Pet Promenade Event Overview

Are you looking for a break from questing, or points for your Scroll of Fortune? Wizard101 keeps us busy with a new event every week, with unique tasks and rewards. Click on the Gamma the Owl icon in the top right corner to get started. We’ve already talked about Beastmoon Hunt, Beastmoon Mayhem, Deckathalon, Spiral Scene and Spiral Showcase. This week, it’s time to focus on the Pet Promenade!

What is the Pet Promenade?

The Pet Promenade event is intended to reward you for something you might be doing anyway: training pets! Many players will already be hatching pets, playing pet games, and feeding their pets snacks on a daily basis. Even if you aren’t training a pet at the moment, this week is a great time to start. By completing any of the Pet Promenade tasks while the event is active, you receive special event points. When you accumulate a certain number of these points, you can unlock unique rewards. These special event points also count towards the Scroll of Fortune, which is a great incentive!

If you are brand new to pet training and want to know the basics before you begin, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Wizard101 Pets for all the info you need.

Points & Activities

As mentioned above, the Pet Promenade will reward you for performing pet-related activities, including hatching pets, playing pet games and feeding pet snacks! Each task will reward you with a different number of points. You can get a maximum of 125 points per day. The top reward will unlock at 500 points, so make sure you are logging in for at least 4 days of the week if you intend to get it. Because the event runs Tuesday-Tuesday, you can earn up to 1,000 points total.

Before you begin, you will need some gold, some energy, and some pet snacks. If you don’t have any, you can purchase decent pet snacks in the Bazaar. You absolutely do NOT need energy gear, lots of gold, or mega snacks to participate. But, if you are interested, we have some great guides on achieving max energy and ways to earn gold.

  • Win a pet game (25 points per day) – Each win will give you 5 points, for a maximum of 5 games per day. Skipping a pet game will not count towards this task, so you will actually have to play it! Any pet game will count, so pick your favorite of the 6 currently available. Make sure you also feed your pet a snack afterwards, to count towards the next task!
  • Feed pet snack (25 points per day) – This goes hand-in-hand with winning pet games. However, if you’ve already won all your games for the day, you can also skip to just the snack feeding. Points are awarded based on your pet’s current maturity level. Baby pets receive 1 point per snack, Teen pets receive 2 points per snack, Adult pets receive 3 points per snack, Ancient pets receive 4 points per snack, and Epic or Mega pets receive 5 points per snack. Because of the increasing energy required to play pet games and feed pet snacks, all pets between Baby and Epic will earn the same number of points per energy.
  • Hatch a pet (25 points per day) – This task gives you the most points in one go, but will require some gold to be spent. Luckily, hatching pets is easy. Either go inside the Hatchery to hatch two pets of your own together, or to hatch with another person. You can also find pets in the Hatching Kiosk. If you want to save gold, hatching two of your own adult pets together is one of the cheapest options. You can only earn points for hatching once per day.
  • Feed pet snacks for happiness (25 points per day) – Do this by clicking the pet icon in the lower left, above the purple elixirs. You will receive 1 point per snack XP, for a maximum of 25 points per day. There is no benefit to using mega snacks, so use lower rank snacks to preserve your supplies. This won’t cost any energy or gold. If you have a Deckathalon pet or another pet with a Will Cast talent, I suggest feeding the snacks to them.
  • Play Pet Derby (25 points per day) – Reintroducing pet derby! Interact with the kiosks in the Pet Pavilion to join a derby race with your currently equipped pet. Both Practise and Ranked races will award you points when you complete them, for 5 points per derby for up to 5 per day.

The Rewards

The more points you have, the more rewards you get! If you are earning the maximum 100 points per day, then you will unlock at least one reward every day. Let’s see what you can expect at each milestone.

  • 20 points – 1,000 Gold
  • 40 points – 3 Snacks from Snack Pack
  • 80 points – Hatching Elixir
  • 120 points – Purreau’s Potion #9
  • 180 points – 5,000 Gold
  • 240 points – Next Hatch Free Elixir
  • 320 points – Grilled Cheese Recipe + 4 Cheese Snacks
  • 400 points – 4-6 Random Elemental and Spirit Pet Tokens
  • 500 points – Energy Elixir

Are they worth it? At first glance, these prizes might not seem like much. However, considering that you only need ~50 energy, a little gold, some pet snacks, and a few minutes out of your day, I say that they are more than worth it! You might be doing some of these activities daily anyway, so it’s nice to have some extra rewards just for playing. Of course, if your main goal is to gather points for the Scroll of Fortune, then this is one of the easiest and quickest events to participate in!

For all you badge hunters out there, playing pet games will count towards the Minigame badges too!

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