Final Bastion Guild Recruitment

Final Bastion is looking for new members to its Wizard101 guild. We believe it is a great time to get the guild going once again with the guild museum that recently dropped and the upcoming summer raid.

Guild Goals

Our goals are to be both competitive and completionists to a mild degree. We want to unlock everything in the guild house and be able to do the occasional raid, but we aren’t in a rush. If raiding is not your thing, we will also be trying out the new guild museum. We want members to have fun achieving these goals as opposed to aggressively rushing for the finish line. We will also be looking to run occasional competitions within the guild such as stitch competitions, PVP, farming, and more!

Guild Applications

We will be doing an application process for recruitment. You can apply with this google form here. In the form, there are a couple of questions regarding in-game characters and what players want from the guild. These questions will help influence the overall direction of the guild to help all members achieve their goals.

We will begin looking at the first wave of applications on March 10th.

Guild Communication

In order to join the guild, candidates will need to join the Final Bastion community server and we will be fielding guild related questions there.

Will you be joining the Final Bastion guild?

Let us know in the comments below!


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