Spring Spellwrighting Contest 2022

We’re back with another Spellwrighting contest, but this time with an interesting twist. Join our contest to win some exciting prizes!

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Create one cheat spell that could be used by one of the bosses in the Spiral or by your own creature. 

  • Use spellwrighting tiers to show different variants of your spell
  • Your spell should have at least 2 spellwrighting tiers and 2 branches

Include a trigger of your cheat, a “phrase” that shows up on the screen if this cheats get activated, and the boss that this cheat would be used by (already existing boss or your own creature concept). Please keep this description at a reasonable length.

The Contest will run from May 10th until May 20th at 11:59 PM Eastern time.

Winners will be announced the next day on May 21st.

Your entry should be sent to  finalbastioncontests@gmail.com

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity – Be creative, don’t reuse already implemented cheat mechanics!
  • Balance – Although it’s a cheat spell contest, make sure your spell isn’t too weak or too strong. Eg. don’t make a spell that will remove all shields and blades and deal 1000 damage to everyone or a spell that creates -5% doom and gloom bubble.
  • Graphics – Create your spells either yourself in a graphics software or you can also use our new SpellMaker tool! (which is now capable of creating spellement paths).


1st Place- Sky City Bundle

2nd Place- 10,000 Crowns

3rd Place- 5,000 Crowns

4 Runner-Ups will receive a Heroes of Lemuria Pack

Let the Spring Spellwrighting contest 2022 begin!

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