Crash The Bandit Coot Boss Guide

With the introduction of Wallaru in Wizard101, a new set of max level gear has been added into the game, called Dream Reaver Gear. The gear for this world is spread out between multiple bosses. Crash the Bandit Coot is located in Wobbegong Territory and will be your source for the newest amulets!

Accessing Crash

Crash is found in the side quest “The Crash of Us”, which can be obtained from Lady Cortexia in Billabong Resort after competing the first main quest in that area. The side quest will then lead you to Crash’s Cave which can be found in Wobbegong Territory.

Crash’s Stats

Crash has a standard mode and challenge mode. These stats will be based off of the standard mode of the fight. Crash will spawn with one minion. This minion is death and has 4,805 health. Below are the stats and spells Crash will use

Crash The Bandit Coot


Rank 23 Boss

Classification: Dingo












Hover or Tap stats for more details




In order to get your hands on the newest amulet, Crash has some cheats to try and slow you down. An emphasis on try as the cheats for this fight are pretty tame.

“Crickey, too many power-ups” At the end of every 2 rounds Crash will give himself a random school pip.
“Crash attack” If crash has two school pips of the same school, he will cast one of the following spells based on the school. Storm owl, Avenging fossil, Lord of winter, Sun serpent, celestial calendar, spinysaur, or sabertooth.


The strategy for this fight is quite simple. Since the boss does not stop you from doing any buffs simply just blade and trap until you can kill. While farming with 4 people the strat you would often find in team up looks like this.

Round 1 Round 2
Hitter 1 Frenzy 7 pip AOE
Hitter 2 Frenzy 7 pip AOE
Hitter 3 Frenzy 7 pip AOE
Hitter 4 Frenzy 7 pip AOE


The main drop from this fight is the new Dream Reaver Amulets. This amulet can also be dropped from the NPC that spawns once the boss is defeated. In order to craft you will need to defeat Crash 20 times to earn the badge “Crashed and Earned… This Badge”.

The crafting recipe for the amulets will be:

-38 dream water (Dropped from bosses)

-7 dream stone (Found around the world)

Other useful drops from this boss include Dream water, Lengendary socket wrenches, Spellements from Karamelle, Lemuria, Novus, and Wallaru, and Jewels.


Overall, Crash is one of the easier bosses for farming he new dream weaver gear. His cheats do not propose much of a threat and he can often be done in two turns with a team. If you are looking for one of the best amulets currently in the spiral, this is the boss to farm.

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