Novus Cantrip Chest Locations

Novus is here, and has brought with it some new Cantrip Ritual Chest locations! Cantrip chests are one way to acquire spellements. Upon opening, they drop 7-8 spellements per wizard. These spellements are specific to the world you find the chest in, so they are great if you want to upgrade or learn a specific spell.

Cantrip chests in Novus will drop spellements for the Rank 5 Novus spells. Any of these spells can be learned by any wizard via spellements. These are: Scales of Destiny (Balance), Gravestorm (Death), Glimpse of Infinity (Fire), Deathly Depths (Ice), Starspawn (Life), Improbable Gaze (Myth), Tree of Strife (Storm).

See our Beginner’s Guide to Spellwriting to learn more about spellements, and our Spellements Guide for other methods of acquisition.

In every area, there are fixed chest spawn locations. There is a chance that a wooden, silver, or Cantrip chest will appear there. Whilst making this guide, I saw between 0-2 Cantrip chests per area per realm. Seeing two is very rare, and you are more likely to see none at all. So, you will need to realm hop to find them!

How do I open a Cantrip Chest?

To open a Cantrip chest, three wizards must cast Magic Touch at it. This will cost 5 energy per wizard per chest. The only requirements are that you must be level 25 or above and have completed the Cantrips102 quest. If you’re brand new to Cantrips, see our Introductory Guide to Cantrips for everything you need to get started.

After casting Magic Touch, do not leave the area or change realms. If you do, you will not receive the spellement rewards. The best method is to have two friends open the chest with you. If you have no friends online, try asking friendly players under the Social tab.

Puerto Nuovo

Puerto Nuovo has 13 spawn locations for Cantrip chests. However, it is not a very popular farming spot due to the layout of the area. I found it quite difficult to find an efficient route that covers all the spawn locations, but to save time, you may be able to create one that omits a few. Some of the chests in Puerto Nuovo are very well hidden, so make sure you check behind buildings and around corners!

New Vicorgia

Searching for Cantrip chests in New Vicorgia is easy, as the area is one giant circuit. There are a whopping 21 spawn locations here, and most chests are next to hedges or trees around the back of the buildings. Despite the ease of the circuit, it is still time consuming, and I found chest spawns to be relatively rare in this area.

Stone of Heaven

Stone of Heaven is probably the best and most popular Cantrip chest farming spot in Novus. There are 8 spawn locations, and I found at least one chest spawned in almost every realm. The area is split into three levels, so it is quick and easy to run from bottom to top, switch realms, then run top to bottom, and repeat. There are also many polygon spawning locations nearby the chest spawns.

La Ville Rose

I found Cantrip Chests to be pretty sparce in La Ville Rose. There are only 5 spawn locations for chests, and more often than not, there will be no chests spawned. However, it is easy to do a quick circuit to find them all, and there are plenty of polygons en route.

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