Wizard101 Cantrips Levelling Guide

Cantrips can provide some fun benefits, such as a second X mark and the ability to walk through enemies without being pulled into battle. However, anyone who has tried to increase their Cantrips rank will tell you that there is a huge investment of both energy and reagents. Worry not – this cantrips levelling guide will show you how to achieve the highest rank using the fewest possible resources!

What are Cantrips, you ask? Check out our Introductory Guide to Cantrips for all the basics.

Before You Start…

You will only gain XP by using Cantrip spells that are the same rank as you. The amount of XP gained is the same as the energy requirement. If you are aiming to increase your rank, make sure you don’t waste time or energy using lower-ranked spells. There are some world completion requirements for higher ranks, so make sure your wizard is a high enough level to reach the top ranks.

Where needed, this guide will show you up to three options per rank:

  • The Cheapest Route: using minimal reagents, gold and energy (recommended for most players)
  • The Fishing Route: using minimal reagents, gold and energy, but using fish as reagents when possible (recommended for avid fishers)
  • The Fastest Route: using more reagents than is necessary, for faster levelling (not recommended unless you have lots of reagents or crowns to spare)

The optimal route for each person will vary, depending on how many reagents you have. The total cost in energy, gold, reagents and/or fish for each route is calculated at the end of this page.

Rank 1 – Cantrip Novice

Requirements: Level 25+

Talk to Abner K. Doodle in The Wizard City Commons. He will give you the quest Cantrips101, which gives you rank 1 and takes you to the Cantrips trainer, Hampshire Buttersfield, in Wysteria.

Rank 2 – Cantrip Apprentice

Requirements: 50 XP, 50 energy

In Wysteria, complete the quest Cantrips102 from Hampshire Buttersfield. The quest requires 6 energy.

Cheapest Route: After the quest, the most energy-efficient way to reach rank 2 is to cast Magic Touch 8 times, and then cast Flip or School Symbol 4 times.

Fastest Route: You can cast Magic Touch 9 times, using 1 extra energy but saving cooldown time.

Note: after the Fall 2022 update, Magic Touch no longer costs energy when used in non-Guild houses.

Rank 3 – Cantrip Initiate

Requirements: 100 XP, 100 energy, gold or reagents

Cheapest Route: You will need Rainmaker, Paper, Rock or Scissors spells. They each provide 2 XP, so you will need to cast them 50 times. Each spell costs 3,000 gold to buy from Hampshire, but if you are low on gold, you only need to purchase one. The Invisibility and Teleportation spells are also viable, but have longer cooldown times.

Fastest Route: Your options are Heal and Mana I (7 TC for 15 XP each) or Healing II (5 TC for 20 XP each).

  • Heal and Mana I will require 56 black lotus, 21 black pearl, 56 deep mushroom, 175 glass vial, 28 nightshade.
  • Healing II will require 10 Dagger of Absolution, 20 ancient scroll, 20 acorn, 30 crystal vial, 20 diamond, 30 lava lily, 10 nightshade, 70 ore, 150 ruby, 120 stone block.

Rank 4 – Cantrip Adept

Requirements: 200 XP, 200 energy, gold or reagents

Cheapest Route: Your best option is to buy Roll Dice from Hampshire and cast it 100 times for 2 XP each time.

Fastest Route: The best option is Mana II (10 TC for 20 XP each), which requires 10 Ring of Insight, 300 black coal, 120 deep mushroom, 40 diamonds, 40 fire blossom, 100 ghost fire, 120 mist wood, 80 ore, 140 parchment, 140 sandstone.

Rank 5 – Cantrip Master

Requirements: 300 XP, 300 energy, reagents or fish, complete Celestia

Unfortunately there are no rank 4 buyable spells, so you will need to use treasure cards. Use the Cantrips Crafting Station to craft them. You must complete Celestia and obtain the “Astrologist” badge to craft all three treasure cards.

Cheapest Route: Sneak (15 TC for 20 XP each) requires 15 blood moss, 15 sunstone, 15 water lily.

Fishing Route: Fishing Luck II (10 TC for 30 XP each) requires 10 Oil Drum and 10 Fire School of Fish.

Fastest Route: Heal and Mana II (10 TC for 30 XP each) requires 20 aether, 20 aquamarine, 80 black lotus, 30 black pearl, 80 deep mushroom, 250 glass vial, 50 kelp, 40 nightshade, 50 shell.

Rank 6 – Cantrip Grandmaster

Requirements: 400 XP, 420 energy, reagents, complete Avalon

This rank also requires crafting treasure cards. You can choose between Healing III and Mana III. Each gives 30 XP, so you will need 14 TC. The reagents are similar, but I recommend Mana III, to save your precious stone blocks and nightshade for later ranks. You must complete Avalon and obtain the “Hero of Avalon” badge to craft both these treasure cards.

Cheapest Route: Mana III requires 14 Ring of Insight, 420 black coal, 168 deep mushroom, 56 diamond, 112 fire blossom, 112 frost flower, 140 ghost fire, 56 grendelweed,  84 lava lily, 168 mist wood, 112 ore, 196 parchment, 196 sandstone.

