Grizzleheim Lore Pack

Life wizards, rejoice! The Grizzleheim Lore Pack has the answer you’ve all been searching for… the Ratatoskr’s Spin! This pack is available in the Crown Shop from August 2019 for the regular pack price of 399 crowns. Take a look below as we explore the unique items found within, as well as some other goodies that might be of interest to you.


Introducing 3 new lore spells – Ratatoskr’s Spin, Hammer of Thor and Grendel’s Amends! Needless to say, these are some of the most anticipated spells of the game. Life finally gets a 4 pip AoE attack and Myth gets a heal. They might all need some balancing out, but its a huge step in the right direction!

These spells are also available via spellements from King Borr in Grizzleheim.

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Similar to other pack gear, the gear found in the Grizzleheim Lore Pack is, how shall we say it… interesting. The stats are nothing out of this world, but they sure are aimed towards the more offensive stats, save for the robes. One thing that caught my attention is the Storm spell on Odin’s Helm, Power Current. This spell gives an ally or yourself (depending who you target) between 1 to 4 regular pips. Furthermore, it turns any noob pips into power pips if the target has full pips. The thing with it is that it costs 0 pips to cast, so you are technically making pips out of nothing, not even mana. Take a look at all the level 130 gear below!

Allfather's Gear SetOdin's Gear SetWotan's Gear Set

Allfather’s Gear Set

Odin’s Gear Set

Wotan’s Gear Set


Some powerful wands, but honestly not my first choice for a weapon. Nowadays, there are some truly noteworthy improvements that render these wands unremarkable. On the other hand, the may cast spell that they all share is thought provoking. It deals 750 storm damage and gives a 25% Aegis protected Balance Blade. Additionally, Odin’s Gungnir weapon only has 3 wand hits, compared to the others that all have 6. While I understand that the weapon is for Ice and Storm and having a Storm wand cast can be powerful since the may cast is also Storm, it should be balanced out somehow.

Note: Currently, Wrath of Zeus targets the wizard that cast it rather than the enemy it was cast on.

Allfather’s Gungnir

Odin’s Gungnir

Wotan’s Gungnir


This pack is loaded with brand new and already seen pets, and from our pack openings we got plenty of the new ones! Meet Fenrir, Fenris and Fenric – three extremely similar pets in nature and in name. Check out their looks and stats below. If you have any of the talent information for these pets, let us know so we can update the article and credit you. Additionally, you can also obtain the Night Hawk, Raven, Pesky Beetle, Harpy and Imp pets from this pack.



  • PiP O’Plenty
  • Sharp-Shot
  • Sharp-Eye
  • Tower Shield
  • Snowborn
  • Mana Gift
  • Critical Striker
  • Critical Hitter
  • Armor Breaker
  • Armor Piercer



  • Sharp-Shot
  • Stun Recalcitrant
  • Fire Assailant
  • Ally Glacial Shield
  • Balance-Ward
  • Storm-Ward
  • Critical Striker
  • Get Sunbird
  • Fire-Dealer
  • Armor Breaker



  • Defender
  • Pain-Giver
  • Critical Striker
  • Piercemonger
  • Myth-Ward
  • Death-Ward
  • Myth Assailant
  • Myth-Dealer
  • Myth-Sniper
  • Armor Piercer

Grizzleheim Furniture

The Grizzleheim Lore Pack also comes with plenty of furniture items both new and old. Check out some of the highlights below for you housing decorators. Moreover, you will find that some really useful reagents drop, such as Brass, Steel, Black Pearl, Sunstone, Spring and Fossil.

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  • Are you saying that you can get the spell, the actual spell, Ratatoskr’s Spin from the lore packs? I bought a ton of them as you stated and got the cards, not the spell though, them like upgrade cards. I want the actual spell so i can cast the silly thing. Cannot upgrade what I do not have.

    • You can get spellements from the pack, once you get 35 you can unlock the spell.

  • Catch of the Day for 5pips is farm-able, disarms 2x blades, has 70% accuracy, and hits for 550-600. Thor seems inferior in every way.

  • Spells themselves are great, the fact they’re behind a paywall is just scummy, make it farmable, or make it purchasable upfront at the very least, they’d get more customers spending money to get things they want directly. A lot of people turn their noses up at the scummy loot boxes and just dont spend money on them at all, but would happily directly buy the stuff thats in them, thats money lost and its not a wise business decision

  • I think it’s about 5 years too late to complain about this, but I’m not in love with KI’s strategy of taking spells that should have been in the game from day one and basically selling them. Actually, I would rather they just sell them than what they’re actually doing, which is making people gamble for them. Packs should be a way to get unique and interesting items, not powerful, necessary spells that will make dramatically easier – like, perhaps twice as easy – for certain schools.

    The idea that the Ratatoskr’s Spin is literally the difference between whether soloing as life is pretty decent or really tedious, and that that spell is only available by paying real money on top of buying a membership or paying to unlock areas, seems like a bad plan.

  • –Storm spell needs at least like 100 more base damage.
    –Myth spell is alright considering you can just critical at high level with it, while using a life mastery for satyr anyways at low level. Myth doesn’t need a heal at low level like other hitter schools. Just train Satyr. It’s real utility comes in use later for higher level worlds/pvp.
    –Life is a mighty fine.

    • You don’t have to pay for a 4 pip AOE for Life. The Kookaburra pet in the kiosk offers Windstorm for 4 pips. I soloed using only this spell all the way up to Zafaria where it became necessary to use Forest Lord.

  • I wish there would be a balance spell too

  • life doing as much as meteor is fine its a lore spell
    Storm needs to do 535 or so or just make it 565 with
    myth is a joke to me

  • I dont understand why Ratataskors spin does as much as meteor. Not saying its OP but its just interesting.

    Storm spell is useless. Lol.

    If the myth spell was 4 pips with the 675 or 5 pips for like 775 then it would arguably make myth a super potent school in PvP. Allowing it to be one of the few schools with an in house reliable/solid (solid as in all at once) heal. But in its state right now there is no reason to use it over satyr at lower levels. And at max it wont heal enough for 5 pips to justify using it.

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