Fall Scroll of Fortune – Worth It?

Kingsisle gave us the Fall Scroll of Fortune as a final feature in the Summer 2019 test realm. The overall perception in the community was really good, except one thing: the price. In this article, we’ll focus only on rewards you unlock by purchasing the Fall Scroll of Fortune, skipping the free ones. But first, let’s start with a few short facts about it:

  • Every special event point earned counts towards your total. That includes Deckathalons, Spiral Showcase and Beastmoon Hunt events.
  • Price and rewards are bound to character and not the account
  • It’s a seasonal event. It lasts 90 days and is named “Fall…” We can expect a different one in winter, spring and summer.

In the following section, we’re going to review the purchasable rewards, calculate their total value, and at the end draw a conclusion as to whether they’re worth the price or not.


Tier 2

Myth Deckathalon Rune Pack – The first reward you can obtain through the bought fall Scroll of Fortune is this rune pack. I’m not sure what the general perception of these packs is, but overall it’s not the most appealing thing on the list. Highlight of the pack is definitely a Superior rune – a rare reagent which is required to craft the Ultimate Hands of Fate.

1 Mega snack from Mega-Snack Pack –ย  => 2 Mega snacks from Mega-Snack Pack – If we split the Mega-Snack pack into seven pieces, we would get a price of 357 crowns for one mega snack. It’s a nice addition to have along the way, but buying (or farming for) a few plants that drop mega snacks will remove the need for this method of obtaining mega snacks.

Death Ninja Pig Gold Statuette – Now this one is definitely interesting. We can’t put a price on it, but it’s a must have reagent if you want to participate in the Beastmoon Hunt as a Ninja pig. Currently there is no other known way of obtaining it and you need this one to unlock Tier 1 of Ninja pig beast.

Tier 3

Moolinda’s Green Thumb Pack – For the price of 625 crowns you receive 7 gardening treasure cards. These aren’t ordinary cards, since they take care of ALL indoor or outdoor plants. Even if you’re not a heavy gardener, you can probably get some empowers or other rare treasure cards in return.

Deckathalon Fire Rune Pack – Same as the Deckathalon myth rune pack discussed above.

=> 3 Rare Deckathalon Runes

Guardian Wall Sapphire – This one is a May-Cast tower shield pet jewel; it doesn’t have a crown price tag and to my knowledge doesn’t exist in game yet. It’s not a must-have jewel, but it’s definitely a nice one to have if you’re making a defensive pet.

Tier 4

Rockhammer’s Jewel Pack – This is the first reward where I’d actually prefer to see a different pack. Rockhammer’s Jewel pack always seemed to be little underwhelming to me for 399 crowns. Personally, I’d much rather see your own school’s jewel pack instead of this one.

Winged Cup Trophy – The purchasable Tier 4 rewards definitely didn’t start as expected. Housing items are nice additions, but this one can be bought for 5,000 gold in the crown shop. Personally, I’d put Baddle of the Bands or Tanglewood Terror gauntlet instead of the Winged cup trophy.

=> Participation Trophy

Energy Elixir – I think we don’t need to spend too many words here. It’s worth 250 crowns and is one of the better elixirs you can purchase in crown shop. This one receives one big thumbs up.

=> 200 Lunari

Second chance chest bonus (1 day) –ย While this isn’t the best elixir out there, it’s not as bad as people think. I would characterize it as a passive effect, which might help with farming. You will visit some old places you generally don’t visit anymore or try to get some relevant loot out of them (lore spells, stone keys, darkmoor gear, …). Take a look here for more things you can do with this elixir.

Tier 5

Deckathalon Life Rune Pack –ย Same thing as the Deckathalon myth rune pack.

Farley’s Gardening Pack – That’s another great pack to have. It’s worth 499 crowns and you can get bunch of cool stuff out of it. Jewel blossoms, ultra seeds, and energy opals are probably the best rewards you can receive here.

Balance Moonstone – Balance moonstones are needed to craft elemental and spirit moon seeds. These seeds will drop new reagents: Eldritch Thread (one you can already get from regular seeds) and elemental/spiritual threads and ice/fire/storm or life/death/myth moon seeds. These seeds most likely drop school Threads – another reagent you need in order to craft the new awesome robes from the Beastmoon Hunt.

Death Ninja Pig Statuette – This one is similar to the golden pig statuette we’ve unlocked earlier. It doesn’t have a price tag either, but it has alternative ways of obtaining it. Regular statuettes are a final reward in Beastmoon Hunt events and you need to obtain 570 points to receive it. Multiply it by 3 to unlock a tier and you’ll see that this one makes your life much easier.