Alternative: Healing III requires 28 Dagger of Absolution, 56 acorn, 70 agave leaves, 28 agave nectar, 56 ancient scroll, 84 crystal vial, 70 deep mushroom, 56 diamond, 84 lava lily, 112 nightshade, 196 ore, 420 ruby, 336 stone block.

Rank 7 – Cantrip Legend

Requirements: 500 XP, 480 energy, gold or reagents, complete Khrysalis

Cheapest Route: The last buyable spells are now available from Hampshire: Second Mark and Second Recall. You will need to mark a second spot (2 XP) and recall it 16 times (30 XP each) to get to rank 7. You must complete Khrysalis and obtain the “Child of Light and Shadow” badge to buy the Second Mark spells or craft the two treasure cards below.

Fishing Route: Fishing Luck III (11 TC for 45 XP each) requires 11 Grape Jellyfish and 11 Sword Stone Fish.

Fastest Route: Heal and Mana III (11 TC for 45 XP each) requires 22 aether, 22 aquamarine, 88 black lotus, 33 black pearl, 44 comet tail, 88 deep mushroom, 275 glass vial, 22 golden pearl, 55 kelp, 44 nightshade, 88 pearl, 55 shell, 11 stardust.

Rank 8 – Cantrip Champion

Requirements: 600 XP, 600 energy, reagents, complete Mirage

There is only one rank 7 Cantrip spell available, so your only option is to craft Healing IV treasure cards (15 TC for 40 XP each). You must complete Mirage and obtain the “Saviour of the Sands” badge to craft this treasure card.

The reagents needed are 30 Dagger of Absolution, 60 acorn, 75 agave leaves, 30 agave nectar, 60 ancient scroll, 120 antiquity, 90 crystal vial, 75 deep mushroom, 60 diamond, 30 fulgurite, 30 glass silver, 90 lava lily, 120 nightshade, 210 ore, 450 ruby, 360 stone block.

At Rank 7 you can also craft Sigil Support (Inspire) Cantrips from Raiden in the Guild House. These cost Azoth to craft, which is only recommended if you don’t need to upgrade your Guild House anymore.

Rank 9 – Cantrip Artisan

Requirements: 700 XP, 720 energy, reagents or fish, complete Karamelle

There are two options for rank 9, depending on whether you have fish to spare. Both provide 60 XP, so 12 TC are needed. You must complete Karamelle and obtain the “Most Valuable Customer” badge to craft both these treasure cards.

Cheapest Route: Heal and Mana IV requires 24 aether, 24 aethyr dust, 24 aethyr ore, 24 aquamarine, 96 black lotus, 36 black pearl, 48 comet tail, 96 deep mushroom, 300 glass vial, 24 golden pearl, 60 kelp, 48 nightshade, 96 pearl, 24 pretzel sticks, 60 shell, 12 stardust.

Fishing Route: Fishing Luck IV requires 12 Deep Bee Bass and 24 False Catshark.

Rank 10 – Cantrip Visionary

Requirements: 800 XP, 780 energy, and …?

Congratulations on reaching rank 9! As of the Spring Update 2022, there are no rank 9 Cantrip spells so rank 9 is the highest we can achieve. We know there will be future additions to Cantrips in the future, so stay tuned! We will update this page as needed.

Total Cost

Open each tab to see the total cost for achieving Cantrips rank 9 using each route. I highly recommend the Cheapest Route, unless you have some fish to use as reagents where applicable.

Energy: 2,870

Gold: 12,000


  • 60 acorn
  • 24 aethyr dust
  • 24 aethyr ore
  • 75 agave leaves
  • 30 agave nectar
  • 60 ancient scroll
  • 120 antiquity
  • 24 aquamarine
  • 420 black coal
  • 96 black lotus
  • 36 black pearl
  • 15 blood moss
  • 48 comet tail
  • 90 crystal vial
  • 30 Dagger of Absolution
  • 239 deep mushroom
  • 116 diamond
  • 112 fire blossom
  • 112 frost flower
  • 30 fulgurite
  • 140 ghost fire
  • 30 glass silver
  • 300 glass vial
  • 24 golden pearl
  • 56 grendelweed
  • 60 kelp
  • 174 lava lily
  • 168 mist wood
  • 168 nightshade
  • 322 ore
  • 196 parchment
  • 96 pearl
  • 24 pretzel sticks
  • 14 Ring of Insight
  • 450 ruby
  • 196 sandstone
  • 60 shell
  • 12 stardust
  • 360 stone block
  • 15 sunstone
  • 15 water lily

Energy: 2,870

Gold: 12,000


  • 12 Deep Bee Bass
  • 24 False Catshark
  • 10 Fire School of Fish
  • 11 Grape Jellyfish
  • 21 Icecuda
  • 10 Oil Drum
  • 7 Owl-Eyed Pike
  • 11 Sword Stone Fish


  • 60 acorn
  • 75 agave leaves
  • 30 agave nectar
  • 60 ancient scroll
  • 120 antiquity
  • 420 black coal
  • 90 crystal vial
  • 30 Dagger of Absolution
  • 243 deep mushroom
  • 116 diamond
  • 112 fire blossom
  • 112 frost flower
  • 30 fulgurite


