives, Dragonspyre.

Ranks and Badges

There is a badge for every Cantrip rank you achieve. Rank 1 starts at Cantrip Novice, all the way to Cantrip Visionary at Rank 10. As of the release of the Spring 2022 update, the highest possible Rank is 9, Cantrip Artisan.

Like Gardening and Fishing, you’ll see your Cantrip XP progress bar anytime your Cantrips interface is open. To earn XP, you should always use spells the same rank as you. The amount of XP gained is the same as the energy requirement. For example, if you are rank 3, then only rank 3 Cantrip spells will provide XP. Roll Dice costs 2 energy to cast, so will provide 2 XP.

Final Thoughts

Cantrips are a fun addition to Wizard101. Haven’t you always wanted to turn invisible, or recline mid-air in The Commons? Cantrips also offer a new way to work together, by providing health or spellements for each other. Overall, the Cantrips system has a lot of potential for expansion. Personally, I would love to see future spells that provide member benefits for a short time, or small stat boosts alongside upcoming Sigil Support spells.

What do you think of Cantrips?
What new spells would you like to see in future updates?
Let us know in the comments!

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Jennifer SoulStone

A Wizard101 player since 2010, Jennifer is a true completionist at heart. Since returning to the game in 2020, she has completed every quest, and is aiming to earn every badge. If there is something to collect, Jennifer is collecting it - including spells, pets, fish and music scrolls! You will usually find her participating in Beastmoon and Deckathalon, hunting down obscure badges, or helping others through the Team Up kiosk!


  • I’ve wanted floating, flipping, levitating and sitting abilities since wisteria opened.these spells are good but lack endurance. They should be enabled when afk is used, then folks would know. If your player is flipping, snoozing then they know afk.
    Good try though.

  • This is a waste of energy. Unlike gardening and fishing, cantrips do not provide drops or a reward incentive. Energy is already scare enough, cantrips should cost gold instead.

  • There is a lot of concern about the cost of energy. I know for myself I rarely have enough now. With that said they do look fun.

  • Ooh, these sound super fun!

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