Portal of Peril- Spring 2024 Test Realm

KingsIsle introduced a rotating event in the Spring 2024 Test Realm– The Portal of Peril!  This event occurs once a month, for seven days at a time, and will rotate through a different gauntlet each time the portal activates. Some of these gauntlets are no longer acquirable, so unless you have a friend who has access to them, the Portal of Peril may be the only way to acquire drops from these gauntlets!

Where to find the portal?

The portal will act like other rotating events, such as Deckathalon, The Beastmoon Hunt , or the Pet Promenade.  When the Portal of Peril is active, you can automatically teleport to the entrance of the instance. However, if you prefer the scenic route, you can meander over to the Fairegrounds of the Commons, near the entrance to Golem Court

The Event Page for the Portal of Peril in Test Realm Spring 2024. Note that this may not be a finished product.



How do we enter the Portal?

To enter this instance, wizards will need to redeem a Portal Pass. Wizards can collect three Portal Passes each day while the event is active. The Passes are only invalidated once the event is over, so they can be banked until the last day of the event if you’d prefer.

What Level Gauntlets will be featured?

Gauntlets featured here will have a unique rule in terms of level scaling. As with normal gauntlets, there are three separate tiers of the available gauntlet- aimed at levels 50, 100, and 150.  What makes the portal unique is that all players will be scaled up based on the level of the highest level player. For example, if you had a team made up of a level 170, level 150, level 90, and a level 50,  then the level 90 and level 50 players would be scaled up and their stats would reflect those of a level 150 wizard. The stats of the level 170 and level 150 wizards would remain as they were.

It is important to note that while the stats of the two lower level players will be adjusted, they will not learn new spells during this gauntlet. Sorry, but no glowbug squall for the level 50 wizard!

What are the drops looking like?

A new reagent will be dropped from these gauntlets called Fortune Coins. For the Sinbad gauntlet, as of test realm, 15 coins will be dropped from Sinbad, and an additional 5-15 coins can be dropped from the secret boss that spawns in the gauntlet. At this time, we’re unsure if the original gauntlet drops from each instance remain intact. There are new cheats for the bosses, so we assume that the drop table may be the same.


Can we use these drops?

These fortune coins will allow you to craft some rewards. Magda’s cauldron can be found next to the portal of peril and can be interacted with to craft a multitude of items, including a variety of treasure cards, spellements, reagents, and skeleton keys. Below are some of the most valuable craftable items.

Gold skeleton key- 400 fortune coins

Azoth- 6 fortune coins

Dream water or Pixels- 3 fortune coins

Arc 1 spellements- 4 fortune coins

Arc 2 spellements- 4 fortune coins

Event spellements- 5 fortune coins

Lore spellements- 6 fortune coins


This new feature is an amazing way for players who do not purchase gauntlets to experience them! On top of that, the rewards you are able to craft all seem very good! 10/10 to the Wizard101 team for this one from me.

Are you excited to try this feature once it reaches live realm?

Let us know in the comments below!

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