  • 140 ghost fire
  • 30 glass silver
  • 56 grendelweed
  • 174 lava lily
  • 168 mist wood
  • 120 nightshade
  • 322 ore
  • 196 parchment
  • 14 Ring of Insight
  • 450 ruby
  • 196 sandstone
  • 360 stone block

Energy: 2,886

Gold: 0


  • 80 acorn
  • 66 aether
  • 24 aethyr dust
  • 24 aethyr ore
  • 75 agave leaves
  • 30 agave nectar
  • 80 ancient scroll
  • 120 antiquity
  • 66 aquamarine
  • 720 black coal
  • 264 black lotus
  • 102 black pearl
  • 92 comet tail
  • 120 crystal vial
  • 40 Dagger of Absolution
  • 627 deep mushroom
  • 176 diamond
  • 152 fire blossom
  • 112 frost flower
  • 30 fulgurite
  • 240 ghost fire
  • 30 glass silver
  • 825 glass vial
  • 46 golden pearl
  • 56 grendelweed
  • 165 kelp
  • 204 lava lily
  • 288 mist wood
  • 262 nightshade
  • 472 ore
  • 336 parchment
  • 184 pearl
  • 24 pretzel sticks
  • 24 Ring of Insight
  • 600 ruby
  • 336 sandstone
  • 165 shell
  • 23 stardust
  • 480 stone block

Top Tips

Overall, increasing your Cantrips rank is not an easy task. Despite this guide showing you the cheapest way to do it, the cheap way is still very expensive. To make things easier, my top tips are:

  • Invest in energy gear. With the best energy gear at high levels, you can have over 300 max energy! Click here to see how. This means you will have plenty of energy to tend your garden, train your pets, and level Cantrips all at once.
  • Hoard reagents. On your journey throughout the Spiral, I’m sure you’ve encountered many reagents. My top tip for everyone is to always grab any reagents you find, and never sell them! You never know when they will come in handy. For more info about where to find particular reagents, visit our Crafting Guide.
  • Use member benefits. Members are occasionally treated to Double Reagents and Zero Energy Fishing weekends, both of which will be useful when gathering reagents for crafting Cantrips treasure cards.
  • Make sure you have everything you need before starting the next rank. For example, after you achieve rank 5, I recommend crafting all the TC you will need to hit rank 6. Then, if you find yourself with some extra energy, you can use your TC wherever you are and you don’t have to make multiple trips back to Wysteria.

Now you have all the info you need to get that final Cantrips badge. Time to start gathering those reagents!

What do you think of the Cantrips rank requirements?
Are they too easy, too hard, or just right?
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Jennifer SoulStone

A Wizard101 player since 2010, Jennifer is a true completionist at heart. Since returning to the game in 2020, she has completed every quest, and is aiming to earn every badge. If there is something to collect, Jennifer is collecting it - including spells, pets, fish and music scrolls! You will usually find her participating in Beastmoon and Deckathalon, hunting down obscure badges, or helping others through the Team Up kiosk!


  • Hey just to say, all the Fishing Route requirements are wrong. It implies to make a Fishing Luck 2 TC you need to craft a Fishing Luck 1 TC, which isn’t the case currently. Not sure if it’s either they removed that or it was never the case in the first place.

    So Rank 5 needs to just be Fire School of Fish + Oil Drums;
    Rank 7 needs to be Grape Jellyfish + Sword Stone Fish and;
    Rank 9 needs to be Deep Bee Bass + False Catshark

    Posting this comment so that people don’t waste a couple hours catching all the Owl-Eye Pikes you don’t need beyond ranking up to rank 3.

  • I crafted and used all 12 Heal and Mana IV TCs to level up to level 9.. after using that last and final TC, I noticed I did not level up. I checked my progress bar and it remained at 0.

    • Oh no! Are you cantrips rank 8? Sounds like you may need to get in contact with KI if you didn’t gain any XP.

  • Rank 7 actually requires 512 Energy rather than the 480 that’s shown in the Guide. The amount of energy required can never be less than the amount of experience needed. There are two ways to get there. The first is to cast 16 Second Mark and Second Recall spells (16*2 + 16*30 = 512). The second is to cast 1 Second Mark and 17 Second Recall spells (2 + 17*30 = 512).

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. Using the method in the guide, you actually have 20 “extra” XP when you get to Rank 6. So Rank 6 requires 420 energy instead of 400, and Rank 7 requires 480 energy instead of 500.

  • Realistically those reagents are quite easy to obtain for the cheapest route. The hard part is the energy, either 10 EE’s or a week + of waiting for energy to restore.

  • What a horribly implemented feature. With such poor benefits to levelling, why would you ever spend the time or money?

    • I have to agree. The requirements are quite insane as well. How did they expect people to craft those ridiculous amounts before the requirements got nerfed? I really hope KI makes the radiance spells possible to train.

  • Oooh, very helpful, wasn’t expecting an article like this!

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