Empyrea Level 130 Paradox Gear

The third arc finale hits the Spiral with Empyrea Part 2. However, that’s not all it brings! Along with this update we are introduced to three new main gear sets: Zanadu Dropped Gear, Alphoi Crafted Gear, and the top tier Paradox Dropped Gear that drops from various battles in Empyrea’s final area, the Husk.

You might notice that the Paradox gear is similar to the Alphoi set from Nimbus. However, not only is it similar, it’s exactly the same, down to the last health point! Some Wizard101 players always desired to have multiple sources to obtain particular gear. I strongly suspect that Kingsisle has listened to them by implementing this. Do note that you still need the Pure Aethyr reagent that drops from the bosses in Husk too. Nevertheless, two big differences between the two sets remain. The inability to craft the decks, and the appearance of the Paradox gear set is breathtaking!

If I may quote a friend, Jared Shadowbreaker, “a true endgame set!”.

The Paradox gear keeps building along the lines of Arc 3 worlds finale gear and the crafted set already presented in Empyrea Part 1. For a quick recap of the gear, you can revisit it by clicking the below links.

Paradox Gear Overview

We keep seeing stats shifting from different pieces:

  • The most noteworthy stats that keep moving around from the hat and boots are: pierce, power pip chance and accuracy
  • The robes and athames aren’t the most sought out pieces due to their highly defensive nature and lack of offense. Not to mention the triangle socket that is starting to vanish from athames.
  • The rings, amulets and decks are thought provoking… Interesting strategies await? Rings are similar to the Mimic’s rings with more critical, the amulets are mastery amulets and the decks are an improvement – so long as you don’t mind sacrificing max copies.

The drop sources have been verified to be different bosses in the Husk as marked below:

  • Astral Grove (Vigilant Sargun) – Hat and Boots
  • Elemental Grove (Arachna Magna Magus) – Deck and Athame
  • Spirit Grove (the Grim Brothers) – Amulets and Rings
  • Titan’s Trident – Robe and Wands



Divine Paradox Conical

Divine Paradox Vestment

Titan's Trident gear

Divine Paradox Boots

Divine Paradox Defenders

Titan's Trident gear

Divine Paradox Dagger

Divine Paradox Amulet

Divine Paradox Ring

Divine Paradox Deck


Balanced Paradox Conical

Balanced Paradox Vestment

Balanced Paradox Boots

Balanced Paradox Defenders

Titan's Trident gear

Balanced Paradox Dagger

Balanced Paradox Amulet

Titan's Trident gear

Balanced Paradox Ring

Balanced Paradox Deck


Deathly Paradox Conical

Deathly Paradox Vestment

Deathly Paradox Boots

Deathly Paradox Defenders

Titan's Trident gear

Deathly Paradox Dagger

Deathly Paradox Amulet

Deathly Paradox Ring

Deathly Paradox Deck


Fiery Paradox Conical

Fiery Paradox Vestment

Fiery Paradox Boots

Fiery Paradox Defenders

Fiery Paradox Dagger

Fiery Paradox Amulet

Fiery Paradox Ring

Fiery Paradox Deck


Icy Paradox Conical

Icy Paradox Vestment

Icy Paradox Boots

Icy Paradox Defenders

Icy Paradox Dagger

Icy Paradox Amulet

Icy Paradox Ring

Icy Paradox Deck


Lively Paradox Conical

Lively Paradox Vestment

Lively Paradox Boots

Lively Paradox Defenders

Lively Paradox Dagger

Lively Paradox Amulet

Lively Paradox Ring

Lively Paradox Deck


Mythic Paradox Conical

Mythic Paradox Vestment

Mythic Paradox Boots

Mythic Paradox Defenders

Mythic Paradox Dagger

Mythic Paradox Amulet

Mythic Paradox Ring

Mythic Paradox Deck


Stormy Paradox Conical

Stormy Paradox Vestment

Stormy Paradox Boots

Stormy Paradox Defenders

Stormy Paradox Dagger

Stormy Paradox Amulet

Stormy Paradox Ring

Stormy Paradox Deck

On the other hand, you should note that in each of these fights Pure Aethyr has been recorded to drop frequently, so crafted the gear can also be a viable option.

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  • donka mein fruend

  • For max storm stats aka ( 175 damage , 100 crit would you recommend dragoon gear or this? Also is there a second chance chest at the end of this battle?

  • I honestly did not know that the Stormy Paradox gear would be better than the malistare’s (darkmoor) gear, how ever, i’m a level 63 storm wizard and planning on getting to at least avalon before my membership ends.

  • The only piece of gear that you cannot get from the side dungeons is the robe which is only dropped by the Trident.

  • Can someone please tell me, who drops the rings?

    • As highlighted above, the rings drop from the Grim brothers aka the Rat and the Scorpion in the Spiritual Grove.

  • Is there a confirmed drop of the mythic paradox deck from the elemental grove? All I see that I could use is the universal 😢

    • Yea, I can confirm it drops there. It didn’t take that long for me, but I managed to get it 🙂

  • I got the Ice ring while questing and I was surprised that it’s better than the mimic one in terms of critical!

  • Woah, I had no clue the paradox gear dropped from the other bosses in the area, thanks for the info!

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