Tier 6

2 Beastmoon Seeds => 3 Beastmoon Seeds – You can get those from participating in Beastmoon event, but more is always better, especially if you’re going after those fancy robes. There is one tiny problem though. We receive only 2 beastmoon planters. And these seeds doesn’t grow as fast as they did at the beginning of test realm (it took few minutes to reach elder).

Amber => 3 Amber – Amber is one of the rarest and most desired reagents in game. Many players hunt it to craft various spells and obtaining only one can be a pretty big chore. It’s definitely a nice addition in the rewards.

2 Mega Snacks from Mega-Snack pack – The situation here is similar to the 1 Mega snack from Tier 2. It’s definitely nice to have, but if you want some serious work done with mega snacks, just go with plants instead.

=> Abrakadabra Dance

Double Pet XP (1 hour) – No price on that one either, and while it’s not a full weekend like it is during its respective member benefit, it’s still a long enough duration to boost your pet xp and make training a bit easier.

Tier 7

3 Mega snacks from Mega-Snack Pack – Almost half of a Mega-snack pack. There isn’t much else to add.

=> Sonic Spring

Hunter’s Moonstone – That’s your basic moonstone and it’s needed to craft Beastmoon seeds. It’s okay, but could be better for Tier 7. Maybe a rarer moonstone or even elemental/spirit moon seeds could be an appropriate substitute.

Deckathalon Balance Rune Pack – Same as the Deckathalon myth rune pack.

Gardening Benefit (1 hour) – People’s favorite benefit. One hour doesn’t look like much, but keep in mind thatย  the timer doesn’t go down when you’re not active on that wizard. You can easily make more out of it rather than just doubling your seeds once, if you carefully plan things.

Tier 8

1 Level appropriate HP jewel – This is an interesting, never seen before jewel. Right now we can only speculate what it means. Personally, I hope that this is a jewel which scales in value to your level. This means that it would change as you level up

=> Double pet XP (3 hour)

Merle’s Whisker – It’s a rare reagent that is used to craft Amber. It’s interesting that this was put after Amber, but ah well. If you’re going all the way till the end it doesn’t really matter.

=> Shining Scales

2 Balance Moonstone – Same as one balance moonstone from Tier 5 – just with double the fun!

=> 500 Lunari

Balance Cyclops Statuette – Similar to death ninja pig Statuette, this one is used to upgrade a beast’s tier.

Leyline Dance – Now this one is definitely one of the most interesting rewards on the list. Priced at 3500 crowns (price taken from another dance in crown shop) and being a new and unique emote definitely makes the Fall Scroll of Fortune appealing.

=> Class Arcane Cast Emote

Tier 9

Wizard City Furniture Set 1 – I think we can all agree that this is probably the most disappointing reward on the purchasable list. Tier 9 is suppose to have best rewards, yet we can buy this one for 22,500 gold. This is another reward that should be replaced with something we can’t easily obtain via gold or farming.

Grizzleheim Lore Pack – This pack is brand new and should be worth 399 crowns. Lore packs contain spells, gear, and pets, much like other packs. If your sole purpose is this pack, then purchasing Fall Scroll of Fortune isn’t the best idea. But overall it’s an awesome item to be thrown in the mix.

Double Pet XP (3 hour) – If you reach this stage you unlock a total of 4 hours of double pet XP. And 4 hours are a lot if you have lot of mega snacks and plan things carefully. Similar to gardening elixir, the timer doesn’t go down when you’re not active on that wizard. Use it wisely!

Death Ninja Pig Statuette – It surprised me that this reagent is last reward. But we can treat this the same as we did with Amber/Merle’s whisker. If you reached that point, you unlocked all the rewards and it doesn’t really matter in what order they were.

Is it actually worth purchasing the Scroll of Fortune?

So, the Fall Scroll of Fortune costs 15,000 crowns or 7,500 if you get it via discount through membership. If we combine the price of all the items that has a crown tag we get approximately 9,000. And additional to that, you’re also getting reagents, elixirs and other stuff which can’t be estimated. Individuals might have a different perception whether all the rewards are worth the price or not, but we must keep in mind one important thing here.

With the Scroll of Fortune you’re paying for the convenience and NOT direct gameplay improvements. I’ve already noticed how KI is shifting crown purchases toward non-essential gameplay things, like the scroll. AKA reducing pay-to-win crown items. An alternate option, and a likely unpopular one, would be releasing new packs/bundles with op gear, which hasn’t happened in a while now.

