Arcane Express Bundle

All aboard wizards! Wizard101 introduces a new $29 bundle, this time it’s a train-themed energy bundle named Arcane Express Bundle. Just like the previous ‘houseless’ bundles, the Arcane Express Bundle Gift Card costs $29 from Gamestop. For that price, you get a nice energy set and other train-themed items. This bundle includes:

  • Arcane Engineer Outfit
  • Arcane Whistle Staff
  • Chipmunk Conductor Pet
  • Lil’ Steam Engine Mount
  • Arcane Train Set
  • 5,000 Crowns or one month membership

Arcane Engineer Outfit

The gear is fairly simple, each piece gives some energy, 3 item cards, and no other stats. You can get up to 82 energy at level 150, making it an easy way to massively boost your energy. The item cards change slightly at levels 40, 60 and 110. But one item card stays the same – the Summon Locomaton minion.

The Locomaton minion is PvE only so you can’t use it in PvP duels. It knows these following spells:

  • Black Mantle
  • Donate Power
  • Dragonblade
  • Power Nova
  • Mass Feint

Arcane Engineer Outfit Design

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Any Level)

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Level 10+)

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Level 20+)             

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Level 30+)

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Level 40+)

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Level 50+)

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Level 60+)

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Level 70+)

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Level 80+)

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Level 90+)

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Level 100+)

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Level 110+)

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Level 120+)

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Level 130+)

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Level 140+)

Arcane Engineer Outfit (Level 150+)

Arcane Whistle Staff

This wand offers 14 energy at max tier. It doesn’t have a wand hit and gives the same 3 item cards at every level – Mend Minion, Shield Minion and Conductor’s Whistle, which can be used in combination with the Locomaton minion.







Arcane Whistle Staff Design

Arcane Whistle Staff (Any Level)

Arcane Whistle Staff (Level 10+)

Arcane Whistle Staff (Level 20+)

Arcane Whistle Staff (Level 30+)

Arcane Whistle Staff (Level 40+)

Arcane Whistle Staff (Level 50+)

Arcane Whistle Staff (Level 60+)

Arcane Whistle Staff (Level 70+)

Arcane Whistle Staff (Level 80+)

Arcane Whistle Staff (Level 90+)

Arcane Whistle Staff (Level 100+)

Arcane Whistle Staff (Level 110+)

Arcane Whistle Staff (Level 120+)

Arcane Whistle Staff (Level 130+)

Arcane Whistle Staff (Level 140+)

Arcane Whistle Staff (Level 150+)

Set Bonuses

Chipmunk Conductor Pet

Chipmunk Conductor Talents


  • Efficient
  • Fishing Luck
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • Add Health
  • ???
  • Spiritual Retriever
  • Big Energy


  • ???
  • Bomber
  • Stonewall
  • ???
  • ???
  • Restore
  • ???
  • ???
  • Big Boost
  • Shh!

Lil’ Steam Engine Mount


Arcane Train Set

This 4-piece train set can be placed in your dorm or house, you can use the Pet Bread Crumbs to set a specific path to the train.


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a bundle to boost-up your energy, then the Arcane Express Bundle might be what you’re looking for. It offers decent energy stats and a 15% speed bonus when you have 6 pieces of the Arcane Engineer’s Set equiped.

Here’s the Arcane Whistle Staff from the Arcane Express Bundle. It was fun to mashup various train bits into a staff. @Wizard101 #Wizard101 #videogames #conceptart #trains

Here’s the Chipmunk Conductor Pet from the Arcane Express Bundle.@Wizard101#wizard101 #concepart #videogames #cute

Adam Roush

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