Hatchmaking: What is it good for?


What is Hatchmaking?

Hatchmaking is the largest part of the spring update and a huge upgrade in the way wizards acquire pets. It allows wizards to offer their pets for hatching and to hatch with pets any wizard has offered. It’s basically a service which serves as a supplement to the traditional hatching method. Look at it as a library, just that instead of books you’re browsing pets. Hatchmaking is a tool that has the potential to turn pet noobies into mighty beasts.

However, in order to get the most use out of hatchmaking certain other activities are recommended:

  1. HatchMaking - energy gearGardening: This is the most important thing when dealing with pets. Get yourself some Couch Potatoes or Evil Magma Peas seeds and start rolling with an unlimited supply of Mega Snacks.
  2. Gold farming: If you create yourself a nice garden you’ll already have a steady supply of gold. But sometimes this isn’t enough. Creating a perfect pet is an expensive hobby and sometimes you’ll need a LOOOOOT of gold. Halfang Bristleclaw in Vestrilund is a popular farming location, so make sure to pay him a visit.
  3. Proper equipment: The first thing to do here is buy yourself the Red Barn Farm to get a “permanent like” for your plants. Getting yourself energy gear is a good idea as well and if you feel extra adventurous, go ahead and make your very own stacked garden!

How to offer your pet?

If you’d like to help others, visit the Hatchmaking Kiosk and click “offer pets”. You’ll see a list of your pets that are eligible for hatching on the right side and details about the selected pet on the left. Once you’re satisfied with your choice, simply press “Offer pet”. You can only place 5 pets in a Kiosk at once so choose wisely!

There are some other limitations as well. If your pet is hatched 10 times in the span of one week it will be removed from Kiosk until you put it back again. Another limitation is that your pet will become unavailable in the Kiosk for one hour after someone uses it to hatch.

HatchMaking - crafting elixirsYour reward for helping others comes in form of Hatch Peppers, a brand new reagent. You’ll get 1 every time someone hatches with your pet or if one week passes without anyone hatching with your pet. You’ll be able to use these reagents on new recipes from Doctor Purreau. Here’s a list of things you can craft by using the new reagent.

  • HatchMaking Kiosk
  • Regular snacks
  • Elixirs (Reset hatching timer, hatch all egs or next hatch free)

Managing your own pets in the kiosk

Clicking “Manage pets” will open a control panel with your currently active pets that are in the Kiosk. The first column is the number of hatches with your pet, followed by your pet’s name and type. The last column is your status, which is basically the cooldown time until your pet can be hatched again (max 1 hour).

Below you have three buttons. Remove one pet, remove all pets and my hatches. By selecting your pet in the list and then clicking this button, you’ll be able to see all pets that were used to be hatched with yours (right side of the new window). On the left side, you can choose any of your pets and hatch with a pet that was used to hatch with yours. Be careful though, if someone used a crown pet to hatch with you, you’ll need to pay gold and crowns for the hatch. If a Crowns pet is already listed in your Pet Tome, there will be no Crowns cost for hatching that pet. (If you manage to obtain 200 hatch peppers and craft “next hatch free elixir” let us know if it’ll work for crown hatches or is it only for ones that cost gold.)

HatchMaking - crown hatch

Browse pets

This is probably the most complex part of the HatchMaking Kiosk, but it’s also pretty self-explanatory. You choose the school of a pet by clicking the school symbol on the top. The kiosk will offer you some basic information about the currently selected pet as well a list of all available school pets that are currently in Kiosk. Just browse through the list and when you find the pet type you want, click on “Browse pets by type”.

On the left side of the window you can cycle through your pets, while on the right side you’ll see all the pets of the chosen type that are currently in Kiosk. If you’re not satisfied with the offer, just click back and choose another pet type.

If you want, you can also search pets with the highest pedigree, but our recommendation is that you don’t spend too much time here if you’re creating a new pet. Pedigree basically means the rarity of the talents. The higher it is, the rarer talents pet has. However, rare talents aren’t always the best. For example, school giver (6% school damage) is one of the better talents out there and it’s only an uncommon talent.

Finding the right pet in the sea of pets

HatchMaking - kioskRule 1 when creating a new pet is that you should always focus on talents. Only when you have all 5 talents you like should you go ahead and transfer them to a pet with a good card or a nice look. Of course, if you find a perfect pet with perfect talents you should use it for a hatch, but if that’s not available go ahead and focus on getting the right talents first.

Now the question becomes, how to choose which talent/card combinations are right for you? While every pet has potential to have amazing talents, there are simply some pets with a higher density of good talent combinations. These are often pets that give a blade/feint card or another useful card for PvE. If you’re looking for pets with good PvP talents your work will be even easier

Just lurk around the Arena and observe what kind of pets Warlords have. You’ll notice certain patterns – there aren’t many different pets that warlords use. Either that, or check our articles with most popular pets, broken down by schools. Just pick the school that interests you and you’ll see the most popular pets that warlords use:

•  Best balance PvP pets  •
  Best myth PvP pets  
  Best death PvP pets  
  Best ice PvP pets  
  Best fire PvP pets  
  Best storm PvP pets  
  Best life PvP pets  


– If I offer my pets for hatchmaking, can I still use them in battle?

Yes! Offering your pet for hatchmaking puts a copy of that pet in the Kiosk. Your actual pet remains in your inventory and can be used as usual.

– If someone hatches with my pets in the kiosk do I get charged?

No! People can choose to hatch with your pets at no cost to you. The only time you incur a cost is if you choose to hatch with a pet that hatched with yours.


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Jeremy Ravenhunter

Originally from the .uk server, Jeremy migrated to .us, seeking new challenges. His first school was Death and it has remained his favourite throughout the years. He loves Legendary PvP and is never afraid to try new and crazy things. With good analytical skills and a deep understanding about game mechanics, Jeremy is able to break down many tough and complicated situations.


  • Every time I use the hatchmaking kiosk to make a pet, it always come up as my original pet, is there a way to get the other pet? For example, I used my sea dragon and hatched with any other type and the result is another sea dragon.

    • I think you have to choose a pet that’s lower rank than your pet, like if you’re mega go for an epic or something
      I got a fire armament this way, although I didn’t realize how till after.
      That’s my best guess, hope it works.

    • Your chances of getting either body type is roughly 50/50, though some body types seem to be more dominant, its really just a matter of luck!

  • I would really like to see Effreet offered. I have been researching the game for quest bosses pets talents etc for years. including hybrids. I eventually hatched a “Reaver” with a death blade talent. this is some kind of glitch after 20 or so times, as wriath and hydra gives death reaper and balance darkreaver. Reaver is a life/ balnce mix.
    anyways I have all mixes with bone dragon except with effreet. I need magma dragon.

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