Overall, I still find 15,000 price bit too much, but 7,500 sounds like a fair deal. The scores are perfectly set in my opinion. With the current ratings, you need around 35 points per day to reach the last reward by the end of a season. This doesn’t require too much grinding and I really hope the bar won’t be raised. Even with busy schedules you could still probably squeeze those 35 points to your daily routine somehow. Make it too grindy and even an ultra-low price won’t make it attractive.

What are your thoughts on the Fall Scroll of Fortune?
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Jeremy Ravenhunter

Originally from the .uk server, Jeremy migrated to .us, seeking new challenges. His first school was Death and it has remained his favourite throughout the years. He loves Legendary PvP and is never afraid to try new and crazy things. With good analytical skills and a deep understanding about game mechanics, Jeremy is able to break down many tough and complicated situations.


  • i bought the scroll of fortune but im new to this beasthunt thing (love it btw) but im trying to understand ok so what do i do now? bought the scroll so now what do i do…what purpose does it serve and what do i do after purchasing it? im on the mount reward (almost complete) first box of tier 2… thanks for not thinking im a dumb blonde for asking this question lol *blush* ๐Ÿ™ just tryin to understand it a bit better thanks!!!

  • the gem at the end of the one tier is similar to one of those from the 20 dollar prepaid cards…and it’s energy elixer as another reward in the tiers, if you don’t buy potions or do crafting or the deckathalon events, you still get character animations…which if you assigned a value of 2500 to each would make it 7500… (snowball, let it snow, winter) and lets not forget the one sinbad hoard pack.. thou the others are pieces of ones i really wouldn’t use, i mean seriously …”ice furniture pack”…LOL. would make this a 30+ dollar value. i’d still say its’ worth it but only if you really want stuff from it that would add up to more than what the cost in crowns to buy them in game are for you. i do enjoy that i earned enough points to get the painting in tier 9, with like a week left with NO prospects for any further rewards. i assume they’ll start adding spellment stuff to future versions, maybe a brand new spell related to a holiday or for the season? permanent transformations or tokens for stitiching stuff … would be nice add ins. anyhow, whether you go for the scroll or just the free stuff.. have fun. don’t let their grab for your wallet take away from that. i do wish their was a black market in the game, and would love a daily pull on a reward slot machine ๐Ÿ˜€ peace

  • Totally not worth it. A pack of reagents that include things like Black Coal? Pack of pet snacks that are all 1 or two point snacks? Pack of jewels that are all at level 75-85 max? Mounts that are not permanent. I can’t even sell those, just throw them in the trash. Emotes? I don’t care what kind of victory dance my wizard does after winning a battle. Biggest fraud of all is the tier 10 reward. They call it Fall scroll of fortune, and I know a lot of wizards, myself included, were looking forward to getting one for free. But it doesn’t unlock anything, its just something you can hang on your wall. I might consider it if it was a one-time buy, but no. You have to buy a new one every season. Actually, 6 new ones every season – one per wizard. They just seem to be in it for the money nowadays: things you can only get from packs, members only rewards, etc. And being a crowns player, not a member, a scroll of fortune is 15,000 crowns x 6 wizards x 3 seasons per year = 270,000 crowns per year,

    • I can see the reasoning behind your conclusion and can relate. However, do keep in mind that what you are suggesting is an extreme case. First of all, if you were gonna purchase the SoF on every wizard on your account (which can amount to a total of 7 actually) you’d be wiser to purchase a membership for one month which will result in a much better financial decision. Second, why would you want it on every wizard? Seems exhausting and an overkill trying to get all those points, no? It is achievable, though. So, good luck if that is your goal! I get you are trying to make a point, but lets not exaggerate while at it, shall we? Btw, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer = 4 seasons not 3 ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Also, the SoF offers many more rewards than you suggested. Yes, there are no perm mounts and the packs may not be the absolute best considering you only get the one, but look at the entire picture. A lot of the rewards are actually free and to achieve them you sometimes literally have to do nothing especially when the Spiral Showcase is on. This all means free rewards for just playing the game even if you DON’T purchase the SoF.

  • I just found out that there is a cap on this first scroll. I made it to level 4 and into it by 5 rewards then I didn’t advance for any rewards. I need 4 points to claim my next reward and it stopped giving them to me on Saturday night. Just received a reply from KI that said they put a cap on it and didn’t expect anyone to reach that level. They indicated that KI would remove caps from further scroll purchases. Just wondered if I was isolated or if others were having the same problem this time around.

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