[OUTDATED] W101 Updated Professor’s Hoard Pack  Spells

As of July 28th this article is outdated.
2022’s Summer Test Realm brought an unexpected revamp of Professor’s Hoard Pack Gear. Each school variant of robe and wand received 1 copy of a new spell in Item Card form. If you equip both robe and wand you can get up to 2 copies of this new spell. These spells are only available on the level 150+ gear. Some of them are really interesting, so let’s check them out!

Spells Overview

Ice and Death Spells

These two are pretty straightforward, Greyrose’s shield offers a protected -95% tower shield, while Dworgyn’s trap gives a protected +55% death trap. Both cost 2 pips.


Fire Minion

Fire’s arsenal now gets enriched by a new minion. This minion has more health, casts spellement-upgraded spells and offers better alternative to the Fire Elemental minion. It’s been compared favorably to myth’s Cyclops minion.



Falmea’s Elemental

Health: 700 | School: Fire | Rank: 1

Known Spells


More RNG for Storm

This storm spell does 265 storm damage and then adds 1 of 3 possible spells to your hand. The added spell can be discarded.

After 20 spell uses the results were as following:

  • Elemental Blade – 6x
  • Threefold Fever – 9x
  • Dog Tracy – 5x

The sample is limited enough for us to not rule out the possibility that the odds of pulling any one of these three spells is 1/3. However, if the odds are unevenly distributed, Threefold Fever is likely the most common one to encounter.

(Good?) Life spell for PVP

This spell is basically Sanctuary and Circle of Thorns merged into one spell. While this spell is useful, due to its limited copies and high initial pip investment it might not end up being used as much in PvP. Most life wizards are probably gonna stick to Circle of Thorns anyway.


Better (or Worse) Earthquake

Unlike the regular Earthquake or Aftershock, this spell does no damage and only removes 3 negative charms (weakness, mantle, dispel) from each of your teammates. This is similar to the much asked-for Mass Cleanse Charm.


AOE Version of Tribunal

Title © Polymorph Bandit
Or low-pip Lycian Chimera, that’s what this spell basically is. Death, life or myth damage to enemy team.


More Legacy Gear

Following the changes made to the Sinbad wand, Malistaire’s, Morganthe’s and Merciless gear, the Professor’s Hoard pack also gets its own legacy gear. Instead of overriding the old items, there are now 2 variants of the same items available in game. The gear will start to have dual school stats for wizards level 140+, while the item cards appear on level 150+ gear only. There are the old legacy versions and the current updated versions on test realm.

Do you like these updated Professor’s Hoard Pack Spells? Which new spell is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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