Rententen Boss Guide

With the new world of Novus in Wizard101, a whole new set of max level gear has been released, called Aeon gear. The drops of this gear have been spread out between various bosses throughout Novus. Rententen is a boss located in La Ville Rose who will drop the new boots.

Accessing Rententen

To get to Rentenen you will need to complete a series of side quests. The side quest is given by Lassie in New Vicorgia. After completing a few other pre-quests, you will be challenged to fight Rententen himself.


Rententen will spawn with 2 life minions that have 4,360 health and 1 myth minion with 3,270 health. Below are the stats and spells that the boss will use.



Rank 22 Boss

Classification: Dog












Hover or Tap stats for more details




To get the best boots for level 160 you best believe Rententen will have some cheats to stop you. The following cheats will play out during the fight:

“Bad timing”– When Rententen is hit he will heal back to full health
“You can’t spy on a legendary spy”– After Rententen’s minions are defeated he will add a legendary spy spell to each wizards hand
“Take your shot” On this turn Rententen will cheat cast an aura that allows him to take damage. He will also cast snowball barrage on this turn
“Missed your chance” At the end of the turn, Rententen will remove his Aura preventing him from taking damage again


The strategy for this fight is pretty interesting. Basically, you first need to kill the minions. After the minions are defeated, you will be given the spy spell which one person will need to cast on the boss. Once this has been done, simply wait for Rententen to use snowball barrage and then attack him. Here is a quick farming guide that can take as little as 4 turns. Note that the round you kill is very dependent on RNG.

Wizard one Wizard two Wizard three Minion Killer
Round one Blade minion killer Blade minion killer Blade minion Killer AOE
Round two Blade self or feint boss Blade self or feint boss Blade self or feint boss Blade self or feint boss
Round three Legendary spy on boss Blade self or feint boss Blade self or feint boss Blade self or feint boss
Round four and on Hit once boss uses Snowball Barrage Hit once boss uses Snowball Barrage Hit once boss uses Snowball Barrage Hit once boss uses Snowball Barrage


Rententen has many different drops. The main drop from this boss is the Aeon and Masterpiece boots. Aeon boots are the tier one boots and Masterpiece boots are the boots that are used to craft the Aeon boots. The recipe to craft aeon boots is 9 Masterpiece boots (of any school), 67 Pixels, and 20 Polygons. The boss also drops spellements for Karamelle, Lemuria, and Novus spells. Various new jewels and pins for level 160 will also drop from this fight. On top of that the occasional Azoth TC can also be dropped from this boss.


Overall, this fight is not too difficult and is actually pretty unique with the cheats. If you are looking for an upgrade to your Merciless boots, I would definitely recommend giving this boss a try.

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  • I haven’t tested this, but a friend of mine said that if you have a team full of fires, you can have 3 fires use scald and the last one use incindiate after they attack to circumvent the cheat.

    • Update: KI updated this so the method of circumvention is no longer effective. Disregard

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