Holiday 2022 Costume Stitch Contest

This year AboveTheBeat will a hosting a in person stitch contest alongside a virtual stitch submission contest! On Friday Dec. 30th at 7pm MST (6pm PST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST) at, you will be able to participate in and watch the stitch contest! ATB and other special guests will be judging the contests and giving away crown prizes to the top 3 stitches, as well some other random giveaways during the stream!

If you would like to be in our live event, please submit your Wizard101 name and discord name and number to this Google Form.

Can’t make the in person event? Good news! We will be running an asynchronous contest with the same top prizes as well! Please submit up to 2 screenshots of your stitch to When submitting your screenshot(s), do not edit them beyond cropping. (Don’t forget to add a title to your stitch.)

Please only join either the live event or the screenshot submission, not both and only one wizard per person.

For the live event, please show up 15 minutes early so we can teleport you to the house! (we will have someone in the Centaur realm Commons to teleport you)

Both in game signups and picture submissions must be completed by Thursday Dec. 29th at 11:59 PM EST. Winners of the asynchronous contest will be selected on Dec. 31st.

Live Event Signups

Structure and Prizes

The live event will consist of viewing everyone’s stitch, then our judge panel will select the top 8 to move on to a final round. The top three stitches will win prizes!

The three best in person stitches will receive 10,000 Crowns! There will also be special random giveaways and participation prizes!

For email submissions the top three stitches will receive 10,000 Crowns as well! 5 runners up with get a pack!

Stitch Suggestions

I was blown away with the creativity of the Halloween stitch contest so I am excited to see what everyone comes up with for the holidays! There is no specific theme, but some good ideas could be ice/snow of course, holiday wear, presents, etc.


Congratulations to the 3 winners of the in-person and virtual contests! We had dozens of awesome entries across the live and virtual contests, but after much deliberation, these 6 entries were chosen as the winners.

Virtual Submission

Kelly Blood, Toymaker
Iridian Willow, Snow Miser
Ashley DragonTamer, Nutcracker

Live Contest

Wolf Dragonheart, Candy Cane on a Christmas Tree
Alexis Mist, Mouse King from The Nutcracker
Tiffany Wintertail, Christmas Rockstar

Happy Holidays! If you have any questions about our holiday stitch contest, please ask in the comments.

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