Dasein Duelist Boss Guide

With the new world of Novus in Wizard101, a whole new set of top tier max level gear has been released, called Aeon gear. The drops of this gear have been spread out among various bosses throughout Novus. Dasein Duelist is a boss located in The Nucleus Gallery who will drop the new amulets and rings.

Accessing Dasein Duelist

Dasein Duelist will be fought in the main questline of Novus. Simply go through the sigil below in the Nucleus Gallery. It is located directly to the left of the final boss sigil. You will have to go through 2 minion fights to get to the boss.


When with a full team of 4 players, Dasein Duelist will spawn alongside 1 Aberrant Monquistan with 4,360 health, one Aberrant Valencian with 3,270 health, and another Aberrant Valencian with 3,635 health. Below are the stats and spells the boss will use.



Rank 22 Boss

Classification: Undead












Hover or Tap stats for more details



If you want that shiny new ring, you will need to kill the boss not once, but three times in total. The following cheats will be present throughout the fight:

“Good thing I have extra lives”– After Dasein Duelist is defeated for the first time, he will heal for 7,660 health and cast Meteor
“It ain’t game over yet!”– After Dasein Duelist is defeated for the second time, he will heal for 3,830 health and cast Rain of Fire
“Hammer time!”– If a trap is cast on Dasein Duelist he will cast hammer of Thor, removing the trap


The strategy for this boss is quite simple. Since the boss needs to be taken down multiple times, it is easiest to have multiple people attacking the boss. The easiest way to complete this boss is to continue buffing with blades and auras such as frenzy and continuously hit the boss until he is finally defeated. My main tip would be to avoid feints and other traps as they will activate one of his cheats.


Dasein Duelist has many different drops. The main drops from this boss are the Aeon and Masterpiece amulets and rings. Aeon is the tier one gear, while Masterpiece is the gear that is used to craft the Aeon gear.

The recipe to craft Aeon amulets:

  • 9 Masterpiece amulets (of any school)
  • 32 Pixels
  • 20 Polygons

The recipe to craft Aeon rings:

  • 9 Masterpiece rings (of any school)
  • 40 Pixels
  • 20 Polygons

The boss also drops spellements for Karamelle, Lemuria, and Novus spells. Various new jewels and pins for max level will also drop from this fight. On top of that the occasional Azoth TC can also be dropped from this boss.


Overall, this boss is quite interesting and can actually prove as quite a challenge when trying to solo. Taking down a boss 3 times is much harder then taking them down just once. While the amulets are not the best, the rings are a direct upgrade to your merciless ring. Because of this, the boss is definitely worth farming if you are looking for the best gear out there.

What are your thoughts on this boss? We would love to hear them in the comments below.

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