Ninja’s Spellemental Pack

Ten years ago, in March 2012, the original Ninja’s Lore Pack was released. Can you believe it’s been so long?! In June 2022, this Mooshu-themed pack was revamped and rebranded as the Ninja’s Spellemental Pack. The main attraction of this pack is the chance to get spellements for four Lore spells, but you can also get Mooshu-themed gear, weapons and pets.

The Ninja’s Spellemental Pack costs 399 Crowns to buy in the Crown Shop. I opened 50 packs to see what interesting drops I could get, and I managed to get all the gear, almost all the pets, and enough spellements to unlock 2 of the spells. Let’s check out everything this pack has to offer!

Ninja’s Lore Spells

This pack drops spellements for four Lore spells: Goat Monk, Ninja Pigs, Samoorai, and Catch of the Day. All three are pure damage spells, and they do even more damage when you upgrade them.

The good thing about spellements is that you can transfer them in your shared bank. So, if you get spellements dropped on the wrong wizard, you can simply transfer them over two the right one. In my experience opening packs, I mostly received 1, 3, 4, or 5 spellements in a singular drop, with one drop of 30. Although, it is possible to receive 35 spellements at once to instantly unlock the spell.

Since the Summer 2022 update, Goat Monk, Ninja Pigs, Samoorai and Catch of the Day spellements can also be dropped from Takanobu the Masterless in Mooshu. Check out this guide to see the other Lore spells and how to get them.

Ninja Gear Sets

The Ninja’s Spellemental Pack comes with 3 gear sets to collect. As of August 2022, the gear is available for levels 0-100, but may be brought up to date in the future. Each gear piece has universal stats, focusing on 2 or 3 particular stats. This might not be the most powerful gear, but it is certainly very pretty!

August Sage Set

(Focus on accuracy, damage and incoming healing)

August Sage Cap

August Sage Coat

August Sage Shoes

Chrysanthemum Set

(Focus on resist and outgoing healing)

Chrysanthemum Cowl

Chrysanthemum Coat

Chrysanthemum Boots

Imperial Court Set

(Focus on critical rating and pierce)

Imperial Court Helm

Imperial Court Tunic

Imperial Court Slippers

Ninja Spear Weapons

The Ninja’s Spellemental Pack also drops spear weapons for levels through 0-100. Like the gear, the weapons also have universal stats, all focused on critical rating and pierce. These weapons are a perfect fit for Mooshu-themed stitches, as they are not dissimilar to the Amaranthine Staff code wand. In particular, the colors work perfectly for Balance, Fire and Storm wizards, respectively.

Blazing Naginata

Sweeping Longspear

Thunder Chasing Spear

Shenlong Dragon Pets

This pack doesn’t just drop one pet… it drops five pets! These cute little dragons all look the same, with different color schemes and item cards. Any of these pets would make a beautiful addition to your pet collection, but the Onyx Shenlong Dragon is probably the most sought-after, due to its Feint item card.

Amber Shenlong Dragon

Stun Item Card at Baby

Ivory Shenlong Dragon

Locust Swarm Item Card at Baby

Jade Shenlong Dragon

Legend Shield Item Card at Baby

Onyx Shenlong Dragon

Feint Item Card at Baby

Ruby Shenlong Dragon

Quench Item Card at Baby

Shenlong Dragon Talents

Amber Shenlong Dragon

Ivory Shenlong Dragon

Jade Shenlong Dragon


Onyx Shenlong Dragon

Ruby Shenlong Dragon

Miscellaneous Items

In the process of opening packs, I received lots of the usual suspects: various 1-day mounts, pet snacks, reagents, seeds, and treasure cards. The treasure card-versions of Goat Monk, Ninja Pigs and Samoorai are the best drops here, as they can be used to craft the spells if you are unlucky with spellement drops. Purchase the recipes from Master Yan Kan Kook in Shirataki Temple.


This pack is one of the few sources of the ultimate collector’s item – bobbleheads!

  • Falmea Bobblehead
  • Greyrose Bobblehead
  • Plague Oni Bobblehead
  • Samoorai Bobblehead
  • War Oni Bobblehead

Other bobbleheads can be found in packs, such as the Keeper’s Spellemental Pack, Shaman’s Spellemental Pack, and Knight’s Spellemental Pack, or in fishing chests. For all the details, check out our complete Bobblehead guide.

Other Housing Items

  • Blue Sword Display
  • Futon Cushion
  • Mooshu Combat Theme
  • Mooshu Haunted Theme
  • Mooshu Main Theme
  • Ornate Round Vase
  • Pointed Boulder
  • Serpent Obelisk
  • Solar Obelisk
  • Stepping Stones
  • Stone Cairn
  • Tea Ladle
  • Tea Plant

Final Thoughts

Obviously, the main reason for buying this pack is the Lore spellements. The four spells are useful in both PvP and PvE, and a must-have for any spell collector. However, I think the gear in this pack is seriously under-rated stitch gear. In particular, the robes are now my new favorite. My wizard is pictured below in the full Imperial Court Set, with the Thunder Chasing Spear and Onyx Shenlong Dragon.

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